Election Ramblings #2: Its 3AM Do You Want A Birther In The White House

If you are a birther your finger does NOT belong on the nuclear button! Donald Trump just renounced birtherism. However with Donald Trump’s epistemological skills do we want him making war and peace decisions?

It is 3 AM and the Pentagon is making a call to the White House. Radar has detected possible Russian incoming missiles. But they warn it could be a mistake as this happened once before.

No problem Donald Trump has got some great real estate deal making in his pocket and conspiracy theories in his brain.

FACT CHECKING is vital and the clear ability to make an intelligent decision  could mean life or death. Do you want someone who is involved in conspiracy theories like birtherism and death panels to have their finger on the nuclear button? Besides bigotry the issue is Donald Trump’s epistemological skills and what baggage he would bring to a crisis!

The news media has been giving a free pass to Donald Trump and the Republicans for years.

  • I am tired of the news media not standing up to Republican lies and being afraid. Fact checking and confronting lies is part of their job.
  • Republicans seem to believe they have an entitlement to present their narrative without being fact checked.
  • Liberals can claim the news media are biased and pro-corporate. The watchdog group “Media Matters” has exposed pro-right wing news media bias. Yet Democrats, by being passive allow the mythology of a “pro-liberal news media” to continue.

Donald Trump Thinks It Is Ok To Libel America’s First African American President, But Do Not Be “Mean” To Me

Trump laughs at “political correctness” yet went into a rage when a group he identifies with is attacked.

Poor Donald Trump did not like it when Ted Cruz attacked NY values. Sure I felt the same way but the difference is I respect other groups. Trump does not except when his identifications are smeared.

Today Donald Trump said, “Obama was born in the United States – period.”  Trump wants to move on to “making America great again”! Wow, but he and his fellow travelers had no problem wasting years pushing conspiracy theories like “birtherism” and “death panels”. Obama’s presidency is nearing the end. After the damage has been done Republicans are willing to move on. So nice of them.

Why did they divert America away from vital issues with the “birther” and “death panel” conspiracy theories! Is this the kind of “fact checking” that we want our “intelligence services” to use?

Make America great again! Let our intelligence services fact check information like Donald Trump’s private investigators did in Hawaii. Is that what Donald Trump calls “intelligence“?

Besides making the President of the United States a fool in front of the world, as MSNBC’s Joy Reid stated:

Who is Donald Trump to call for Barack Obama to produce his papers? As if he were a Black in South Africa when they had apartheid. He has insulted African Americans and all Americans of good will.

Do We Want A Birther Nut To Make War Decisions?

  1. Donald Trump correctly attacks the War in Iraq but with his fondness for conspiracy theories do we want his finger on the nuclear button?
  2. Regardless of nuclear weapons, do we want his birther epistemological skills to decide if our troops should get into a ground war?
  3. If we do enter a ground war, Donald Trump would not call those troops who suffered in enemy prison camps “heroes.” Just look at how he treated John McCain!
  4. When you see, one of those black POW/MIA flags remember Donald Trump does not think those troops are heroes because they got captured.


(Note: I wish to thank the Huffington Post for the use of the embedded video above.)


I like the way the reporter in the above video compares Donald Trump to “the Fonz.” Both have a problem with ego and making an apology. With the “Fonz” it was funny. With Donald Trump, it is not.

Yes, Barack Obama has a unique name. So does “Reince Priebus” who is the current Chair of the Republican Party. Not to mention “Rush Limbaugh.” Yet no one questions their Americanism. Could it be …… oh I don’t know …… that Barack Obama is a Democrat? No ….. could it be that he is BLACK?

Well, I have a term for this selective questioning.

I call it racism plain and simple!

Hillary Clinton Made Me Do It – Trump

Classic Donald Trump never takes responsibility and never apologize. Wow, even one of the commentators on FoxNews said it was a birtherism is a lie and Hillary Clinton did NOT start it.

So What Does Barack Obama Have To Say About All This?

Well dear reader I do find DEPLORABLE:

  1. The Birther nuts.
  2. The idiots who preached the lie about death panels.
  3. That Obama is a Muslim secular Atheist who believes in Sharia law while also being a Euro-Socialist. Quite a group of contradictions but we are talking about Republicans and being crazy never seems to bother them.

But this depressed Bernie Sanders supporter wants to leave you with some “cheerful” news.

Did you know Barack Obama just pooh-poohed what just happened? (Must be silly season).

President Obama said this election should be about more “serious issues.” Oh, I am just so peachy keen happy. Ready dear reader? Guess what project Barack Obama worked on today instead of attacking Trump’s birther flip flop?

Why meeting with former Mayor Bloomberg and Republican Gov. Kasich so, he can form a bi-partisan team. What is this wonder team for you ask?


Yes, my friends, that’s how Obama wants to spend his last days in office, Pushing for TPP!

Oh yes CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN. Like I said in my prior post dear reader. Donald Trump may be nuts but BARACK OBAMA’s legacy is Donald Trump. President Obama gave us a marathon celebration of the testosterone free political lifestyle. Americans want their factories back. They will vote against their own self interest but not against their self concept. We see ourselves as ACTION FIGURES not wimps.

China is not part of TPP. Obama believes that with TPP we can force China to open their markets to American corporate goods.

These CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS will NOT produce their goods in America. They have no loyalty to this nation that gave them birth, profits, and protection. Instead, these CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS will just produce their goods in foreign nation X and ship them to the new open markets in foreign nation Y. They will screw America while the dividend checks come back to the 1% and are parked in the Cayman Islands. Yes, change corporations can believe in!

Obama’s war cry …meow….Meow…..MEOW!



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