Drones: Right Wing And Left Wing Hysteria

The Obama Administration has now seemingly gone to the right of even George Bush on the issue of drones. Last summer I took a taxi and was forced to listen to the FoxNews watching, right wing taxi driver! This Sarah Palinite went on and on how Barrack Obama was going to use drones to target Americans at home!

Worse yet this guy was a retired Air Force NCO who said the American government needed to be overthrown because Obama was a commie Muslim and the entire American government was waging a “war on servicemen”. I assumed that extended to service woman but he did not seem to care about them.

This pathetic moron even showed me a picture that his son sent him of a spot in NYC where signs were posted “Drone Landing Zone”! He then explained that he had a weapon collection and was ready for the call to overthrow the government!  At that point I just busted out laughing and told him that was the most stupidest thing I ever heard.

What was more amazing is that this guy who was as fat as a pig had spent a career of over 20 years in the Air force because he was AFRAID to work in the civilian sector.

I explained to him that he was lucky to have a pension as Americans who have pensions are becoming an extinct species. Furthermore most Americans would love to be a member of  one of “dem damned socialist health care systems” that he took for granted being a former government employee. True he was still working driving a cab but that was for an extra income. He took some of what I said in but who can change a viewer of Fox News?


DRONES: From America With Love!

But fear of drones is also a phenomena of the left also! The issues come down to these:

  1. What about innocent civilians who are killed. Or as the pentagon says “co-lateral damage”?
  2. Does the our government have the right to sentence one of it’s own citizens to death without due process?
  3. What about the territorial integrity of the nation who is the target of our attacks?

Ethical And Moral Relativity In An Age Anti-Platonic Sophistry

One of the doctrines I was exposed to in my progressive liberal religious theology classes was that of “moral relativism“. I am sure my professors would be horrified to see my application of that doctrine when the issue is drone strikes. Rather this doctrine was used as a justification for “free love” and other sophistries.

None the less we are living in a world that is cold and we are NOT all powerful. Because of this we cannot issue warrants for the arrest of terrorists. We went through that scenario after 9-11.

God even though I am to the left of Obama on economics I was enraged at some of my fellow liberals after the 9/11 attacks. I remember one woman who was on a governing board of the Methodist Church (I believe) who went on and on during an interview how the United States should have issued warrants

This woman was a cotton candy theologian, sweet and fluffy airy fairy with no sense of reality. Like the “flying boy” that neo-Jungians talk about she never wanted to land on the earth and deal with the “shadow”. She was espousing a doctrine that many of my fellow liberals believed at the time that we should just throw kisses at the enemy. This woman went on and on during an interview how the United States should have issued warrants for arrest, via the Hague, for the leaders of Al Qaeda. These warrants were then to be served on the Taliban Government that then governed Afghanistan!

I remember her and others even stating that terrorists  should be invited to send athletic teams to the Olympics! People like that actually made it easier for George Bush to expand the legitimate war in Afghanistan to Iraq.

What About Civilian Casualties?

Well what happened to “moral relativism“? No one desires civilian casualties but they are a part of war. Just look at what we  did to Germany during World War II. We killed more by conventional bombing than we did with the atomic bomb. Don’t forget the fire bombing of Tokyo causalities that killed more than Nagasaki!

But Aren’t We Then In A State Of Permanent War?

In the old days we had two oceans that protected us. Today we live in a world of WMD and nuclear weapons. Besides ICBM’s are not the prime means of weapon delivery against American cities today. Human terrorists are the means of delivery! As long as Al Qaeda poses a threat we must eliminate them first even if there are innocent casualties. (See below)

Amazing isn’t it that my fellow liberals can correctly lecture us endlessly about the dangers of the Christian right wing. However they turn a blind eye to the dangers of Islam. Make no mistake about it most Christians have learned the lessons of history from the religious wars of centuries ago. Islam is NOT intrinsically more bigoted that Christianity. The problem is Islam is only now going through it’s reformation and we need to protect ourselves.

Just as we had to protect ourselves from Communist atheists who overthrew their liberal reformers in Czechoslovakia. The issue is not religious fundamentalism but ideological fundamentalism  This can come from Christians, Muslims or Atheists.

What About Territorial Integrity?

Yes what about it? If a nation hosts our enemies and either does not in effect control a portion of it’s territory or does not exercise it’s willingness to prosecute terrorists we must defend ourselves.

Can We Execute An American Citizen By “Droning”?

I believe we need to have some type of court overview of this and that an American citizen should be given the opportunity to surrender. But barring that I support the drone attacks though I do question the recent killing of a  teen age boy! None the less his father was in Al Qaeda and I see no reason why he was not following in his foot steps. Further he had a motive to attack America because his father was killed. This kid was not skate boarding in Yemen but a danger to America. I state this not because I am an Obama zealot. Anyone reading this blog will realize I am far to the left of Obama.

But Aren’t You In Effect Supporting The Bush Doctrine?

Why yes I am!

As a liberal I am proud of placing the security of my nation first.

That is the “Morally Relative” thing to do!  

Ethical relativism is a liberal construct remember! Free love anyone? My conflict with the Bush Doctrine is that it was wrongfully applied in Iraq where no such legitimate threat occurred

Drone Strikes Will Cause Outrage Against America!

Dear reader I have a question for you:

Company x is polluting our water supply. Company “Y” is producing food products in containers that can cause cancer. So are you going to use an “Ayn Rand solution” to this problem corporate induced pollution and consumer deaths? After all when the word gets out the company will have the “motivation” then to change. Or will it? Maybe they just don’t care? No you are  going to correctly use FORCE! In this case since it is internal to the United States no drone strikes against the corporation are needed but a court warrant and arrests will suffice  Though I would like to see drone strikes in that case!

The point is that public opinion is not enough. We need to use force to correct the problem. When the issue is terrorists that is even more so.

Let me suggest to you that I do not want civilian casualties and we should work to minimize them.

But none the less these people are going to hate America anyway and if their nation is allowed to be a breeding ground for training camps then the responsibility is on their nation. Just as it was for the Germans, Italians and Japanese in World War II.

What About A Nuclear Threat To An American City?

If I believed we held a terrorist who knew of such an attack I would support not only water boarding him but what ever torture we needed to get the information that was required. I would prefer a “torture warrant” be issued as argued by liberal law professor Alan Dershowitz.

Moral Relativism At Work: Sherman’s March Though Georgia

By the way did you ever hear of Sherman’s March through Georgia? “Hurrah Hurrah We Bring The Jubilee. Hurrah Hurrah The Flag That Makes You Free!” While the orders were only to destroy property there were many civilians killed and others who died from the loss of food production as the aftermath. Sherman’s use of “Moral relativism” ran through Georgia and helped to end slavery! Without that we would not have Barrack Obama as our president. We have to abort acts of terrorism just as Sherman aborted a guerrilla continuation of the Confederacy.

Ethical Relativism Anyone?

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