Donald Trump Knows A Real President Has To Be The Pontifex Maximus

Make no mistake about it Barrack Obama could use a “passion” infusion from Donald Trump. I have to honestly admit I really enjoy watching Donald Trump. Even Chris Matthews of MSNBC is enthralled by him!

I am a leftie Social Democrat, I want Bernie Sanders in 2016! 

So why would I like Donald Trump if I am for Bernie Sanders you ask? First the reasons I am for Bernie Sanders are that as a nation we must become a “Social Contract State” not a welfare state for moocher corporations that want to create a nation of necessitous citizens whose jobs have been off shored to China! Corporate money must be kept out of politics. I wish America to become like northern and western Europe. Electing Bernie Sanders is my first choice.

But the prime directive if Bernie Sanders looses is to get organized money out of politics as every thing will fall into place once this occurs.

The decisions of our society must be made via our political institutions on the basis of “one person – one vote” not “one dollar – one vote”.

If Bernie Sanders is not there then my choice revolves around the “prime directive” that I listed above. If Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee then the only real issue for me is to get money out and who could actually win to deliver on this prime issue.

To achieve this prime directive if Bernie Sanders losses to Hillary Clinton we have three choices in my opinion:

  1. Vote Green as I did in 2012.
  2. Lawrence Lessig who is running as an independent to remove money from politics.
  3. Donald Trump who has not yet called for a constitutional amendment but he is vigorously  attacking politicians from both parties for being “purchased” by big donors.

 I really like the following about Donald Trump:

  1. He mentioned that hedge fund managers should have to pay their fair share of taxes.
  2. He is against allowing China and others to suck jobs out of America.
  3. Donald Trump honestly said he made contributions to politicians for favors! Mr Trump stated that Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are in the employ of the super rich. He will not accept their money and does not need it. Donald Trump is doing something that Hillary Clinton will not do. That is to say how our politicians are “purchased”. Even if I disagree with him on some issues he is raising the most important issue to public awareness; our politicians are bought! This opens the future to real change we can believe in even if on some issues I disagree with him.
  4. He calls out some of the masochists on the left who do NOT want immigration but tribal migration! Ok I would give an amnesty but when is this going to end? Donald Trump is an excellent BS detector and that is why some hate him so much and I admire him!
  5. I really REALLY like Donald Trump’s TESTOSTERONE DRIVEN approach as opposed to Barrack Obama’s over 6 year marathon celebration of the testosterone free lifestyle.

Criteria Of Evaluation: Trump vs. Obama And Hillary Clinton

Don’t get me wrong I am not saying I support all of Donald Trumps’ positions. There are two factors involved:

  1. The issues: What questions each raises and the answers they advocate.
  2. The modus operandi to push their message.

On the second point Trump is a knockout winner and Obama is not even close.

On the first point concerning “issues” I have some disagreement with Trump.  Let me repeat the most important issue facing America today is “money in politics” and Donald Trump is really doing a great job telling the truth while Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton are purchased. 

So if the issues are:

  1. Money in politics. (Solve this and everything falls into place down the line)
  2. Off shoring American jobs

I would really have to give Donald Trump some serious consideration if Hillary Clinton gets the nomination. I can honestly say I prefer Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton any day!

Donald Trump is raising the issue of money in politics constantly and attacking both Republicans and Democrats for being “purchased”! Trump constantly places this question in the public’s awareness even if he does not yet support a long term solution. With Hillary we don’t even get the issue really raised. She has to much “baggage”. Literally she is loaded with corporate funding.

Also who do you trust on job off shoring? The Clintons gave us NAFTA and Hillary Clinton supports the H1-b Visa program to undermine the remaining high tech jobs in America that were not off shored. Hillary Clinton will not even address the issue of TPP! WTF and we are supposed to lock step with her? NO WAY! Then we have ……

Barrack Obama: Legacy Of A Wimp

In this era of super-pacs with unlimited funding how is the message going to get across that we need to separate corporation and state? You would think that our beloved champion of “change we can believe in” would be sucking the air out of the opposition by using the presidential bully pulpit!

Donald Trump knows that the president is not simply the “commander in chief” but the de facto “pontifex maximus” of the nation. The president has the most power to define the issues unless he/she surrenders this power to paid corporate sponsored ads. As pontifex maximus the president sets the “questions” and gets first crack at giving proposed  “answers”. The president as pontifex maximus does this with extensive use of the bully pulpit and if he is like Richard Nixon, sucks the air out of the opposition by accusing the news media of being biased.

Barrack Obama is clueless on this. He does not set the issues and does not respond with testosterone to answer the issues that others set. He even goes against his own base by supporting TPP.

