FoxNews Media Biases Against Occupy Wall Street

This nation had to endure the endless self righteousness of the Tea Party and their “twin enablers”! Those twin enablers being:

  1. Republicans and their fellow travelers at FoxNews!
  2. Testosterone challenged Barrack Obama who allowed this Tea Party cancer to redirect the definition of America’s job crisis from one stimulus to how much and how fast we can destroy the New Deal! Unlike the Tea Party that was funded by the Koche brothers, the Occupy Wall Street movement is a genuine grass roots organization not a AstroTurf movement!

Recently FoxNews interviewed a Occupy Wall Street protester and tried to discredit the movement. Apparently the protester was not aware that the banks paid back and FoxNews tried to spin this that the banks are the victims!

#Banksters Paid Back The Loans By Usury

Sure the banks paid back their loans from the Federal Government. However the banks are still a big part of the problem.

  • Their executives could not receive big bonuses until the loans were paid back!
  • Amazing isn’t it that regular saving accounts pay a pittance in interest while bank loan interest is very high and credit card interest is through the ceiling! The Financial Reform Act does not end usury because most Democrats have decided to “play” liberal inside the monied confines of the CORPORATE SANDBOX!
  • Casino leveraging practices are still at an all time high. But the new laws give us a pittance of a insurance pool.

Great work Obama this is “Change We Can Believe In”!

FoxNews Media Biases

Fox News constantly mentions that the #Occupy Wall Street Movement has no goals! This is nonsense the overall goal is to end the corporate take over of our society, protect and enhance the New Deal and to restore the American Dream to our youth!

What good is it if not only blue collar jobs but white collar jobs are being off shored in the service of our social betters? It’s not that FoxNews doesn’t understand the #OccupyWallStreet movement, they do! But now the issue is not just blue collar jobs but college jobs that have been off shored while college grads are burdened with debt!

In the old days discontent was relived with the saying “go west young man go west”!  Today hope is peddled by the lure of a college degree. But what good is that degree if you are burdened in debt and the career you hoped for is off shored? Meanwhile the Republicans and their Corpocrat Democrat allies join in singing the “Corporatist Internationale”!  Their roster includes not simply former President Bush but Obama and the Clintons!

The pillaging of America by our social betters has gone on to long! We want  a restoration of the American dream and FoxNews is against that!

Maybe FoxNews can tell us:

  • What are America’s  specific goals  in Iraq after a decade of our troops dying and the costs of the war going through the ceiling?
  • Why should some grass roots citizens create specifics while our military could not give us benchmarks in Iraq and Afghanistan?
  • Now that the government in Afghanistan has said it will go to war with us to side with Pakistan what are America’s goals there?
  • Afghanistan’s opium production is still number 1 in the world and it is financing terrorism! Is that our goal for sending our troops to die in that God forsaken country?
  • Where are the death panel jobs? I am a life long Democrat and have a degree in Sociology (we all know that is the same as socialism). I was just tickled pink (bad choice of words) to learn from Fox News that Obama was creating a job that would fit me perfectly. That is to say being a member of my local county death panel! But I cannot find a SINGLE  job posting for these positions and we know FoxNews would never lie to us!

More Fox News Media Biases

FoxNews has gone ballastic about the way #OccupyWallStreet protesters dress! Maybe they should dress like the Tea Party with those studpid Tea Bag laden hats while they carry loaded guns around! I bet if the Occupy Wall Street protesters carried guns the police would be hesitant to beat them!

How come it was alright for Tea Party demonstrators to carry guns while their Republican supporters made outrageous statements like Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich.  They talked about the “tree of liberty needing to be watered with the blood of patriots”! Bachmann said she wanted to see her supporters “armed and dangerous”!

Rick Perry talked about Texas secession and Sarah Palin has connections to the Alaskan Independence Party. Imagine if Obama was involved with Black separatism.

FoxNews has a double standard.

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