Election Ramblings #1- Obama’s Testosterone Deficiency Gave Us Trump

I have not been posting as often. Being a Bernie Sanders supporter there is not much to be cheerful about. But I am going to write from my heart.  I REFUSE to get all worked up for Hillary Clinton only to see her stick us with TPP and more corporate shill appointments.

As I noted in my prior post “Is This What It Has Come Down To America?” both Trump and Hillary Clinton are unacceptable and I REFUSE to be scared into voting for Hillary Clinton! I support Jill Stein. But that aside.

The reason why Donald Trump has so much appeal is not simply he is against TPP but because he gives Americans some TESTOSTERONE.

Americans will vote against their own self interest. But Americans will NEVER vote against their own SELF-CONCEPT! We see ourselves as ACTION FIGURES not wimps!

President Obama Threw Away His 2008 Mandate And Refused To Attack Republicans

Stop making excuses for Barrack Obama.

When you act like a wimp and Republicans kick sand in your face then what do you expect? Obama SURRENDERED the presidential de facto power to define the issues and agenda of the nation. You have to stand up to the bully. Obama instead engaged in a almost 8 year marathon celebration of the testosterone free life-style.

It started with Obama sticking his head up Joe Liebermann ass and never taking it out, except to kiss Republican butt.


President Obama Refused To Wage Psychological Warfare Against The GOP


Fox News was having spasms of terror when Barrack Obama was elected. Why do you ask?

Because Barrack Obama was their worst nightmare, or so they thought!

A staunch Progressive with an agenda PLUS the RHETORICAL SKILLS to bring it about. But Obama would not use the powers of the presidential bully pulpit!

“Change we can believe in” does not come from throwing kisses at Republicans. The times required a Progressive Democrat to mount the bully pulpit and hammer the message night and day concerning the lessons of history that were learned by FDR in the Depression.

Americans wanted an ACTION FIGURE not a wimp!

It would not matter if the Congress did not accept his proposals IF he showed testosterone. Public opinion would force Congress to change. Instead, we lost both houses of Congress.

Why did we loose? Because Americans wanted to see some sense of TESTOSTERONE to fix their real pain. Bankster heads should have rolled instead they got Govt subsidized bonus checks!

Obama’s failure to be the Pontifex Maximus allowed the Republican message to be accepted.

  • We had eight years of “trickle down economics” yet the word “stimulus” was made by the Republicans to be a negative word. They still get away with advocating trickle down economics!
  • The Republicans continued to whine about a so-called “liberal news media.” Their pathetic self-indulgence continues to this day unopposed by the Democrats. Obama should not have only refuted this but gone on the offense and point out how the news media has corporate biases! But I guess that is hard for Obama as he has corporate biases!
  • Republicans instead took over the national debate with “death panels” and “balancing the budget” becoming the issues of the day. Obama was even prepared to push for a “Grand Compromise” that would undermine Social Security.


Below In A Short Sturring Video Speech, President Obama stands up to the Republicans and explains “silly season.”

No Mr. President it was not “silly season” it was the castration of your presidency, and you just stood by.

The issue is not what the Republicans called him. The issue is he did not stand up to the bullies in the Republican Party.

Imagine President Trump! He would use the news media and in the words of his GOP rivals, “suck the air out of the room”.

Consider these items how Obama failed to live up to his mandate!

