Former President Bill Clinton Joins Ross Perot In Claiming GOP Threats

I just saw a video clip (see below) where former President Bill Clinton says that in 1991 he got a threatening call from the White House telling him not to run for the presidency. Former President Clinton then says the whole affair of his dealings in Arkansas then became public when he did not back down.

The TV interviewer asks him about Hillary’s problems with the emails. President Clinton then makes the accusation at the 25-second mark.


Ross Perot Stated He Was Also Threatened

Let us not forget that third party candidate Ross Perot also said he was threatened by Republican Party operatives in the same election.

Dear Reader you know I am a liberal. But you also know that I do not care for Hillary Clinton and furthermore while I am to the left of Hillary Clinton I have no problem attacking the left on some issues. I am not a doctrinaire liberal and willing to go where ever the truth leads me regardless of politics.

I ask you to put your politics aside:

When a FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES makes an accusation that he was threatened by the first President Bush’s White House this goes beyond even money in politics! Ross Perot was considered a flake by many for saying that Republican operatives threatened to spread lesbian photos of his soon to be married daughter. He was considered a flake – or was he? Now we have a former President of the United States (Bill Clinton)  making the accusation of Bush White House threats on video. This is a not Glen Beck making this accusation but a former president.

The video above raises many questions that the news reporter should have raised!

  1. If former President Bill Clinton really believes his accusation then why did he not say so after Ross Perot also said he was threatened? There were three in that race and if both Ross Perot and Bill Clinton stood up then this accusation could be brought into the light of day.
  2. Bill Clinton begins the video clip by saying to the reporter “you already know”. Really was this public knowledge and if the news media knew it then why was it withheld?
  3. If Bill Clinton and Ross Perot were making this up then we had a looney President at the nuclear button for eight years that makes the Monica Lewinsky affair a side show!
  4. Could the allegations against Bill Clinton be true and that is why he did not want to rock the boat by making the threats against him public back then? This would make both Bill Clinton and the first George Bush bedfellows in deceit and possibly crime.
  5. Why do Bill Clinton and George Bush #1 go on world trips together? “Oh well making illegal threats is all part of a democracy?” – Not in my book!

Where Is The News Media?

With all this talk about a so-called “liberal news media” am I the only one asking this question? We have a former President of the United States making a very serious allegation!

Bill Clinton said  the White House of the first President Bush made threats against him if he chose to run. He did run and he claims items from his time as governor of Arkansas then surfaced.  If this were true it would correlate with the allegations made by Ross Perot.

Where does this leave our nation?

Doesn’t anyone have any testosterone? What the hell is wrong with our nation?

Currently, we have a corporate shrill at the wheel, Barrack Obama who wants to give us NAFTA on steroids – TPP.

But Democrats go “meow” while Republicans call this corporate shrill President a “white hating euro-socialist secular atheist Muslim who wants to break up your marriage and force you to get gay married under Sharia law”!

All this while the intellectual contradictions by Republicans against Barrack Obama are beyond the pale.

But who cares this is America where we celebrate ignorance!

The allegations by former President Bill Clinton should be investigated and Ross Perot should be subpoenaed to tell what he knows concerning these threats. These allegations are not simply threats against two politicians but against our democracy! I would feel the same way if Obama threatened Republicans and I mean it!

Would Donald Trump Let Himself Be Threatened Like That?

I read one of his non-political books, “Think Big And Kick Ass In Business And Life”. While he talks about positive thinking he extols the values of “getting even” and “taking revenge”! I doubt Donald Trump would stand by and let either Bush or Obama threaten him.

Please note I am not saying Bill Clinton was automatically correct in his allegations just because I am a Democrat.

My point is if former President Clinton is correct then we had a serious threat to our democracy. If he is not correct then we had a looney Commander – in Chief getting BJs in the White House while having his finger on the nuclear button. As his finger was on the nuclear button he would then be moaning “ah ah ah” as Monica Lowinsky did her thing!

If she bit down we could have had a nuclear war! 

Either way our nation has a problem!

There is an answer!

It comes from Vermont!

And it is NOT Maple Syrup! 

We need Bernie Sanders in 2016! GO BERNIE GO!