Donald Trump And The Karma Of Birtherism

I am a Social Democrat and support Senator Bernie Sanders. I am enjoying the Republicans now receiving their karma for Birtherism and their false charges of  “liberal news media bias“. Megyn Kelly simply confronted Donald Trump with some of his contradictions. Donald Trump went ballistic.

Conservatives do not like to have their fantasy land bubble burst. This applies to Conservative candidates and to their “champion of fair and balanced reporting” – FoxNews.


It is Karma time in right wing country!

  • Trump was not the first Conservative to cry “foul” when being confronted with a contradiction in his background. In the 2008 election, Sarah Palin was confronted and asked if “being the governor of a state bordering on Russia gave her foreign policy experience”? She went ballistic and cried about “gotcha questions“! FoxNews backed her, but now they do not back Donald Trump when they want to ask “gotcha questions.”
  • Now Ted Cruz gets attacked for being born outside of the USA but claims he is “natural born” because one of his parents was American.  Obama was born in the USA, unlike Cruz. Like Cruz, he had one American parent.

Donald Trump Wants Respect: He Has To Learn It Is A Two Way Street

Foxnews and the whole Republican Party has to learn this also. Below Donald Trump boycotts the FoxNews interview because they “did not show him respect”. He later claimed they apologized, but I could not find any evidence of this on the FoxNews website.

While I would not want President Obama to boycott the news media I wish he had stood up to FoxNews on a consistent basis. By not standing up for the values that we Progressives elected him for in 2008 the Conservatives got away with their equation in the voters mind:

Liberal = weak.

Therefore vote Republican! They did and we lost. First the House then the Senate while Barrack Obama was talking about “silly season“. – “Meow“!



Do not mistake me for supporting Republicans, I am not! But what I am saying is Donald Trump, even though he was not really wronged, would not tolerate himself or his “image” being smeared.

Weaken the messenger and in the public’s mind you weaken the message.

Donald Trump understands that Barrack Obama still wants to sing “Kum-by-yah” with Republicans and do a “grand bargain” giving away the gains of FDR and JFK. Mr. Trump correctly does not want to wound his image and viability to effect the change he believes in. That is why he would not attend the debate and fights back hard, unlike Barrack Obama who thinks this is just “silly season“!

Did Donald Trump Show The Same Respect He Demands For Himself?

Oh hell no.

Trump actually said our President was not a real American.

If Republicans believe:

  1. That Barrack Obama is not a natural-born American and
  2. Believe ObamaCare is evil
  3. Then ObamCare is actually illegal because a real President is required to sign a law. So why doesn’t Donald Trump use his vast wealth to overturn ObamaCare in the courts by proving we have a non-natural born American as President?

Donald Trump said he was sending his private detectives to Hawaii, and then he backed down on the results.

Donald Trump did not apologize yet demands respect for mere perceptions of disrespect.

As I mentioned above with his billions, Trump could file a court request to invalidate ObamaCare because Barrack Obama was not legally qualified to sign ObamaCare into law if he was not a “natural born American”. But Donald Trump did not use his money to file a lawsuit after he sent his investigators to Hawaii.

Below Donald Trump expounds disrespect the disrespect of birtherism.

Birtherism has been refuted by the evidence. If any Republican actually believes Obama is not a natural born American then ObamaCare and all laws signed by Obama can be voided. So why don’t they have the testosterone to follow through on their big mouths? See the video below on the myth of birtherism


Finally Obama Hits The Birthers Back

President Obama actually did hit the birthers and Donald Trump back at a White House Press Dinner. Unfortunatly he did not press the issue after. See this video below it is VERY FUNNY. He really attacks the Birthers!

I just wish President Obama had used the bully pulpit as Pontifex Maximus to reconstruct the psychological environment of national politics in the forceful manner he joked in the video above. Instead he surrendered both Houses of Congress while the national agenda was changed from healing our economy to how best to implement austerity.

Barrack Obama walked away from being the Pontifex Maximus and allowed the Repubicans to set the questions for discussion.

No a real President does not simply fight back with answers but sets and defines the questions! He sucks out the air from other questions by using the Presidental Bully Pulpit as Pontifex Maximus.

Well actually Barrack Obama did set one question vigourously:

How fast can we impliment TPP! Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are against TPP and Hillary Clinton only just opened her E-Mail on the subject.

My fellow Progressives maybe the joke is on us! We are paying the karma of electing pseudo-progressives who only PLAY “make believe progressive inside the confines of the corporate sandbox established by their 1% donors!” 

We need Bernie Sanders for President in 2016!