Fox News Supports Anti-Straight And Anti-Family Values

Fox News interviewed and supported a guest on their show “Fox And Friends” who is against “Family Values”. If you watch the video and read the article in the link provided above they argue two points:

  1. Obama Care is going to cause a shortage of doctors because more people will now be seeking health care since they can afford it! (They would prefer to let Granny die)
  2. Woman live longer but will no longer be required to pay more than men for health insurance.

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Fox News Wants To Pull The Plug On Granny And Let Gramps Live Alone

Concerning their first point, I guess they would prefer for Granny to die. How dare Granny now have the ability to get medical care and “compete” with the rest. But I thought to “compete” was a capitalist value?

Oh dear our social betters don’t want Granny to visit the same doctors they go to. But the Republicans want to go even further. They want to privatize Medicare.

Republicans use “psychological warfare” by calling their proposed cut in Medicare “premium insurance“. In the video above Granny gets some “premium insurance” from Republican Congressman Paul Ryan. Is that their idea of “family values”?

But Fox News goes even further!


Fox News Advocates Anti-Straight Values


Most men want their lives to live with them in old age. Obama Care and it’s requirement that woman no longer have to pay higher premiums was legally placed into law.

The requirement that woman no longer have to pay higher premiums is merely the free act of our nation via our political institutions to create a “Social Contract” between the sexes! Furthermore men want woman to continue to have their “breasts” into old age if possible. The equalization of premiums is the act of a free society to insure that. Does Fox News want older men to turn their sexual attention away from their wives? And to what end Fox News?

But apparently Fox News thinks items like that in old age should be paid for! Why shouldn’t the sex lives of the elderly be valued? Could Fox News be secretly advancing a covert Anti-Straight Agenda?

The gang on Fox And Friends don’t like the idea that woman seem to go to the doctor more often. Maybe that is why they live longer? Why should they have to pay more when they utilize preventive care?

Fox News wants men to live into old age without their wives with the possible exception of the rich who can pay more for the extra doctor visits and preventative care.

FOX NEWS IS ANTI-FAMILY And Anti-Straight! LET GRANNY And Grand Pa continue to enjoy their sex lives together in old age! 

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