Flint Michigan: Lead In Water And State Take Over To Pay Bond Holders

Some on the right are gloating that Flint, Michigan has lead in it’s water. The lead in the drinking water proves to right wingers that government cannot be trusted. What they don’t realize is that Michigan has turned over many local governments to EFM “Emergency Financial Managers”. Aristocracy, not Democracy comes first in Michigan.

No one in their right mind would argue that governments cannot make mistakes. But what we have here is just another instance of the will of the people being subject to the veto of our social betters.

If You Don’t Like Lead In Your Water How About A Little Fracking?

Fracking not only can pollute the aquifer but can bring about earthquakes.  But in this Brave New World where Obama calls TPP “Change We Can Believe In” and corporate profits are placed before people, we can expect to see more earth raping behavior sanctioned by our government.


Hey Obama-BOTS I bet you just cannot wait for Obama’s TPP to be operational. Then we can have tobacco companies suing governments to overturn anti-smoking laws. Australia has enacted laws to discourage tobacco use by forcing the corporations to place large pictures of cancer-infested lungs on cigarette packages. (See video below)

The tobacco industry has sued the Australian government but lost the first round. TPP would protect the rights of corporations to their profits. To their credit billionaires, Michael Bloomberg and Bill Gates have gone on a crusade to fight the tobacco industry. Not only in New York City but worldwide.

Too bad former House, Speaker John Boehner did not learn from Michael Bloomberg. Before he became Speaker, he gave out checks from the Tobacco Industry on the House floor to members of Congress. Not only that but he did so as the vote to give the Tobacco industry subsidiary was taken place. (see video below)

The ever crying John Boehner seems to shed tears for the tobacco industry but not for the teenagers who will get hooked. Then he and his fellow Republicans will whine about unemployed Americans on welfare while the Tobacco industry buys votes on the House floor to give Big Tobacco subsidies!

To use their own right-wing rhetoric:

In this era of licentious permissiveness, these people seem to have a never-ending sense of entitlement for corporate welfare that they project on to others.

What’s that old expression again?


This is why we need Senator Bernie Sanders in 2016!