  1. Why did Obama not call for Joe Lieberman’s removal from his Chairmanship after the Senator was disloyal to him and constantly criticized him? How would Trump have handled a Joe Liebermann?
  2. We had eight years of Republican trickle-down economics under George Bush II. But did Obama use the bully pulpit to attack this theory? – HELL NO!
  3. America went through a depression in the 1930’s. The concept of an “economic stimulus” has rock solid evidence to support it. Did he use the bully pulpit to lecture America on the tried and tested “lessons of history“? – MEOW!
  4. We had control of both Houses of Congress. Did he push for a constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state? Did he push for keeping money out of politics?  – MEOW. Oh sure he might make one speech. The times required him to mount a daily campaign for a constitutional amendment. But all we got is a meow!
  5. Republicans are whiny with pathetic victimhood that the” nasty news media” is against them! Poor babies no one is allowed to confront their narrative with facts. Did Obama use the Presidential Bully Pulpit to counter – attack?  President Obama’s failure to attack the whining Republicans and their never ending sense of “pathetic victimhood” has allowed the myth of the liberal news media to continue.
  6. When the birthers came out with their conspiracy theories did Obama hit back HARD? Did he counter-attack daily to show what idiots they are? MEOW! Did Obama cry “foul” and demand the news media do their job and confront these smears? – MEOW!
  7. What do you think Donald Trump would do if he were the target of the birthers? Just lie there like a pathetic wimp and take it? HELL NO!

Republicans have succeeded in defining “liberalism” as pathetic and indecisive. Barrack Obama has been their greatest ally.

Americans see their jobs off shored. This is not simply a blue collar problem. The blue collar side has at least made it to the media as unions have pushed it to the public’s attention. But the problem also extends to white collar employees.

Obama and Hillary Clinton have supported the H1-B Visa program that undermines the remaining computer jobs that have not been offshored. Corporations now outsource these jobs to outside foreign contractors who bring in guest workers. These workers take American high-tech jobs here in the USA. They are lower paid and at the mercy of the contractors who bring them in. Americans have even been forced to train their replacements.

Yet Obama and Hillary Clinton continue to talk about higher education while they undermine college grads. I guess this is what he calls, “change we can believe in”.

Thus the problem with Obama is twofold:

  1. He refuses to wage psychological warfare against the Republicans. Votes in Congress are the aftermath of this psychological warfare. Obama has surrendered.
  2. Sometimes Obama and Hillary Clinton have even made it worse by supporting free trade. Hillary Clinton now says she is against TPP but Obama is pushing it.

Barrack Obama is NOT:

  • A closet Muslim.
  • A hater of white people who simultaneously wants to import European Socialism into America.
  • The creator of death panels.
  • A secular Atheist who is also a Muslim.
  • A conspirator who wants to impose Sharia Law on America – that is why he authorized Gays to have full acceptance into the military. So he can impose the worst type of Sharia Law – GAY SHARIA LAW!

All of the above right wing accusations are ridiculous and contradictory. We in America now celebrate ignorance and Barrack Obama just stood by talking about “silly season“!

Why didn’t he just call out these morons? – MEOW! Instead he wanted to have a kum-bye-yah moment with the Republicans by having a Grand Bargain that would undermine Social Security and the entire Progressive Agenda. What a wimp and I am tired of Democrats making excuses for his behavior.

Barrack Obama’s legacy is Donald Trump! 

What Obama does not seem to realize is that when the bully gets away with the above, it alters the political landscape. It makes Democrats appear impotent.

Obama made it even worse.

  1. He appointed banksters and refused to prosecute Wall Street for the crash of 2008.
  2. He has fought tirelessly to make liberalism safe for corporations. A real liberal would declare war on the Cayman Islands and guillotine the tax dodging corporate traitors who stash their cash off-shore. This nation gave them the means to become wealthy, yet they repay America by becoming CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS!
  3. President Obama has attacked whistleblowers!
  4. Obama would not keep his word and stand with the unions in Wisconsin. Instead he sent a “whole tweet” of support at the last moment. WOW!
  5. When he finally summoned his testosterone, he did NOT do so to push for card check. That program would have enabled unions to fight back. No, instead he pushed for fast-track of TPP!

Stop making excuses for Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The legacy of Barrack Obama is Donald Trump because Americans will vote against their self interest but not against their self definintion! We see ourselves as ACTION FIGURES not WIMPS like Obama.

This Democrat must concede that Donald Trump does have some good qualities if he would only learn to control his mouth. Trump is against TPP.

Donald Trump can say the word “tariff”! Can Hillary Clinton or Barrack Obama say the word “TARIFF”?

Meow….. Meow…..MEOW! 



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