Don’t Let ISIS Behead Our Economy

I just love how all the right wingers are set to jump into Iraq again. When questioning many of them I find they are not even aware of the differences between the former Iraqi Government and Iran! In the science fiction movie and tv series “Star Trek” the United Federation of Planets is governed by a law called “The Prime Directive”. Being an advanced culture they cannot interfere in the evolution of growing cultures. Doing so brings about horrible outcomes.

Iraq: A Lesson For America Concerning THE PRIME DIRECTIVE

Sunni Saddam Hussein was a horrible dictator. But he also served as a good buffer state against Shiite Iran. Iraq is a nation that has three main parts:

  1. Sunni – The Baath Party home where Saddam Husessen came from.
  2. Shiite – The southern region that shares the same faith as Iran.
  3. Kurds – They are Sunni but are not Arabs as are the first two sections.

There are other groups within Iraq but they could never be independent. The Muslim world is divided between Sunni and Shiite with a few other small  sects. This division came about concerning the successor to the Prophet. Most Muslims are Sunni. Muslim fundamentalists come in both the Sunni and Shiite variety.  Saddam Hussein and Syria’s Assad both ruled via their respective version’s of the “Ba’ath Party” They ran their nations with horrible iron fists.

But they kept the fundamentalists under control. The first President Bush did not want to over throw Saddam as he realized the chaos it would cause. His son sent us into war with false intelligence and violated the Prime Directive.

Now Iraq is governed by Shiites. Iran is their friend. You know the nice folks who held our embassy staff hostage! Soon Iran will get a nuclear bomb. Saddam’s Iraq waged a 8 year war against Iran. If still in power we would not have to fear a nuclear Iran.

Just as we would not have to worry about ISIS! Saddam Hussein knew how to take care of invaders. During the first Iraqi War we did not go on to Baghdad because the first President Bush realized it would be a quagmire that would cost huge amounts of lives and money.

Below future VP Dick Cheney tells the reasons we did not go on to Baghdad in the first Iraqi War. To bad he did not advocate his prior advice to the second President Bush.


Should We Put Boots On The Ground To Fight ISIS?


I deplore the beheadings of the American and UK citizens by ISIS. But how about a little perspective? 

  • How many Americans get their throats slit every year in Washington DC?
  • There were 400,000 people killed in the genocide in Darfur. Muslim fanatics not only killed innocent Christians but raped woman and bit them to make them shunned by their society. Funny isn’t it that our so called liberal news media didn’t make much of this? Yet the victims were Black. So is our current President. Yet he did nothing substantial to stop this genocide.
  • The Yazidis were the victims of persecution by Muslims yet two American beheadings and we are ready for ground war?

Below Senator Bernie Sanders questions why we should fight a ground war when Saudi Arabia has a vested interest in the defeat of ISIS along with other rich Arab states.


But Didn’t Our Iraq Withdrawal Bring About ISIS?

For God’s sake did you see the ISIS soldiers driving American tanks? They did this without training? How much more can we train the Iraqi Army? Look what happened after years of American training! The Iraqi Army folded and ran! Now Iraq will become a client state of Iran. Turkey wants to fight ISIS but is afraid of siding with the Kurds who want an independent Kurdistan.  Part of Kurdistan is inside Turkey.

While the majority of Muslims are Sunni the leader of ISIS claims to be the new Caliph! Such a claim is a threat to the Sunni monarchies and all Sunni nations. Such a claim is heresy.

Let the Sunni take care of ISIS. They can rub shoulders with their fellow Muslims the Iranian Shiites who will not allow Shiite governed Iraq to fall! Just think that would be such a KOMB-BYE-YAH moment that we don’t want to deprive them.


Bombing ISIS is fine but let those who have a real stake in this put their boots on the ground! 


Halliburton Share Holders Have A Stake So Draft Them

Ever notice how the right wingers are forever asking how we are going to fund programs to stimulate our dead economy? They under estimated the cost of the Iraq War. They pushed false intelligence then kept us in Iraq when we should have just replaced Hussein with a more friendly Ba’ath Party general.

Oh heck what am I complaining about? I have to work till I am 66 instead of 65 to get Social Security. Younger folks will have to work even longer! But why not? The hell with my social security and medicare! Lets make sure Halliburton shareholders get a big profit! Unlike our military the shareholders of Haliburton and the oil companies are risk takers and job creators!

Let’s just throw more American lives away while we run up the national debt and behead our economy!

Halliburton has joined the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS! They are no longer head quartered in America but Dubai! While the war in Iraq was being waged and Iran was sending mines to blow off the limbs of our soldiers, Haliburton was doing business with Iran!


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Where were the flag waving Conservatives and their rage against these CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS?

Iran is free to pursue a bomb because Bush and Cheney got us tied down in Iraq. Iran would love to see us bleed some more in Iraq. ISIS gets it’s fighters not from a specific province but from all of the surrounding Muslim nations. That plus American and European recruits. Having America back in Iraq would be a perfect sink hole that Iran would enjoy seeing America placing itself into.

When the issue of Iran’s nuclear program becomes a real issue America would not raise an eyebrow as we would be to exhausted. I am sure the Ayatollah of Iran would say to President Bush:

Thank you President Bush:

Mission Accomplished!

The Lessons Of History

The situation of Iraq was not the same as defeated Germany or Japan after WWII. Iraq has Muslim nations surrounding it with willing fundamentalists to join. Nazi Germany was defeated but unlike Iraq the nations surrounding Germany did not harbor potential recruits for a “Fourth Reich”. Alas if any such recruits are to be found they are probably in America’s wacko militias!

To prevent future beheadings? 

Well throughout our history there have been areas on this planet where Americans would be best not to go! Our bombers can wipe out any facilities in ISIS territory that could pose dangers to our Homeland. But our national borders are safer in one respect.

Just imagine if we had allowed President Bush to go through with his Dubai Port Deal? Then our national security really would really be at risk. Dubai would not willingly send terrorists but relatives of those who would guard our ports under such a Dubai port treaty could allow terrorists in.

Our nation will continue to reap the rewards of Bush and Cheney’s vast right wing social engineering experiment in Iraq. We must learn the lessons of history or be condemned to repeat them.