Donald Trump Blasts Bush For 9/11

Donald Trump has just done what no Democrat dared to do. He blasted George Bush II for 9/11, and he is correct! Imagine if the World Trade Center attack had taken place in September of 2009! Who do you think would have been blamed?

President Obama would have been blamed. It would have played into the whole “Obama is a Muslim” nonsense.

Why does it take a Republican like Donald Trump to be saying things that Democrats should have been pounding into the American electorate?

Donald Trump also attacked former President Bush for getting us into Iraq and for the meltdown of our economy. Jeb Bush has gone ballistic at these attacks.

Barrack Obama Needs A Donald Trump Testosterone Injection

Donald Trump is demonstrating just how much of a failure Barrack Obama has been. Donald Trump realizes that one important aspect of being president is not as “Commander – Chief” but as the “Pontifex Maximus” of the nation.

That is to say the one who defines the issues and makes pronouncements from the bully pulpit. An American President does not always get his answers accepted by the nation but he does get his questions made into the national issues.

This is where Barrack Obama has been a complete and total failure.

President Obama  should havewaged psychological warfare day and night. He should have used his time as president to educate the American people about:

  1. Keynesian economics and the need to increase aggregate demand.
  2. The virtue of the multiplier effect and how it is being diminished by off shoring. Instead Obama gives us TPP! Great work Obama!
  3. How we went from a tax surplus under Bill Clinton. Instead, we have a staggering debt because of tax cuts for the rich and a social engineering experiment in Iraq.
  4. Trickle down economics does not work. We had it for 8 years under Bush yet Obama barely attacks it as it would require him to become involved and that is too much to ask of our Rogerian National Facilitator.
  5. The need for an increase in the Tariff to punish the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who ship our jobs, wealth and future to America’s potential enemy – China! What a great way to balance our budget plus restore America’s tax base with returning jobs. But Obama actually said our jobs are gone for good. He said this on the Chris Mathews Show.
  6. The ever-growing income inequality and how this is damaging the middle class!
  7. The need for a constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state and restrict the rich from licensing our politicians.

Stop making excuses for this wimp Obama! It is because of Barrack Obama celebration of the testosterone free political lifestyle that we lost control first of the House and now the Senate.

Americans will vote against their own self-interest but NEVER against their own self-concept! Americans view themselves as ACTION FIGURES. Any action is better than no action. Americans hate impotency and that is exactly what Obama has role modeled. Thus, we lost control of both houses of Congress with the war cry of “MEOW”!

Oh but poor…poor Obama was the victim of the birthers!

When you are such a wimp that you don’t blast the idiots of the birther movement then you DESERVE to be treated like the wimp you are!

What is more pathetic? 

The idiocy of the birther movement or the lack of fight by Barrack Obama to call them out?

The War Of Ideas That Obama Lost

I support Senator Bernie Sanders. Even if he should loose the primary he will have won by spreading Progressive ideas.

One day Americans will look at Denmark, Norway and Sweden and ask themselves “why cannot we live like they do instead of being slaves to our corporate masters?” 

Why cannot we reject tax cuts like the Bush, Reagan and Kennedy tax cuts and go back to the days of President Eisenhower with a progressive income tax of 91%? Why cannot we have a robust estate tax on millionaires and raise the capital gains tax? 

Why cannot we have public financing of elections and keep organized money from corrupting our political instittuions?

Why is a strong referee wrong in the game of economics? What gives anyone the right to make far more than me at my expense?

This will never occur unless we have a President who uses the bully pulpit. 

But poor Obama could never get bipartisan support.

Really who cares? We had control of both houses of Congress.

Obama became a role model of impotency and that is why we lost first the House and then the Senate.

But even if he came to power with a Republican Congress (which he did not) he would still be a success in my eyes IF he used the bully pulpit non-stop. Now with corporate money flowing who is going to spread the message?

Hillary Clinton? Don’t make me laugh!

That is why we need Senator Bernie Sanders for President. We need him to continue the fight even if he loses to Hillary Clinton by running on a third-party ticket!