Does North Korea Believe Obama Is Weak?

President Obama has allowed two years of non-stop Republican bullying to go almost completely unanswered! Now we have to wonder has this wimpish behavior not only hurt the progressive agenda but may actually pose a security threat to the United States? North Korea is hell bent on developing nuclear weapons! They may have already! This week they have performed an act of war against South Korea!

We deploy about 29,000 troops in South Korea. These troops levels are not high enough in themselves to stop an invasion of South Korea by North Korea! However they would stop a “rational” enemy as long as we retain a “psychological deterrence”! But that requires “image credibility“. That is the issue!

Can Obama’s Image Credibility Sustain The Nuclear Trip Wire Defense

Let me explain how this relates to President Obama and his endless study of Dale Carnegie to win right wingers and influence people!

Our troops are placed in South Korea in a similar manner as they were in West Germany prior to the fall of the Soviet Union! It was well known that their lower numbers meant they would be over come by a military attack! Since we could not allow that to happen we would then use “tactical nuclear weapons” to repulse a massive conventional attack. This was well know to the Soviets. Our troops constitute what is termed a “nuclear trip wire”. The danger is the adversary may miscalculate that we would “blink” in a showdown!

It is essential for our national security and to avoid a war that the enemy does not perceive us as weak willed. Many of those who read this blog may suffer from “Dale Carnegie Syndrome”! There are people in this world who are just plain evil! Being nice till you are blue in the face will not avail. This holds true with right wing nut jobs and the external enemies of America!

While the Republicans are not Hitlers they are playing “bully” with Barrack Obama. The only way to deal with a bully is to stand up to him. North Korea constantly tests our resolve. They did it with prior Presidents. But Obama gives the “perception” of weakness with the Republicans! The problem is that North Korea is watching!

President Obama’s “Image Creditability” can be detrimental in several ways not only to the Progressive Agenda but to the world!

  1. The Republicans may try to shut down the U.S. Government because they perceive Obama to be weak. Many Republicans believe they could have won in the 90’s if they held out. Since Obama is perceived by them as weaker they may be even more determined!
  2. Worse the Republicans can try to shut down the Government by not authorizing the funding of the national debt! This would cause a global financial meltdown!
  3. North Korea has now advertised they are enriching uranium on a massive scale. They may perceive Obama as weak and may thus MISCALCULATE! The issue is not simply if Obama is weak, the issue is his image credibility! Our troops lives depend on it! I don’t know who is worse! The Republicans for playing bully or Obama for his gutless response!

Mr. President go to your library and throw out all your books by Dale Carnegie! “How To Win Friends And Influence People” is not going to help you with the Republicans! Worse your making the North Koreans think what we Progressives already know, that you are a wimp! The Republicans don’t read “Dale Carnegie” they read “Andrew Carnegie”!  The North Koreans read Stalin! Wake up Mr. President!

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