Fat Boy Chris Christie Doesn’t Vaporize Advocating Longevity Gains Tax

Chris Christie want you to pay a longevity gains tax!

Chris Christie want you to pay a longevity gains tax!

I find it disgusting that fat boy Chris Christie can talk about extending the age for Americans to receive social security and medicare benefits that we have paid into all our lives while our social betters have this sense of entitlement that we should not increase the  capital gains tax nor return to the Eisenhower era when we enjoyed a 91% progressive income tax!

What gets me is that Americans seem to believe that if a candidate tells them something “harsh” that means the candidate is honest and sincere! The problem is that we have a wimp for a President who is trading away the accomplishments of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Americans are desperate for some testosterone even if it is from a blabber mouth like Governor Chris Christie! Obama has got to stand up to the Republicans and the very concept that the deficit is the most critical issue. No the trade deficit and corporate money in our political system are the most important issues!

Below fat boy Chris Christie claims he did not vaporize! How could he since he is going to be Koch funded?

GOP Stands For Longevity Gains Tax Over Capital Gains Tax

Make no mistake about it this is an attack on the middle class by those who have a sense of entitlement to deny middle class Americans a pay check by shipping our jobs overseas while they whine about their “entitlement” to a tax free dividend check while they engage in cut and run capitalism from the nation that gave them birth, protection and profits!  But this is not enough for them!

They are the “leisure class” while the middle class is the “working class”. Therefore by their logic, “what are we middle class Americans do to with the extra years of longevity we have?”

No we should not raise the capital gains tax on those earning over 1 million per year but rather we should impose a de facto “Longevity Gains Tax” on middle class Americans by extending the year at which we can cease toiling for our social betters as is our role in life!

However there is nothing wrong with Social Security and Americans had better wake up from the testosterone free existence that Barrack Obama and his corporate wing of the Democratic Party have imposed on the consciousness of the middle class!

Below Senator Bernie Sanders tells it like it is!

It’s Not An “Inheritance Tax” But The “American Exceptionalism Preservation Tax”

My proposals:

  1. Repeal not just the Bush Tax Cuts but the Reagan Tax Cuts and the Kennedy Tax Cuts. Bring the Progressive Income Tax back to the era of President Dwight Eisenhower when we had a 91% rate.
  2. Tax Capital gains especially for those making over 1 million per year!
  3. Stop letting the conservatives label the “inheritance tax” a “death tax”! We want the children of the rich to enjoy this great land of equal opportunity! We don’t want the children of the rich to suffer a nanny trust syndrome! Being the “land of equal opportunity” is the hallmark of America! That is what makes us exceptional. You know American Exceptionalism! Therefore call the inheritance tax the AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM PRESERVATION TAX! – it’s the patriotic thing to do!

We need Senator Bernie Sanders For President!

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