Ed Schultz Does Not Realize Obama Is A Republican Enabler

Barrack Obama has been a Republican enabler from day one but poor Ed Schultz just cannot accept that. I seem to pick on poor Ed Schulz but that is because I like him. He seems to realize that Obama is not standing up fully for Progressive values but like most Democrats has to much invested in him.

I agree fully with Ed Schultz as he lays out his points in the video link  below. However issue is not simply unemployment but Obama’s failure to fully support the progressive agenda.

Ed Schultz video on extending unemployment

Ed Schultz has correctly identified the issue with the so called “budget compromise”. Ed points out that you cannot get unemployment extended unless the authorization is attached to a bill the Republicans strongly want.

The problem is that Democrats have become wimps for not linking this to a budget deal! There are several reasons for this:

  1. Some Democrats are just “Corporate Democrats” to begin with. They childishly play a game of  “make believe liberal” inside the corporate sandbox of their donors.
  2. For many having the nation free of the threat of a shutdown is a good thing. But the price is the loss of extended unemployment insurance. Democrats are afraid to take the lead in opposing this loss unless President Obama actually acts like a leader and announces he would veto such a compromise.
  3. If Mitt Romney were President then Democrats would have to face a litmus test. But with Obama as President they can hide behind him as their role model of impotency as some also collect their corporate donor money!

As I outlined in my prior post and many times before, the Republicans are once again out to create a “nation of necessitous men and woman” by advancing the corporate agenda that undermines “individual freedom”.

The issue is not just those who will loose their benefits. By allowing unemployment to lapse Democrats are furthering the corporate agenda to build a nation of necessitous employees! This will drive down wages and benefits even more!

As President Roosevelt said in quoting an old English judge, ” a necessitous man is not a free man”! Yes this is the “freedom” that awaits all of us. Because now employers have more bargining power over their employees!

The point is that it is not just the unemployed!

All Americans who depend on a job are at risk if unemployment insurance is weakened! Why isn’t this point stressed by the news media and the Democrats in Congress?

Republicans argue that they are only trying to help the unemployed develop a work ethic!

I guess that is what a trust fund develops in it’s recipients? This from the party that argues against “entitlements”!

The Republican conception of reality is flawed! We have paid farmers to keep acres of farmland idle so as to maintain farm produce prices. Most of the unemployed are that way through no fault of their own. Consider the fact that in Washington DC Walmart had 23,000 applicants for 600 jobs.

Slowly we are witnessing the construction of a nation of necessitous employees where vacations, benefits and decent pay will become as extinct as the dinosaurs!

Yes indeed the “freedom” that comes in the new plutocratic era!

Democrats Infected With Trickle Down Obama Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome

Again I am so happy that in 2012 I voted Green rather than for Barrack Obama.

But wouldn’t a President Romney be worse?

Sure but the response by Democrats would be stronger. When we had Bush as President we had “hope” because many individual Democrats had to face the voters and so acted with more courage. With Obama as President many Democrats can hide behind their corporate money and behind Obama.

Obama has become a role model for Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome!

Oh the brave talk from Obama about “wealth inequality“.

This from the man who:

  1. Picked Wall Street members to be his economic team.
  2. Said we would “turn the page” on the errors of the past while banksters go free and our economy is in shambles.
  3. Did not push for a return of Glass Steigel. Thus our economy is still a casino but with a small fund to insure the casino.
  4. Whines about corporate personhood yet will not rally the nation to support a constitutional amendment that would separate corporate money from politics!
  5. Was more concerned about his job then workers in Wisconsin. He pledged to stand with the unions. Instead Obama sent a last minute “tweet” of support. Wow 140 characters of support! Obama maybe we are not “worthy” of you!
  6. Signed into law yet another free trade deal.
  7. Supports TPP that is NAFTA on Steroids! This Treaty would undermine individual freedom to the service of corporate collectivists!

Ed Schultz Cannot Accept Obvious Conclusion From Obama TPP Advocacy

When are Democrats going to stand up to this corporate shrill Barrack Obama?

Ed Schultz when are you going to wake up and see that Obama is merely playing “make believe liberal” inside the corporate sandbox of his donors? 

Why is PPC not even mentioned by the corporate news media? Why aren’t Democrats screaming “right wing news media biases”?

Below Tom Hartmann and Mike Papantonio from “Ring of Fire Radio” will give you the answer!

I am fed up with this corporate wimp Obama and his fellow travelers in the corporate wing of the Democratic Party.

Poor Ed Schultz is facing a crisis that most Democrats are agonizing under. We have our first African-American President. How can we as liberals disown him?

I can answer that! As I mentioned in other posts.

Barrack Obama Has Brought Whites and Blacks Together

Thank you Barrack Obama!

As a White guy I used to believe only a White male could be both a pathetic wimp and a corporate shrill sell out!

Thank you Barrack Obama for showing us that Blacks can be just the same as Whites! Both can be pathetic wimps and corporate sell outs! It will be a cold day in hell before I accept either Barrack Obama or Hillary Clinton as being champions of “change we can believe in“!

The ONLY reason I remain a registered Democrat is so that I can vote against Hillary Clinton and vote for Elizabeth Warren for President in 2016! Please Ed Schultz get in touch with your gut. We must choose the Progressive Cause over the Democratic Party.

Elizabeth Warren For President In 2016!

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