Free Enterprise Unchecked: Tobacco In Indonesia

We hear it all the time! Just “unleash the free market and life will be just wonderful!” Well if you believe that take a look at Indonesia! Recently I watched an episode of “Vanguard” on CurrentTV. You can view the video below. The Tobacco industry is running rampant in Indonesia and so is the cancer rate!

This is the future of America if the “hate the government – love the corporation” crowd continues to get it’s way!

When will the naive Tea Party crowd realize that when you reduce the power of the referee in the game of life you do not increase individual freedom! Instead you increase the freedom of the bully!

This is the future that the Republicans and their fellow travelers, the corporatist wing of the Democratic Party have in future for America’s middle class! Look at the video below and ask yourself what is going to happen to our democratic way of life now that corporations are people and super pacs can infest the decison making processes of our govermental structure?

These new creatures are even more deadly to the American way of life than their prior K-Street predecessors! Government regulation has damaged the tobacco addiction industry in America yet we still subsidize them but we call universal health care evil because we don’t want a “nanny state”. Well that is except for corporations! Indonesia is an example of what can happen when we reduce the power of government regulation! But then again we lack regulation still of our financial industry despite the so called financial reform law that Obama passed.


Just look at Indonesia and see what can happen without regulation! The video is long but I give some summary points near the end of this article if you only want to take a quick look.

Freedom Is Defined By The Interests Of The Corporate Collectivists

Make no mistake about it this is a war on our American way of life by these effete snobs of privilege. Their strategy is three fold:

  1. Reduce the power of the referee so that the power of the bully is preeminent in the lives of Americans. That “referee” is the democratically elected government of a free people biased on the premise of “one person – one vote“. Once regulation and oversight is reduced our lives will be lived under corporate structures premised on “one dollar – one vote“!
  2. Infect like a disease parasitic organism  the  governmental structures that remain and distort the decisions making processes to favor corporate interests over the interests of the silent majority! The methodologies for this infestation are K-Street lobbying, job offers to government regulators when they leave civil service and now the newly legalized super-pacs!
  3. What governmental structures that remain will produce drama to sidetrack the electorate from the fact that our democracy and American way of life has been placed inside the moneyed confines of the corporate sandbox!  Obama is now nothing more than a corporatist shrill. The worse thing Progressives can do is to get caught up defending this wimp when the Republican attack machine goes at him.

Progressives must decide what we value most!

Barrack Obama OR “Change We Can Believe In!”

There is a war being waged against the middle class and Barrack Obama is a coward! Just look at his new jobs bill. He wants to cut the very taxes that support Social Security and Medicare to fund a weak stimulus. Instead we should be repealing, not simply the Bush Tax Cuts but the Reagan and even Kennedy Tax Cuts, to raise revenue for a real stimulus that we never had under Obama! If Obama wins then he aids the Republicans in their strategy to “starve the beast“. That beast in GOP lingo is social security and medicare!

Obama should be pointing the finger at Indonesia as an example of what happens when we unleash the corporations on our landscape! No instead the wimp is being silent and even just recently signed another free trade agreement!

Those who worry about national defense should view the video in this post. What will happen when the population of Indonesia realizes they have been made fools to serve American corporations? They will blame us not the 1%!

I realize the video is long but let me highlight some points:

  • The tobacco industry rep even says that smoking is dangerous and that he quite.
  • They are using sex and the image of being “cool” to lure young Indonesians into smoking with their unregulated ads! By the way I don’t believe their ads should be regulated I believe they should be taken out of business!
  • The lone government “bureaucrat” who is fighting them in Indonesia is even afraid for his life!  Ralph Nader said something similar years ago. This is the “freedom” that the Republicans and their fellow travelers in the corporatist wing of the Democratic Party want to inflect on America!

Is our national dialog to be bastardized by a debate between the Republicans and Barrack Obama! This President is a wimp who wants to use our pain for his gain. He wants to show that he is being attacked by the left to give him credibility with the center instead of converting the center.

We need Senator Bernie Sanders and Howard Dean for President and Vice President in 2012. Either as the Democratic Party candidates or via a third party!


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