The time has come to face facts that Barrack Obama is a failure. Not because the GOP obstructs him but because his celebration of the testosterone free political lifestyle cost us the loss of both houses of Congress. He should be using every news cycle to blast corporate ownership of politicians. What do we get from Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton on this issue? – MEOW..MEOW…MEOW!

If Donald Trump were to use the presidency as a “pontifex maximus” then the issue of money in politics would be on the public’s mind! This would be true even if Mr. Trumps’ solution does not exactly fit mine. At least he would put the question constantly in the public’s eye. If this one issue were addressed then every other issue in the long run will fall into place.

I am also raging mad at Obama and Hillary Clinton for turning their backs on the base. Hillary Clinton will not fight to get money out of politics. No one will support all Progressive issues, not Hillary Clinton or Trump. But Trump talks about money in politics and getting our jobs back from China while Hillary Clinton doesn’t. The Clintons and Obama are failures at spreading the Progressive message.

Doubt me?

  • Then why in an aftermath of a huge recession is the word “stimulus”  a bad word?
  • Why is the question of how to best balance the budge the main issue rather than increasing aggregate demand by purchasing American products?
  • Why aren’t the concepts of the “multiplier effect“, “virtuous cycle“, “tariff”  and “economic nationalism/patriotism” part of the national lexicon?
  • It has been years since Obama Care has become law. Where are the death panels?
  • What is more amazing is why this wimp we have as President isn’t calling out FoxNews on the issue of death panels.

I realize Trump is against ObamaCare. Being pro or con is not the issue here. The issue is testosterone and the willingness to confront. The issue is the willingness to lead the nation. With Trump we at least have a leader who will confront money and off shoring. With Obama, Biden and Hillary Clinton we will get TPP!

Obama is a failure:

We have a WIMP for a President.

Do not get me wrong. My criticism of Obama is not the same as the Republicans!

President Obama is NOT a Kenyan, Caucasian hating, Euro-Socialist, Atheist-Muslim who wants to impose Sharia Law on America at the gun point of newly recruited Gay troops! No – instead Barrack Obama is a corporate shrill and he has been one from day one! Stop making excuses for him!

What About Donald Trump?

Well I wish I could tell you he was for universal health care or a stimulus but instead Mr. Trump has hitched his horse to the GOP elephant. But Donald Trump understands three things very well that I have been writing in this website for years. This has to do with the psychology of politics and I just wish he was fully on our side so that he could employ his brilliant mind and these psychological concepts to further progressive values. What are those  psychological warfare concepts? Donald Trump is highly intelligent and realizes:

  1. The President must be the Pontifex Maximus not a Carl Rogers style “facilitator”!
  2. Americans will vote against their own self interest but they will NEVER vote against their own SELF CONCEPT!  Americans want ACTION FIGURES NOT WIMPS! Donald Trump is no wimp – period!
  3. Americans do NOT want austerity! Trump is always upbeat unlike his fellow GOP candidates even if he holds some taxation ideas in common with Bush. The point is that Democrats frequently advocate AUSTERITY! Americans will NEVER give up their cars. Sure we can make better fuels and use technology to create alternative energy but we are NOT going to lower our living standards and we are NOT going to live our national life in a state of “mea culpa” masochistic national guilt. We on the left had better get over this disease of covert austerity. If we are for alternative energy then we should not block it when it comes to development. But windmills were blocked off the coast of Massachusetts. My point is both the right and the left can get bogged down in wrongfully supporting different styles of austerity.

Many on the left and even in the GOP bad mouth Mr. Trump. I say they wish they could be like him! I only hope Bernie Sanders will emulate Donald Trump’s style. Barrack Obama is to far gone into testosterone deficiency! Donald Trump is a very intelligent man and I do like some of his positions. The video below shows he has guts and is willing to take on the special interests. The author of the video may feel he is making fun of Donald Trump.  But this video makes me really like Donald Trump.

While I like Donald Trump I will always believe that:

  1. The market left to it’s own devices will destroy America with a race to the bottom destroying the middle class with the myth of trickle down identity.
  2. The market meme will create a rush to the bottom and in the process will betray America to our enemies as it has already done by CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS enabling China and Iran by selling them our military technology.

That said and even though I am for Bernie Sanders let us look at some of the good points of Donald Trump!

Donald Trump Knows Americans Resent Being Treated Like Children

Sure as a Progressive Social Democrat I am for an Amnesty!  But this is going to be the second time. Stop making believe we do not have a border problem – WE DO! I realize Mexicans are not responsible for

“Press 1 for English, press 2 for Spanish”.

