Ed Schultz Wants Us To Push Obama To Act Like A Democrat – WTF

Recently poor Ed Schultz started his show with a report on the “Trans Pacific Partnership” or “TPP“. In the video below Ed Schultz does an excellent job on the dangers of TPP. He calls it “NAFTA on steroids“. He then wonders why Barrack Obama would be supporting such a bill and urges us to educate Obama.

Gosh Ed the President is a constitutional lawyer and professor of Constitutional Law. You know the same guy who pledged he would stand with the unions? Remember when Obama was elected? In the euphoria of Obama’s election there was talk to make it easier to join unions?

Instead we had more blue collar AND white collar jobs off shored. Obama even signed on to a new free trade agreement. And his pledge to stand with the unions Ed? How did that go? Well the crisis came in Wisconsin and our brave champion of “Change We Can Believe In” did not come to Wisconsin. Oh Ed you should be proud of Obama! At the last minute Obama sent a WHOLE 144 character tweet of support! 

Wow Ed that is “Change We Can Believe In“! But Ed your man Obama did not end there. Instead he joined the chorus of “union envy” by renaming the health insurance many union members have as “cadillac insurance“. Most Europeans would just call it “regular insurance” but here in America where corporations are people and wimps like Obama play “make believe liberal” inside the corporate sandbox of their donors we call it “cadillac insurance”. Those of us who have this type of insurance are going to be given an extra tax under Obama Care.

Maybe if Barrack Obama would have taken his face out of Joe Lieberman’s ass and acted like a progressive when we had control of the Congress then America would not be in the bad shape we are today! Ed Schultz just does not want to face facts.

Barrack Obama is a wimp who was the winner of the 2008 Goldman Sachs PAC.

Below Ed Schultz does his stick. He seems to keep apologizing for daring to criticize Barrack Obama. Is Ed Schultz now becoming a victim of “Obama Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome“?   


Ed Schultz does not realize that Barrack Obama has proved African-Americans are just like the rest of Americans! That’s right.

As a white guy I am so proud of President Obama!

He has proved that it is NOT just whites that can be God damned pussy mouth, testosterone challenged, pathetic corporate sell-out wussies! Yes African-Americans have it in them, just like whites, to be corporate shrills playing “make believe liberal” inside the corporate sandbox of their corporate patrons!

Thank you Barrack Obama! Thank you for confirming that both Black and White are alike!

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