The Proper Care And Breeding Of Corporate Democrats

George Clooney recently defended his mega-buck fundraiser for Hillary H1-b Clinton. He stated that the level of money in politics is disgusting, but he was trying to counteract the damage done by the Koch brothers. I do not doubt Mr. Clooney’s sincerity, integrity nor honesty.

But we are not dealing with the general election right now. The issue is the primary fight between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. George Clooney should have withheld his fundraiser until AFTER the Democratic party chose it’s nominee.

I gave $50.00 for Bernie Sanders. What effect does that have when George Soros gave Hillary Clinton 8 million dollars?

There is a FILTER at work here on who gets the nomination.

Do we vote within the Democratic party on the basis of “one person – one vote”? Or do we vote on the basis of “one dollar – one vote”?

George Clooney and his friends have every right to support Hillary Clinton. But they do not have the right to have more of a say in party affairs than the average voter.

Democrats Playing Make Believe Liberal Inside The Corporate Sandbox Of The Donor Class

George Clooney does not get it!

He is using his money not simply to fight the Republicans but to change the outcome of the Democratic Party’s internal affairs! 

In Iran, you have to be “certified” by the Islamic clergy to be able to run in their election. What many in America do not realize is that the Iranians DO have an election with competing political parties. These political parties have differences – up to a point.

But all candidates in Iranian elections must tow the line of being loyal to the Mullahs! In America, we have a “de facto certification process” by the PATRICIAN CLASS!

The Taming Of American Democracy: Mandatory Certification By The Patrician Class

This certification for elections takes place in both political parties and the general election. Donald Trump, to his credit, is even bringing this out into the open! Our political institutions are being corrupted by a “breeding process“.

The issue is not simply:

  • quid pro quo or
  • even getting access to the candidate for your views.

The issue is this:

Some candidates actually do believe sincerely in being the friends of corporate interests. They are NOT being bribed. The ISSUE is that such crazy candidates are getting an advantage in the election process as opposed to candidates who are less corporate friendly. This is occuring in both political parties. Republicans in the 1950’s had no problem with higher taxes than we have today. Organized money has changed who wins the nominations of both political parties.

That is the issue we face in America!

Our competing candidates have to be PATRICIAN SPONSORED!

To survive an election there is a “weeding out” by which our election process is skewed to favor those who are “PATRICIAN CERTIFIED”! Some PATRICIANS may have corporate interests that are not the same as the corporate interests of other PATRICIANS. None the less organized money is changing politics into the “battle of the PATRICIANS” and their in-group interests and petty in fights.

Who stands for the interests of the Silent Majority? 

George Clooney stated that his fundraiser was also raising money to help elect democrats to congress. I frankly could not care less if such “democrats” are going to be of the Barrack Obama linage that celebrates being a wimp in the face of a corporate take over in America!

We need Bernie Sanders in 2016! 


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