Economy Is Up For 2nd Quarter But It Could Be Fluff

Progressives like this blogger, want to see “change we can believe in! We are tired of politicans who play “make believe liberal inside the corporate sandbox of their donor$”.

Reuters has announced that the GDP has expanded by 4%. This sounds good after 6 years of the Obama Presidency. But the problem is that the growth was accomplished by the credit card spending of financially troubled individuals according to a commentator on Reuters.

President Obama never gave us a real stimulus but wasted money following George Bush’s footsteps in bailing out the banks that helped get us in this mess. Yes I realize the bail out was needed. But where are the corresponding arrest and convictions of the banksters? We spent more money on bailing out AIG than we did in infrastructure repair of our nations highways and bridges.

Once again the Obama war cry of “meow”!

I would say that the underlying situation is even worse! That is  because even if we had a real Keynesian stimulus, we no longer have an economy that is an “echo – chamber“. What do I mean by that?

The Destruction Of The Multiplier Effect

If we did have a vigorous stimulus it would not fully effect the American economy but instead it would stimulate China’s economy. Keynesian economics’s idea of a stimulus is based on the “multiplier effect“. If the Government spends money on a building project then independent contractors would be hired and their employees would spend their money on American created goods and services.

The spending by these now newly hired employees would contribute to an increase in the nation’s “aggregate demand“.

A recession is in effect a crisis of diminished sustainable aggregate demand!

But sadly today we are not fully enjoying a sustainable increase in aggregate demand if it is based on credit card spending of economically challenged individuals and the purchasing is bleed from our system due to Globalization. Thus instead of workers buying American goods and services, which would then generate more jobs, most of the stimulus was “Walmartized”.


Barrack Obama Has An Answer To Our Bleeding Economy!

Yes dear reader don’t be in despair. Because our beloved leader and president, the role model of “change we can believe in”, Barrack Obama has stepped up to the plate! After his tireless support of union workers in Wisconsin when they really needed him he sent a last minute entire 140 character “tweet” of support!

Dear reader please excuse me as I wipe the tears of joy that our beloved Obama has endeared in me as I repeat my praise of  his glorious show of support for union workers who were under siege by Gov. Scott Walker and the Koch brothers money machine! Against this onslaught on besieged union workers our beloved champion of liberalism countered this massive assault: How did he do that? By an entire 140 character tweet of support at the last minute!

Oh Barrack Obama we Progressives are just not worthy of you! 

President Obama has moved beyond a last minute tweet of support. Obama supports TPP which is NAFTA on steroids! Furthermore he wants “fast track” for TPP. To bad he did not muster some enthusiasm for the prosecution of the banksters.

Stop Defining Growth By The Meme Of Trickle Down Identity

For to long we have measured the success or failure of our economy by the metric of GDP. Sure the stock market is doing great but how is the average American? We talk about the 1% versus the 99% yet continue to internalize the worldview of the 1% when defining what economic success is for our society. Yes GDP is up but the fruits of that growth are “redistributed” to the 1% at a better rate than to the rest of society.

The CUT AND RUN CORPORATIONS are in China singing their new hybrid hymn, “The Globalization Internationale” with “their fellow travelers” (I love to use GOP jargon)  the Chinese Communists. We need as Progressives to use the rhetoric of the right wing but with a liberal twist else America will live in a new gilded age. Trickle down economics is only the surface evil.

The meme of “trickle down identity pervades our society and culture and maintains trickle down economics. Thus middle class Americans internalize the world view of the 1% against their own self interest. This has NOTHING to do with stupid illuminati conspiracy. It has to do the the internalization of a “meme”. That is to say the”Trickle Down Identity Meme”! It numbs the public to money in politics while it entertains them with stupid “birther talk”! 

Unless this meme is openly confronted then we are playing “make believe liberal inside the corporate sandbox” of the Democratic Party’s 1% donors. This is playing of “make believe liberal” is tantamount to the pathological mechanism of “Schema Maintenance” as defined by the psychologist Dr. Jeffrey Young.

The growth in the economy is “Obama fluff” just like his limited support of Wisconsin unions was a mere fluffy tweet. – “MEOW”! I used to believe that perhaps Obama with his community organizer background was merely utilizing the laid back leadership theories of Dr. Carl Rogers who advocated “facilitators” over “leaders”.

But in an era where “corporations are people” Dr Rogers’ “person centered approach” is not viable. Furthermore as the good doctor instructs us “to get in touch with our feelings“. Well that is why I actually now believe Obama is either a wimp or a corporate shrill. For God’s sake why cannot he prosecute the banksters while talking back to the nutty birthers?

Progressives: We need to get in touch with our gut reactions instead of surface fluff! Let me repeat yet again:  a last minute tweet of 140 characters is not the same as real support! A  as when a President uses the “pontifex maximus” aspect of the Presidency to “define issues” rather than to just react to issues the GOP presents.

We need Elizabeth Warren And Bernie Sanders in 2016!