EXCLUSIVE: Jeb Bush Drops Out Due To Health

This blogger has learned the truth concerning Jeb Bush’s decision to drop out of the Republican presidential contest. As you may have noticed Jeb Bush is a bit pudgy and even Donald Trump has stated that Mr. Bush has low energy.

Doctors report:

Jeb Bush is suffering the effects of a “HIGH FREEDOM FRIES DIET”. This diet has lead to low energy in the face of facts and feeling like a dinosaur in a modern era when Americans no longer accept bull!

The problem is many Republicans are still coming to grips with their past as is their “fellow traveller” Hillary Clinton!

Remember when we Americans got all puffed up and decided to change the name of “French Fries” to “Freedom Fries” because France would not back us in Iraq? See the short video below.


Unlike the Taliban in Afghanistan who sheltered Al Qaeda, Iraq had nothing to due with 9-11. No one ever bothered to open even a basic history book to learn of the ethnic and religious rivalries in Iraq.

  • Sadam Hussein served as a buffer against Iran. Under Sunni control, Iraq waged an almost eight-year war against Shiite Iran. Now without Sadam Hussein, Iran can devote money to their nuclear research.
  • Without Saddam Hussein and his Baath Party controlling Iraq, the nation is breaking apart with religious fundamentalists of both Shiite and Sunni (ISIS) waging war for control.

But there was an individual who warned what would happen if we occupied Iraq! Strangely it was Dick Cheney when he served the first George Bush during the first Iraq War.

This was before:

  1. He went on a “FREEDOM FRIES DIET”!
  2. Became CEO of Haliburton after leaving office under Bush Senior.

See the video below.

We knocked Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait but stopped at that point. In the “first Iraq War” we had to protect Kuwait as our economic interests were at stake.

The second Iraq War was a total waste and we even believed the cost would be paid by the “new Iraqi government.

Senator John McCain was on a “Freedom Fries Diet” also and the delusional belief system it created.

The DuBai Ports Deal: Freedom Fries Had Bizare Effects On Islamophobics

As our nation’s economic balance sheet under George Bush, Jr  took a turn for the worse away from Bill Clinton’s balanced budget, the effects of the “freedom fries diet” enabled Islamophobics in the GOP to push for the DuBai Ports deal.

This brainchild of the GOP would have turned over the management of our ports to a DuBai corporation. Al Qaeda founder Bin Ladin came from a rich Saudi construction family. Relatives sometimes get jobs for their own.  Now, what could possibly go wrong with a Dubai Ports Deal? Dick Cheney was the CEO of Haliburton.

By the way, where has Haliburton moved their Corporate HQ?

Why Dubai!

Ron Paul has accused Dick Cheney of making millions via Haliburton and the Iraq War.

Below Cenk Uygur of the “Young Turks” discusses Cheney, Haliburton and the Iraq War.

I Will Pass On The “Freedom Fries”: “French Fries Please!”

Let’s stop celebrating stupidity in America. We do have to fight terrorism and it is from Islamic nations. But let’s make sure we know what we are doing and who is making the profits while our brave sons and daughters fight for America.

Long Live France!

Vive La France!