Ed Schultz Thinks Obama’s Economy Is Doing Great: WTF

Ed Schultz thinks the economy is all peachy keen. He is a victim of “trickle down identity” not to mention he has to much psychologically invested in Barrack Obama. The metrics he cites are the stock market ┬ábecause it is at an all time high plus raw job numbers are getting better! Ed Schultz preaches against “trickle down” economics but buys their metrics. Most Americans realize even if they have a job that their economic security is under attack.

Corporate America is building a nation of necessitous citizens who will accept less in pay and benefits while both the Republicans and Democrats get corporate funding.

Recently statistics have shown the American middle class is second to Canada!

Just listen to Ed Schultz get all gushy over the Obama economy.

President Obama’s Resignation As Pontifex Maximus Resulted In GOP Obstructionism


Barrack Obama has allowed others to define the issues!

Ed Schultz has got to stop making excuses for this wimp.

Thus instead of talking about how best to increase aggravate demand, Barrack Obama has allowed the national issue to be changed to “how best to implement austerity” to balance the budget!

Ed Schultz does not get it. He whines about “poor Obama” and those nasty Republicans obstructing him“. Well if Obama were not such a wimp then we would not have lost the House in 2010! But don’t worry it is not going to end there. We will most likely lose the Senate this year to the GOP all because Obama made the decison to “turn the page” on two issues.

  1. The banksters wrecking of our economy.
  2. How we got into the Iraq War.

Ed Schultz keeps talking about the stock market reaching new heights while more jobs are added.

Adding jobs is not the issue. Adding good paying jobs is the issue! Stopping the off shoring of American jobs is the issue. Ending the corporate practice of out sourcing jobs is the issue.

We need new metrics to use in economic analysis.

  1. What is the purchasing power of the average American?
  2. What percentage of that purchasing power is bleed from our economy by the Walmartization of America?
  3. How much of the purchasing power of the American middle class is RECYCLED back into our economy to create more jobs.
  4. Have new jobs added to the economy been at higher pay scales or less?
  5. What percentage of stock market profits are due to off shoring thus rending the metric of a good stock market worthless to the middle class!
  6. What is the quarterly aggregate demand of the American economy compared to 2008?
  7. What is the “viability” of blue collar workers finding real tech jobs after training in our economy due to job loss not related to off shoring?
  8. What is the success rate of college graduates finding “meaningful and productive employment” that is related to their degrees?


Trickle Down Identity: It Even Effects Ed Schultz

The above metrics need to be tracked. The success of the stock market should not be the Holy Grail of metrics in terms of economic success nor even the raw number of jobs.

Instead what we have in America is the concept I have warned about before!

The issue is not simply “trickle down economics” but “TRICKLE DOWN IDENTITY“. When Ed Schultz gets all gushy about how great the economy is, he is viewing it unconsciously through the eye glasses of TRICKLE DOWN IDENTITY. That is to say the metric he is looking at is stock market success along with raw job numbers.

By the way even on the level of raw job numbers Obama is still a failure after six years. Stop making excuses for this wimp and his celebration of the testosterone free lifestyle.

He was handed the chance to really make change in America by using the presidential bully pulpit and he walked away from this. Now in an era of super-pacs we need a Democratic President to use the bully pulpit. Yet all we get from Obama is a “Meow” along with his neurotic need for approval from Republicans with talk of TPP and a “Grand Compromise” that would under cut Social Security, ┬áMedicare and the New Deal.

Obama should have used his opportunity to NOT turn the page on the banksters destroying our economy. Instead of fighting free trade he added to it and wants to go further with TPP. He had a golden opportunity to reshape America by demanding endless inquires into the banksters along with how Bush got us into Iraq.

He walked away from this with a whimper! Now he is surprised that the Republicans treat him like dirt and do not turn the page on Benghazi!

That is because Republicans are not pussies like Obama.

Yes I am a Progressive but I admire them for pushing their agenda. Why cannot Democrats do the same? –

“MEOW”! Well that plus all the money in Democratic party coffers from the 1%.

No Ed Schultz this is NOT “Change We Can Believe In”!