Get The Money Out Of Political Decision Making

I agree with Dylan Ratigan of MSNBC who is advocating a Constitutional Amendment to get the money out of politics. I suggest you check his site and sign his petition at which is also co-sponsored by The Huffington Post.

This issue threatens the very nature of our democratic political institutions! President Franklin Delano Roosevelt warned us about the vile forces of “organized money” and their nature to reshape our democracy into a nation of necessitous citizens! They do this by interfering with the electoral processes of our nation. President Barrack Obama is a tame kitten “playing progressive” inside the monied confines of the corporate sandbox.

Barrack Obama, while “playing liberal” inside the monied confines of the “corporate sandbox”, is advancing the Republicans building a “nation of necessitous citizens” burdened with high unemployment, usury style credit cards and student loans that cannot be paid off. Naturally Republicans don’t call this a nation of necessitous citizens but a “business friendly environment”!

Yes I realize that recently Barrack Obama has shown more testosterone. But this has only been for surface issues and he will not address the core issue I am presenting in this post! We need nothing less than a Constitutional Amendment to get money out of politics! No more “meows” on this issue!

Barrack Obama is not alone in being a wimp. It costs money to run a campaign and most Democrats are playing liberal inside the corporate sandbox with Barrack Obama.

Taxation Without Representation By Corporations

Lobbyists with thick wallets are all over Washington! Furthermore with the recent Supreme Court decision that unlocks the flow of corporate money directly to front groups, we Americans will be paying for the corporate agenda via the costs of goods and services we buy!

It does not matter what the issue is:

  1. Job creation
  2. Banking regulation
  3. Net Neutrality
  4. Balancing the budget
  5. Universal Health Care
  6. Alternative Energy
  7. Rebuilding our infrastructure
  8. Woman’s right to choose
  9. Gay rights
  10. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
  11. Global warming
  12. Social Security and Medicare
  13. Education
  14. Immigration

The only factors that should weigh in the minds of our elected officials should be the reaction of voters and what is best for America! They can listen to the advocacy groups of voters! But corporations are economic groups not political action groups.

Corporations are not citizens! If we deny corporations the right to fund candidates we have not denied anyone their rights. The stock holders and managers have the rights of every citizen to put their hands into their own pockets but not into my pocket to fund a candidate!

A Proposal: Fund All Elections With A Corporate Tax

Can you imagine the uproar? We would be told that is cosmetic since the corporations would simply pass on the tax cost to the consumer! Really!

Well then who is paying for their lobbyists? Who is paying for their funding of front groups? The cost for these comes from somewhere! The cost of advancing their corporate agenda comes from the added cost to a corporation’s goods and services that we the consumer pay! Furthermore to engage in an economic boycott of some corporations constitutes an “extra cost” to the consumer in time and perhaps money.

A trip to the market place should be a economic transaction free of the costs advancing the political agenda of our social betters!

Constitutional Amendment For Electoral Reform

Below Dylan Ratigan presents an illuminating background into the influence of money in our political processes and also the issue of the growing income gap between the rich and the middle class! I will add my addition to his proposal.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Dylan Ratigan proposes a Constitutional Amendment that would declare that money is not speech! I like that but I feel it is not enough. I understand his logic since he does not want the amendment process to be taken up with extra details. I realize that some electoral reforms will have to come by regular laws not a amendment to the constitution.

With that in mind I propose we “magnify” “every dollar given to a candidate by small contributions and that magnification be funded by a tax on large corporations! This must be enshrined in a Constitutional Amendment! The “magnification factor” can be determined by Congress via regular laws.

I suggest a factor of ten! This “magnification factor” could be adjusted up or down by Congress via laws. However the right of Congress to do so would be via a constitutional amendment that would also prohibit any involvement by corporations in influencing elections! The rich should have a cap on their donations to an individual candidate also. I have no objections to them stuffing envelopes or going door to door! You know – just like the rest of us do as volunteers!

Tax Loopholes: Could They Be Used To Tame The Beast?

I hold a radical view concerning corporate tax loopholes! I am a Social Democrat so if you are liberal please read this through as you may not have realized this before about tax loopholes!

When this balding hippie was a college student in the late 1960’s I was taught in my economics classes that tax loopholes could serve as a means of social control over corporations!

Here is the key issue:

Was the decision processes that created the tax loopholes free of corporate corruption? If we desire as a means of social policy to shape the beast’s behavior by means of “contingencies of reinforcement” to reward socially desirable corporate behavior then tax loop holes are good.

Positive example of a tax loophole:

Tax auto companies for high gas consuming vehicles like SUV’s but reward auto companies that produce hybrid vehicles with a tax loophole!

