Elizabeth Warren And Alan Grayson In 2016

I voted for the Green Party against President Barrack Obama and I am proud that I did as I mentioned in a prior post. I was about to change my party registration from Democrat to Green but was delighted to find two REAL Democrats elected to the Senate and House. Senator Elect Elizabeth Warren and former Congressperson Alan Grayson was returned to the House. Both are a  God send to the Democratic Party. In the video below Elizabeth Warren  proudly defends the middle class and includes the segment “you did not build it all” that Barrack Obama in his wimpy way tried to emulate but failed.


Senator Elect Elizabeth Warren Is A Middle Class Hero

What I really like about Elizabeth Warren is her no prisoners approach to dealing with the Republicans and even the wimps in the Democratic Party who play “make believe liberal” inside the Corporate Sandbox of their donors.

There is a more vital issue that Senator Elect Warren presents in the video above:

No one got rich in America by themselves. Sure innovations are needed and should be rewarded. But the market is out of control. The market is a raging storm that needs the confinement of social responsibility that comes from “the underlying social contract” that the Senator Elect spoke about in the video above.

Furthermore we also have the issue of those who did not make a contribution to society or innovate but inherited their millions or created phony innovations like off shoring and hedge funds.

The only class warfare that is being waged is the warfare against middle class Americans! The choice is simple:

Which has to have priority. The income from a “paycheck” or the “income from a dividend check”. The conservatives seem to believe that receiving an income from a paycheck makes one a “moocher”. I believe they have it in reverse if they want to make a case for moochers. I don’t deny those who invest the products of their investments. It is only an issue of what comes first. Capital gains are taxed at a much lower rate than earned income. That is the issue here not the destruction of dividend checks which finance middle class pensions and middle class retirement accounts besides the yachts of the rich.

As the video above shows progressives do NOT want to level the incomes of the rich. We need innovations and should reward handsomely those that do.

Unfortunately in this era of licentious permissiveness (don’t mind me I love to use right wing speak paradoxically) we have CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who ship our jobs, technology and hopes to China and who will then wave the flag once China becomes a threat so they can then make a buck from the threat they themselves created!

There is a war being waged against the middle class and the video below by Moveon.org illustrates this!

Rep. Alan Grayson Returns To The House

Oh they were in such glee when they got him out two years back. But Alan Grayson has returned with a vengeance! For those of you who may not be acquainted with former and now re-elected Congressman Alan Grayson below is a short video of a speech he made before the House that got earned him the anger of the Republicans! This is a short video and you will love it!

Because both of these progressive giants have been elected to Congress, Elizabeth Warren and Alan Grayson I have decided not to change my registration from the Democratic Party to the Green Party. I have done this for one reason.

I urge every Democrat and Green Party member to push for:

Elizabeth Warren For President and

Alan Grayson For Vice President In 2016!


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