Egyptian Dictatorship: Where Was The News Media?

Yet again we have more evidence that the news media is not liberally biased but actually functions as an agent of a conservative worldview! Everyone knows that Fox News is a mere right wing propaganda machine but what about the rest of the news media? Why have they let Mubarak slip under the radar? The rebellion in Egypt raises several questions in regard to our nation’s foreign policy and the general capacity of our political decision making processes!

  1. If our news media is so left wing oriented why did they participate in the cover-up of the simmering crises in Egypt until now when it cannot be covered up?
  2. Why did the news media hardly pay attention to the genocide in Darfur?
  3. Why is it that every thing we buy in America seems to have “made in China” printed on it. Yet when the Egyptian dictatorship cracked down on the freedom loving youthful demonstrators they were met with tear gas that was made in America! The tear gas canisters that were collected afterward had marked on them “made in the USA”!
  4. Latter day Bushites are trying to claim that the inspiration for the revolt came from our “democratization” of Iraq and Afghanistan! –  Really I did not know we had made either nation into a democracy!

George Washington And The Prime Directive

Our nation faces several tough decisions. The same we had to make in the Vietnam War.

  1. Back the dictator because he is our friend.
  2. Encourage the democratic forces which could lead to destabilization.
  3. Exercise the PRIME DIRECTIVE as laid out in both Star Trek and by our Founding Fathers. That is to stay out of the affairs of foreign nations and maintain our independence!

First I find it laughable that Republicans who backed literal Nazi loving General Ky as the dictator of South Vietnam would try to take credit for the Egyptian revolution. That is unless it goes sour then they will make Obama out to be the 21st Century Jimmy Carter. When faced with over throwing the corrupt regime of the Iranian Shah, Jimmy Carter stood by and did not help the Shah. The problem is that in third world countries their idea of democracy is one person, one vote –  ONE TIME!

Our Founding Fathers knew this would happen and wanted to keep our nation out of trying to effect things we cannot control. Yes even in this age of nuclear weapons we could wipe every man, woman and child off the face of the earth but we still can not make the world democratic! Just as in the series “Star Trek”, our Founding Fathers realized that intervention interferes with the “evolution” (oh dear I said a bad word) of a foreign society and it’s culture. The only rationale for intervention is if it effects us!

What our Founding Fathers realized is that in most lands they follow the principle of “One Gun = One Vote! Our nation, while it had problems, was founded on the principle of “One Person = One Vote”! But then again modern day Republicans have a different idea, they believe in “One Dollar = One Vote”!

Economic Patriots Vs. The Corporate Collectivists

We must strive to make our nation “independent” of the world global economy and globalization! We need ECONOMIC PATRIOTS who will legislate to protect American jobs and technology. We need ECONOMIC PATRIOTS who will fight to have Green Technology to make our nation independent of mid-east oil and the threat of global warming!  Instead we live in an “era of permissiveness” where our jobs, wealth and even national security are shipped overseas to serve the class interest of the effete snobs of privilege!

President Washington was correct. But then in his day they fought global corporations like the “British East Indian Tea Company”! The original Tea Party was to fight CORPORATE COLLECTIVISTS who undermine individual freedom! Today that fight continues as Progressives try to fight corporate off shoring of American jobs and technology.

There is no freedom without gainful employment! Yet today the enemies of Individual Freedom, the Corporate Collectivists, want to strip the dignity of American blue collar and white collar employees by shipping our jobs overseas! Their “FREEDOM” to earn money by walking out the front door  to the mail box to collect a dividend check is more important than our “Freedom” to walk out the door each day to a gainful job, health care and a pension. Not to mention social security at age 65!

There were no real giant corporations operating in America in George Washington’s day. We were a nation of independent yeoman farmers, small city craftsmen and small business owners! Today, however our society’s decision making processes are being corrupted by organized money!

Is it any wonder that the warnings of President Eisenhower go unheeded! Unlike George Washington’s era we need a strong standing military. But the “decision making processes” of our society are being corrupted to favor foreign interventions and reckless neo-con SOCIAL ENGINEERING EXPERIMENTS such as Iraq and Afghanistan!

President Eisenhower, a Republican, even saw the danger of this new situation better than most Democrats as you can see from the video above! Thank God some Republicans have broken ranks (at least for now) and helped to end the powers of the so called “Patriot Act”. This  act is nothing more than an American version of the 1933 German “Enabling Act”. When the German Parliament building was burned Hitler claimed to need defensive powers to defend the constitution! The entire history of the Third Reich was a mere continuation of this “Enabling Act”!

When I see companies like Blackwater having armed troops inside the boundaries of the United States I start to believe every liberal and progressive should consider joining the NRA and owning a rifle. I am sick of seeing right winger’s talk about the need to own rifles to defend against us liberals turning American into a Nazi concentration camp!

President Eisenhower foresaw the danger of the “Military Industrial Complex” and he even coined the term itself. If he were alive today he would be horrified to see so called American corporations taking not only our jobs but giving our technology to the enemies of freedom for a profit. Guess who will be back on American shores to make a profit when China developers her military and we have to answer that threat? You guessed it –  the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS!

We don’t need to go on a massive military build up!

But we need to stop these Benedict Arnold corporations  from using our national assets against us to make a profit! We are protecting the regime in Beijing from popular unrest due to unemployment at the sacrifice of the gainful employment of our middle class! All the while Republicans and their fellow travelers, corporate Democrats, sing the “Corporatist Globalization Internationale” with it’s lyrics of “effete snobs of privilege unite”!

Egypt is just one more chapter! The time has come for the Silent Majority –  our great Middle Class to stand up and to raise the progressive income tax back to Eisenhower era levels of 91% and increase the estate tax to bring about an equalization of opportunity. We want the children of billionaires to enjoy a land of equal opportunity!

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