Elizabeth Warren: Why Conservatives Hate Her

Elizabeth Warren, Chairman of the Congressiona...

Finally somene who will defend the middle class

I was pleased to hear that Elizabeth Warren is going to run for Senator from Massachusetts. I wish Obama had the guts to appoint her as Consumer Secretary but then again what would you expect from Barrack Obama? He would not want to make the Republicans angry at him. The Republicans hate her guts because she is doing something that Obama should be doing! That is to educate the American people about the attack on the middle class in America!

The right wingers hate her for this! That is why we need to support her fully in her fight to send Scott Brown home from Washington DC in his pickup truck filled with Tea Bags! Elizabeth Warren will give the Republicans a fight! Since we have a President who has abdicated his role as national “Pontifex Maximus” and refuses to use the Presidential bully pulpit, Elizabeth Warren would serve as a focal point in the Senate.

To give my readers a background in why the Republicans hate her I suggest you pour a cup of coffee (or two) and pull up to your computer with some friends and watch the videos below which are long, about an hour each! You could watch it in segments and push the slider to the spot you left off.

When you listen to Elizabeth Warren you understand how FoxNews and their fellow travelers want to spread lies about the middle class.

For example:

Professor Warren outlines how middle class income has not kept pace while the top 1% were making out like bandits. FoxNews likes to attack the middle class by saying that Americans are not savers! Well if our disposable income is shrinking guess what? We cannot be a nation of savers!

Many Americans fall for the factually correct statistic that Americans are not savers. That is factually true but Elizabeth Warren explains the class warfare against the middle class not being savers.

You would expect that since it is common for both husband and wife to be in the work force that their family income would be higher. But as Elizabeth Warren discusses in the video below that is not the case.

Yes this is the new “shinning city on a hill” that the followers of Ronald Reagan have given us!

The problem is that with Barrack Obama as President there is no one to stand up to the Republicans and defend the middle class!

Elisabeth Warren would be a contributor to a new “Middle Class Consciousness” that we need in our society! Barrack Obama has been a total failure on that front.

While I actually fear the re-election of Barrack Obama because:

Just honestly look at how much he has given away in a mere two and one half years in office! Imagine how much more Barrack Obama can give away in a full eight years?

That is why Progressives need to support Elizabeth Warren in her quest to become the next Senator from Massachusetts! I wish instead she were running for Vice President in a ticket headed by Senator Bernie Sanders!

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