Ed Schultz Doesn't Realize Why Base Is Mad

Below is a video featuring Ed Schultz. He is pushing for Democrats to come out and support Democrats in the House and Senate. I like Ed Schultz but he just does not get it. Why should progressives support candidates who don’t stand for “Change We Can Believe In”. Ok what can happen if the Republicans get control of both the Senate and the House! They cannot repeal the weak Health Care bill unless they have super majorities in both houses because Obama will still be the President!

The problem is that Ed Schultz knows in his guts that if confronted by a Republican controlled House and/or Senate that wants to privatise  Social Security President Obama will probably say, “Oh can we talk about this? Maybe go down the middle?”

The Democratic base has had it with Obama, Reid and Pelosi. If the Republicans get control of the House they will most likely try to de-fund the Health Care Law. I don’t know if they want to use that obscure provision in the Constitution concerning the federal purse string as it could back fire.

Why didn’t Pelosi use the House purse strings to defund the Iraq War years ago? Because the Democrats have turned into wimps! This was before Obama got elected. Now President Obama has made it worse by kissing Joe Liebermann and Ben Nelson’s ass when he should have used his rhetorical skills to launch a crusade against corporate interference in Congressional decision making. Well the base has had enough! Maybe this will wake Obama up!

This defeat could be good as this Health Care Law is so weak and it’s weaknesses should be exposed to the light of day. Along with the stimulus and the finance reform law. All weak as can be!

The issue is not simply the bills strength! The issue is that Obama has failed to rally the base by attacking corporate interference in the our governmental processes! None of the laws that Obama passed will ever be strengthened because Obama, Reid and Pelosi have become the “CASTRATI BRIGADE”.

They whine about a “starter house” and that the progressive base should be thankful while they kissed the corporations butts and rejected the importation of cheaper Canadian pharmaceuticals!

So tell me just when are we to build on these weak starter houses of the stimulus, finance reform and the health care? When the Republicans take over in January?

The Progressive base is tired of these pathetic losers and the money they take from corporate America!

I urge every progressive voter to only vote for progressive Democrats. If there are none in your district then vote Green, Socialist or write in John Stuart! Don’t stay home but make your vote count. Don’t support wimps! Barrack Obama could change this by

  1. Openly saying in a speech to the nation that all politicians have to take corporate money to run an election but now we need to change this. Then publicly list his major contributors.
  2. Invite every member of Congress to do the same and urge them to vote for a Constitutional Amendment that would forbid any corporate monies to candidates or political ads of any kind. Let the lobbyists spend extra money on audio-visual aids to their presentations to Congress. Let the persuasion come from their eloquence and logic of their arrangements not their CASH!
  3. Openly challenge Republicans after a grace period pulling them out of the closet. Naturally Republicans will then attack Democrats listing their corporate sponsors. GREAT! Time for a Transactional Analysis Game of “Let’s you and he fight”. The public wins because there will be no way to not vote for the Amendment.
  4. Any Republican who openly backs the amendment MUST receive strong praise from the President and progressives even if they vote against us on every other issue! If they run in an election where the Democrat will not support the Amendment we must back the Republican.
  5. We must put the Corporations into the sandbox else they will place our democray in their corporate sandbox. Listen to that swishing sound! It is the noise of blue collar AND white collar jobs going over seas to serve the corporate agenda.

Progressives must vote for candidates who believe in “CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN”. If Obama wants to forget his base we should forget him. President Obama there is still time to wake up!

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