Negative example of a tax loophole:

Corporate lobbyists use their money to corrupt the decision making process of our Democracy to get a tax loop hole that favors their corporation or industry merely to expand their profits. In this case the beast is not being tamed but our society is being tamed to serve the corporate collectivists! Examples are a tax loop hole for the Tobacco industry or the oil industry!

We do not want a communist economy because people do need incentives to create. Further we do not want to legislate what each job occupation should receive for their compensation. God imagine what divisions that could cause! So we “make believe” the “free market” will do this for us!

In practice we know the free market is not free but can be controlled by elitists. That is why we sometimes have intervention!This is called a “mixed economy”!

Psychologist B.F. Skinner was world renown for his “theory of operant conditioning” where by an organism could have it’s behavior “shaped” by schedules of both positive and negative reinforcement!

A corporation is not a citizen but it is an organism that has behavior which can be conditioned. “Tax loop holes” are a mechanism to bring about socially desirable corporate behavioral change! The crucial point is that the contingencies of reinforcement are established by society! The agency for that establishment by society over the market and corporations is our political processes!

The problem today is that the corporate beast is not being tamed but our democratic processes are being tamed by the corporate beast!

This bring us to the most critical issue:

Modern day economy does require intervention and some regulation! But are the decisions for that societal intervention being made on the basis of democratic decision making processes that have as their foundation the principle of

“one person – one vote” or

is the intervention made on the principle of

“one dollar – one vote“!

There can be no Obama imitation of an ostrich, with it’s head in the sand when the future of our democracy is at stake! The issue is Barrack Obama or “Change We Can Believe In”? We cannot do a “meow” on this issue any longer! The same type of “meow” that has turned health care reform into a insurance cartel enrichment program. The same “meow” that created a Financial Reform package that does not end the casino betting on Wall Street. The same “meow” that allows credit card usury to continue to exist but let’s it be more transparent in the credit card statement.

This is Barrack Obama’s idea of “Change We Can Believe In”!

I have a better idea!

Senator Bernie Sanders For President In 2012!

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  1. Fran LeBlanc says:

    I am a member of the disappearing middle class, and I am supicious of anyone who claims to have a way to get us out of this mess. I want to believe that you are seriously interested in getting our congress to just “do their jobs” and do what’s right for the people and the country and not just what gets them re-elected. Congress did it in the 60’s with the civirights bill…because it was right for the country. Where are those types of Americans today? If your amendment will help us get there…count me in.

  2. I think the only way we can get Congress and Obama to do anything is to make them accountable. Removing corporate money is the first step.

    While I voted for Obama I believe he is partially responsible because as President he has the bully pulpit and has only just now begun to use it. The issue is not the laws he gets passed but that he pushes to change people’s beliefs and get them fired up so that real pressure can be put on Congress.

    Right now all I hear is “meow” from Obama. That’s right even now. Why doesn’t he support some type of Constitutional Amendment to ban corporations from our political processes?

    Is this “Change We Can Believe In?” I don’t think so!

  3. Bob Oliver says:

    The only thing we need to do is take back our goverment from the big money people and corporations ,but how . The supreme court is for the corporations . Now what do we do ? Bob O.

  4. I would like to sign up for the petition

  5. Paula Ban says:

    I’m very disappointeded in President Obama. He needs to stand up to the GOP and Wall Street. He isn’t what I thought he would be.

    • I know. I have tried to rationalize that since Obama was a community organizer he might have been introduced to the management theories of Carl Rogers where the manager acts as a “facilitator”. But when a President does that he gives up the bully pulpit. I think I would be happy with Obama if he came out swinging even if he failed legislatively. The reason I say that is that he would set the stage for an eventual victory by “defining” the battlefield rather than having the issue changed to “how can we best reduce the deficit”.

  6. Ron De Neve says:

    I guess first we have to dethrone the current Supreme Court. They like the corporate money in politics.

  7. The best idea anyone has had in the last 50 years. We as americans have the right to expect our elected officials to make unbiased intelligent decisions on our behaves. After all we elected them. If you care anything at all about our country you will sign the petition to add a constitutional amendment to “get the $ out of politics”. It is the problem and the solution!!!!

  8. harry lindwall says:

    This is what we need! How do I join ???

  9. BrianDude says:

    Hi Some have expressed an interest in signing the petition. You can do it at Dylan Ratigan’s site which I am listing below.

    We have to do this as we cannot count on Obama! Sure he “embarrassed” the justices when he gave his State Of The Union speech concerning their ruling about Corporate Personhood. But did he do anything after that?

    That is why I want Obama to face a REAL challenge from the left. Even if it means dividing the votes of the Democratic Party. Just think of how much more Obama could give away in four more years?

    If we do get stuck with a Republican President then Democrats will come out of the closet and start fighting again.

  10. michael welton says:

    I agree that we need to get the money out of politics and giving the country back to the people instead of the corporations.

  11. DOUGLAS TILTON says: