Donald Trump Is The Legacy Of Obama: America Wants An Action Figure

I am fed up with Democrats believing that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton give a krap for the average American.

In 2008, we elected a president who promised: “change we can believe in“! America wanted an ACTION FIGURE. FoxNews was so scared and we were so hopeful.

Democrats elected a president who was:

  1. An African – American.
  2. An individual who espoused liberal progressive values in the face of corporate neo-conservatives.
  3. Not only did he have the values we cherished BUT also the ORATORICAL SKILLS that sent shivers of terror into FoxNews. What I mean by this is that Obama not only had our values BUT the potency to become a “Preacher – in – Chief. A president who would use the power of the oval office to reshape the landscape!

Instead, we got:

Change That Corporations Can Live With!

Yet some progressives want to be ostriches! They preach,

“Let’s feel warm and cuddly all over as we put an African – American in the White House. Oh man, this is so cool. We showed those Republicans!”

Now we can show them again by placing a woman in the White House – Hillary Clinton! – Note: If it were Elizabeth Warren then we would have a great victory but Hillary Clinton is just more free trade and making sweet with banksters.

Oh, this is soooooo kool…….

We showed those Republicans by first putting an African – American into the White House NOW we can put a woman into the presidency!

Let us all join Barack Obama in celebration of the testosterone free lifestyle and make believe that he stood for “change we can believe in“! Don’t wake me up from my illusion that Obama fought the banksters. Kool aide anyone?


  • Close your eyes to NAFTA and now TPP.
  • Close your eyes to Obama not standing up for the Unions in Wisconsin.
  • Close your eyes to Hillary H1-b Clinton pulling in foreign high-tech workers to take the computer jobs that were not off-shored but can now be outsourced!
  • Close your eyes to the Clintons and their ties to NAFTA.
  • Close your eyes while the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS ship our jobs off-shore and Democrats cannot even utter the word “tariff“!
  • Close your eyes while the BANKSTERS and CEO’s get their bailouts and bonuses while we get the PRIVILEGE of working at lower salaries – if at all so the money can flow to the CORPORATE Democrats.
  • Just wait till we get TPP.


That’s ok we won! We got a Black president and soon a woman president. Oh, this is sooo kool!

  • So who cares if our blue and white collar jobs are shipped overseas?
  • Who cares if those remaining high tech jobs are being undermined by Hillary Clinton’s support of the H1-b visa program that pulls in low cost Indian high tech workers to undermine American computer workers?
  • Who cares if Democrats are on the corporate gravy train with Republican?

Why should we care?

After all, we elected a Black president and soon our first woman president, Hillary Clinton!

This is just SO KOOL don’t bother me with reality and the loss of my economic future! Who cares? We got Barack Obama elected and now just think what Hillary Clinton can do?

America: That Shinning Casino On The Hill Where  Banksters Go Free And Democrats Call It “Change We Can Believe In”!

The aggregate purchasing power of the middle class is shrinking even though we are witnessing a lowering of the unemployment rate. What good is a job if it is at a lower rate of compensation? But the corporate Democrats are not heartless. They have a solution in case you have financial problems!

Debbie Wasserman – Schultz, the DNC Chairperson, has the solution if you have a financial problem!

GET A PAYDAY LOAN! Who needs the mob when we have Debbie Wasserman – Schultz?

If you disagree with Congressperson and DNC Head Debbie Wasserman – Schultz and you are a male it must be that you are sexually insecure and threatened by a strong woman. Especially one with a hyphened name. That’s ok drink the kool aide and vote for Hillary Clinton and all will be fine! After all this is “change we can believe in” – right?

This is soo Kool, LATTE FOR ALL! (or is it kool aide?)

Just close your eyes now and let’s all join Barack Obama and the Clintons in building that SHINING CASINO ON THE HILL where Wall Street went unchecked and rewarded for their “INNOVATIONS” of OFF-SHORING and OUT-SOURCING. All while our remaining pension funds are used to feed the “gambling ethic” of Wall Street and their fellow travelers in the Democratic Party.


We can all sing our new campaign song:




Barack Obama’s so-called reforms only set up a small insurance fund in case the banks do it to us again.  Why not go with the LESSONS OF HISTORY and bring back Glass Steagal?

Hillary Clinton is counting on you to be so afraid of Donald Trump that you will close your eyes and allow the extraction process to continue.

As Bernie Sanders goes down to defeat, I think I will do what I did in 2012 – VOTE GREEN! If we on the left don’t have the same guts as the Tea Party does on the right, then the banksters win.

Besides Democrats can filibuster in the Senate if a future President Trump goes too far.

Oh, I am sorry I forgot we are talking about Democrats. They could not muster the testosterone to pass a public option in the Senate if we had 150 Democrat Senators in a Senate of 100. –

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