Do Progressives Have A Political Party?

As a Liberal and Progressive Social Democrat I am fed up with Obama and the bulk of the Democratic Party! It seems the only function we Progressives have in Obama’s worldview is to “purchase” him credibility with some right leaning centrists by his attacks on us and the base that got him elected! “See I am not one of those awful professional leftists”. What a wimp!

Some analysts will argue President Obama is merely positioning himself for re-election. This may be true but we Progressives should position ourselves for “CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN” by supporting both a primary challenge to our wimp in chief and a third party candidate if need be.

(Above Cenk Uygur uses some footage of Bill Maher. Both lament that Obama has become such a wimp)

We have about 10% unemployed and also many who are underemployed. Jobs are being off shored and contrary to what makes the news it is not just blue collar jobs but white collar jobs as well.

Where is the RAGE in the Democratic Party?

Most Democratic Party elected members of Congress have decided to “play” progressive inside the “Corporate Sandbox” like good little boys and girls! And they are lead by Barrack (Goldman Sachs) Obama!

Instead of focusing on his middle name of “Hussein” right winger’s miss the point that this guy is a wimp! But then again he leads a party that is so “trained” to play in the corporate sandbox that it is hard to believe we are the descendants of Franklin Delano Roosevelt!

The time for talk is over!

We must field a challenger to President Obama. Don’t forget it is not just that we have about 10% unemployed! Having that large amount out of work makes the rest of us weak in our position as individuals vs. the corporate collective with it’s enormous resources!

President Obama wants to cut Pell Grants to college students!

Well I guess it does not matter as computer jobs have been leaving this country since Bill Clinton accelerated this nation on the road to so called “Free Trade”. As I mentioned in prior posts the Wall Street Journal warned many other college graduate career titles will follow!

Yet Obama and his corpocrat remanent of the party of FDR have cut taxes for the rich and have accepted the Republican definition of political reality by making the national debt the number one issue instead of jobs! What about the “Trade Deficit”? Not to mention the way we are building up China to be a rival to us.

Time To Attack Republican Patriotism

The next time some right winger wants to whine about our national defense ask them why do they support the bleeding of America for the benefit of the corporate elite? We spend on national defense more than the leading top 15 nations COMBINED! What good does it do with these parasites in our midst who are willing to profit from the bleeding of America to serve their own upper class interest.

When Michelle Bachmann calls for an investigation of the patriotism of Americans where are the Democrats? We should be screaming for an investigation of both Republicans and their fellow travelers the “Corpocratic Democrats” who support the bleeding of America by off shoring American jobs and technology even to potential enemies!

The issue is not the National Debt! If it was then why did we give an extension of the tax cuts to the rich? The issue is not that we will pass on a debt to our grand children!

For Republicans the issue is to insure that the children of our social betters will be served by the children and grand children of the Middle Class! Yet feeble minds get carried away with Obama’s birth certificate! But then how can you blame them when Obama is such a God Damned WIMP! Look at the way Fox News’ Bill O’Rielly treats President Obama. He interrupts and challenges him constantly! Imagine if that where done to Sarah Palin?

But actually I enjoy watching “Obama The Impotent” meow like the little pussy he is! This is not CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN! Now the question is do we Democrats want to be progressives inside the “Corporate Sandbox” or kick ass?

Where is the call for a Constitutional Amendment to end corporate personhood and interference in our political processes?

Can you hear the pathetic testosterone less “MEOW” from Obama and his fellow Corpocrats?

Obama’s Testosterone less Agenda

  1. Individuals exist to serve the corporate collective! No health care, no pensions, compete with off shoring poverty wage workers. My existence is to serve the corporation!
  2. Tax cuts for the rich and Pell Grant cuts for middle class students!
  3. Halliburton enrichment programs for endless wars in Iraq and Opium Afghanistan that drain our national wealth. Meanwhile their Corporate fellow travelers bleed America dry and work against our national security by off shoring not just our jobs but technology for their profit!
  4. Not responding to the Corporate Collectivization of America by not pushing for a Constitutional Amendment to end corporate influence in our elections! Corporations should be seen and not heard in political decision making! Instead it is Middle Class interests that take the back seat!

Hell No I don’t want six more years of this!

We need a primary challenge to Obama and a third party challenge if that fails! I don’t care if it means we have President Palin! At least the base will be motivated and we can get a constitutional amendment to end corporate tyranny!

Every time I see some stupid right wing commercial I swell with rage that I am being taxed without my representation to support the K-Street lobbying efforts of these effete snobs of privilege. Where do you think that money comes from? It comes from the corporation’s sale of goods and services to the middle class!

Where is the liberal scream against “Taxation Without Representation”! These corporations are taxing us for their self interest!

The time has come for the Silent Majority (our great middle class) to take this nation back and our jobs from these effete snobs of privilege who off shore, without loyalty to America, and instead have only loyalty to themselves!

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