Florida Wages War On Voters: Where Is Obama – MEOW

Obama’s refusal to defend the voters in Florida is my last straw! I said several weeks ago that I would vote for Obama but I retract that. I am voting Green! As a Progressive I am sick and tired of making excuses for Barrack Obama! I refuse to get caught up in the

Drama of Obama“! Barrack Obama continues to practice his reading of “Dale Carnegie” while the Republicans practice “Andrew Carnegie”.  When will Obama learn he cannot practice Carl Rogers’ Person Centered Approach as a Rogerian Facilitator while America needs a liberal Pontifex Maximus who will define the real issues!

Besides Carl Rogers “Person Centered Approach” to therapy and management does not work when “corporations are people”! When  will Obama learn this?

He would not stand up for the public option but instead gave us a Health Care Reform act that is a give away to insurance companies. He merely sent a tweet to support the unions in Wisconsin.

Now this pathetic mealy mouth weasel cannot stand up to the Republicans who are denying American citizens the right to vote in Florida.

Hell I even have more respect for Republican Governor Chris Christie who actually extending voting hours and made it possible to vote by e-mail.

If Obama Cannot Stand Up For Florida Voters How Can He Stand Up To The GOP In A Second Term?

In the video below Obama surrogate Ed Schultz details the Florida corruption of our political system.

As these lines grow and are forced to wait for hours the question is my friends:

Where the hell is Obama?

  1. President Obama should be visiting Florida and demanding that voters should not have to wait up to eight hours to vote in America!
  2. Obama should be demanding that in the interest of fair play Mitt Romney should join him. When he does not Obama should make this into a media spectacle!
  3. Obama has been accused by Republicans of desiring to turn America into a third world nation. Yet we see before our very eyes the Republicans doing this with long lines to vote and Obama just “meows”.

This is the President I should vote to re-elect? This is the “Change We Can Believe In”? Not by my definition.

That is why I am voting a straight GREEN PARTY TICKET! I have had it! 

I will not make excuses for Obama and the Democrats!

  • Financial Reform that does not prosecute those who destroyed our economy but actually allows them to continue with a mere payment into an insurance fund.
  • Financial Reform that does not outlaw the practice of USURY!
  • Calling for the end of offshoring while signing new Free Trade Agreements. Let’s stop making excuses for Obama AND Clinton. They were both part of the raping of America along with the Republicans!
  • Passing a Health Care Law that does not include a public option yet caters to insurance companies. Now Progressives will be blamed when health insurance premiums continue to rise, and they have and will!
  • Not pursuing a rigorous investigation of the intelligence failure that got us into Iraq and kept us there for the eight years of the Bush Presidency. Amazing Obama gets blamed for an intelligence failure of a week’s duration in Libya  yet does not call out the Bush failure and the thousands of lives lost. Not to mention the financial cost. Obama cannot even stand up for himself!
  • NEVER giving America a REAL STIMULUS. Obama’s unemployment stats are a disgrace and stop pretending they are not! Obama was more concerned with appearing as a centrist then giving America a real stimulus!
  • Obama has never really exercised his de facto office of “Preacher – In Chief”.  American Presidents set the “questions” of the national agenda if not also the answers. Instead Obama has resigned to allowing the Tea Party to make the guiding question “the budget deficit“. I did not vote for Obama in 2008 so we can have a “grand compromise”!
  • Obama’s celebration of the Testosterone Free political lifestyle has left her young to believe that change is impossible. Now Americans believe that Keynesian Economics does not work. No it is Obama who did not work Keynesian Economics because he valued the perception of moderation above getting Americans jobs!
  • Obama has done nothing to stop the corporate takeover of America! Even before the Citizen’s United ruling our nation’s political system was under attack by the corporate collectivists. Now super-pacs run wild and there is no massive Presidential encouragement for a constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state. But how could there be when Barrack Obama was the favorite in 2008 of the Goldman Sachs PAC?


But If You Vote Green Then Romney Will Win

Let me remind my fellow Progressives that we survived a Bush presidency and had a revival of the progressive left. It was Barrack Obama who has turned against us.

Democrats will still have control of the Senate and if not at least 41 Senators who can then filibuster!

Oh yes I am sorry I forgot we are talking about Democrats. They could not pass a progressive law if they had 110 Senators in a Senate of 100. Democrats may not have the will to filibuster! Well that is proof that we need to separate corporation and state. The Democrats don’t have the heart to cut off their campaign contributions.

Well maybe it is time that the GOP goes through with it’s agenda! Maybe it is time to throw both wings of the corporatist party out!




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