That happened due to Bill Clinton and corporate pandering to potential customers. We are not a bilingual nation and we do not want to go the way of the balkans. We must preserve our national identity and language. Many of my fellow Progressives seem to believe we need to apologize for being loyal to American traditions. I do not feel that way.

This Bernie Sanders leftie does have loyalty to America and our traditions and that is why I like Donald Trump. Stop making fun of him because he correctly raises the issue of our border and national identity.

  • One of my relatives left Italy over one hundred years ago and went to Uruguay. His son rose to be the president of that nation. I can guarantee you that he did not do so by speaking Italian! He had to assimilate and learn to speak Spanish.
  • Wikipedia states that about 62% of Argentineans have some Italian blood. And more Argentineans came from Italy then from Spain. Yet they had to learn to speak Spanish. So why do some in America want to make Spanish the second language?
  • My mom only spoke Italian until she was five. The nuns had a special bilingual program for Italian immigrants. Speak a word of Italian and you got smacked across the face! Do I wish that on Mexican children? Hell no! Again I realize they want to assimilate but some paternalistic liberals who suffer from hatred of America do not want them to do so.
  • No other ethnic group was allowed to demand bilingual education. But pandering from both corporate Republicans and masochistic Democrats are pushing the balkanization of America.

Donald Trump correctly confronts those who want to pull the wool over our eyes.



Yes this is from a Progressive Social Democrat!

In a recent speech in Iowa Mr. Trump stated most of those who are here illegally are GOOD PEOPLE but they are ILLEGAL I agree! They are “illegal”!

What’s that you say no person can be illegal? Stop trying to make Americans look the other way. If you are “undocumented” there is a simple fix. Go to City hall and get a copy of your social security card. They cannot do that because they are here illegally! These people are good, hard working but they are illegal.

Be honest. America is a nation of laws AND mercy. But don’t be a liar! They are illegal and Americans resent “press 1 for English …..”!

Don’t give me this krap that no one can be illegal. If you cross the border without papers you are not undocumented you are ILLEGAL – PERIOD! This makes fools of those who come here by the rules.

We are a nation of both “law” and “mercy”. We had eras of:

  • German immigration
  • Irish immigration
  • Italian immigration
  • Jewish immigration
  • not to mention the forced enslavement of Africans.

We never really had an era of Mexican immigration. We can mark up the last 40 years to that and give a second amnesty on one condition! 


Americans see right through this duplicity and that is why Trump is doing good and I salute him!

To quote Donald Trump:

You either have a nation with borders and laws or you don’t! – I AGREE 100%. I would add mercy can be a part of that but a real wall must be built then amnesty.

Question: What about a “comprehensive plan”?

No Americans see right through this. What that is actually is a bi-partisan plan with masochistic liberals who can never learn to forgive themselves for being American teaming up with corporate Republicans who want a never ending source of cheap labor that is living their lives in fear. Republicans want Gays out of the closet and Mexicans in to take their place!

Question: But the jobs they take no one wants?

No that is corporate Republican talk and the idiot Democratic politicians in the corporate employ.

The real story is:

There is no one to work those jobs at the salary these corporate slave masters want to pay. Cut off cheap labor and the wages will rise until the need is met or mechanization will take place. The remaining jobs will be higher skilled that pay better.

In Conclusion

Donald Trump is really hitting a nerve in America today. I really wish he had run a third party candidacy like Ross Perot. But if Bernie Sanders loses to Hillary Clinton then this Social Democrat might vote for Donald Trump!

I hope Bernie Sanders learns from Donald Trump that to be President you have to be the “pontifex maximus” not like Barrack Obama. America does not need another Carl Rogers style “facilitator” but a pontifex maximus who is not a corporate shrill.

We need to separate corporation from state! 

  • If we do not stop the addictive power of corporate money into the decision making processes of our society then individual freedom will be subjugated to the whims of the corporate collectivists!
  • If our nation does not separate corporation from government then this era of licentious permissiveness will continue and the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS will ship even more of our jobs, wealth and technology to China because of their pampered sense of entitlement of profit over the national security of America and it’s silent majority!
  • Instead of an entrepreneurial model of “innovation” they will create a society of necessitous citizens who will work for slave labor wages while their moocher business model of off shoring is called “innovation” and distorts the fabric of our society!
  • When China then becomes a military threat these CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS will suddenly discover the American flag and call for an arms build up that they necessitated by first enabling China for their profit$.
  • When this day arrives we will have the bleeding hearts in both the Republican and corporate wing of the Democratic Party to thank for being the enablers of these CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS. They gave them free trade and TPP!