Fox Goes Nuts That Obama Shook Hands With Castro

Recently at Nelson Mandela’s funeral President Obama shook hands with a line of dignitaries on stage. One of whom was Cuban President Raul Castro. Naturally the right wing went ballistic! To counter their attack I just love to use right wing rhetoric but with a leftward spin!

Yes my rhetoric is hot but you will recognize all the conservative lexicon that they so love to throw at us liberals. I believe progressives must fight back using their rhetoric. Those who are older will recognize my puns even more 🙂 – Enjoy!

I am going to defend President Obama on his actions here even though my readers know I am very critical of him from a Progressive perspective.

As my readers know I do NOT share the belief that Barrack Obama is:

  1. A Muslim
  2. Communist
  3. European Socialist who hates white people (WTF)
  4. Atheist (who went to Rev. Wright’s Church of course)
  5. Nazi
  6. A Kenyan who hates white people
  7. Desires to impose Sharia law on the United States, which is why he accepted openly Gay soldiers. Since we all know the worst type of Sharia Law is “Gay Sharia Law“! Hey that is the logical conclusion if you are a right wing nut job.

No I don’t believe Barrack Obama is any of the above!

Barrack Obama is simply a corporate shrill like Bill Clinton who plays “make believe liberal” inside the corporate sandbox of his moneyed donors. You can read my prior posts for those arguments. In this post I am going to defend Obama shaking hands with Castro.

Why The Right Wing Is Wrong About Shaking Hands With Castro

For God’s sake Obama was at Mandela’s funeral! What is he supposed to do? If he snubbed Castro that would disrespect the memory of Nelson Mandela. When you go to a funeral you have to lay aside your feuds.

Below is a video by the Young Turks concerning Obama shaking hands with Castro and that it is no big deal. I agree!

Let’s consider these points:

  • Why was it ok for Nixon to send Henry Kissinger to Communist China when we did not recognize them at the time?
  • Nixon latter went to China whose government has far more blood on their hands than Raul Castro!
  • Why is it just peachy keen for Apple and Walmart to ship American jobs overseas to China so their share holders can make huge profits while Americans see the loss of their jobs?

Recently China has challenged us militarily with one of their naval vessels. Their economy has been built up due to the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who ship our jobs, money and technology to America’s enemy!

Why do the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS get away with this?

Because they have Congress and a string of Republican and Democratic Party Presidents in their pockets.

After all there is nothing wrong with “government intervention” in the market place to change the “definition” of the scope of America’s market place when it benefits the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS and their fellow travelers in both the Republican and Democratic Parties!

I wonder if FoxNews could answer this question:

Why is it perfectly fine for the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS to go to Vietnam for bargain wage slaves while they walk on the graves of our dead soldiers?

Here is the answer dear reader:

These CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS can lay aside differences because these Judas’s have no loyalty to America when it comes to their profits! Yes you see they have an “entitlement” to their profits before loyalty to America! But the American middle class does not have an entitlement to the fruits of our labor!

So when you hear them whine about Obama shaking hands with Raul Castro ask them,

Would Obama’s actions be alright if”:

  • Apple could open up a low wage factory in Cuba?
  • Walmart could hook up with a string of low wage factories in Cuba to make their crap.
  • If American technology companies could ship our jobs and technology to Cuba for a profit and thus decrease the opportunities of America’s college graduates while their shareholders make a profit?
  • Cuba could become part of the TPP?

Actually such an operation would pose less of a security threat to the United States then the off shoring to China. That is because Cuba has a smaller population base and could not really threaten us while China can.

Why is building up China to be a threat to America Ok?

Because the cut and run capitalists have more than a desire for profits over their loyalty to America!

These effete snobs of privilege in their self righteous minds  have an “entitlement” to such Judas profits! Their “entitlement” comes before “national security” while America’s middle class has the privilege of working for smaller and fewer paychecks to serve our social betters.

America’s middle class will also have to serve in the military when China does become a threat to us. When that occurs the cut and run capitalists will suddenly discover their American identity so they can profit from the next wave of a military buildup.

After all the cut and run corporations are “people” and they have an “entitlement” to the profits of our soldiers pain and blood. This is called “freedom“!

Yes that is called “freedom” in the Republican and Corporate Democrat lexicon!

To work for smaller and fewer paychecks. While the cut and run corporations enjoy the dividend checks from our pain!

Elizabeth Warren For President In 2016

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