Go Bernie Go

Senator Bernie Sanders has given a rousing call to action to defend our nation and the “freedom of the individual” in this epic struggle against the vile forces of corporate collectivism and the subservience of the democratic political institutions of our nation to the forces of Organized Money!

The question is why isn’t our beloved President, who was supposed to be a gifted orator and the socialist anti-Christ, is not leading this nation to defend its citizens from the new, recently fully enfranchised powerful minority in this nation! Who are these new citizens who have landed on our shores and threaten our Republic!

These new “citizens” are “CORPORATIONS”!

Worse is that we the silent majority – our great middle class are expected to fund campaigns to advance their self-interest against our own! Who ultimately funds their vile K-Street operations? Who pays for those PR corporate commercials such as the “Harry and Loise Ads”? We do! Every time we make a purchase of their goods and services! We are taxed without representation to advance the corporate agenda! These contributions reach even to the White House and Barrack Obama from Goldman Sachs! Yes this is “Change We Can Believe In”!


Please stop and watch what Senator Bernie Sanders has to say. Please sign Senator Bernie Sanders’ petition to tell President Obama to stand up for the Silent Majority!


Obama: A Pontifex Maximus or Rogerian Facilitator?

The time has come for President Obama to decide if he is indeed is the President of the United States, the successor of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, or a Rogerian Facilitator! We are in this mess because Barrack Obama has a consistent track record of testosterone deficiency when it comes to dealing with Republicans! They are betting that Barrack Obama will blink if they play “Chicken” and all of us know that the Republicans are sadly correct!

Our Republic does not need a Rogerian Facilitator but a “Pontifex Maximus” who will go over the heads of Congress (The House Of Corporations) directly to the American people and “define the issues” rather than let the Republicans define the issues and the battlefield! I am fed up with talk that “there just aren’t the votes in Congress for ……<fill in the blank>! FDR would go after these Economic Royalists but Obama caves in!

What President Obama does not realize is that the “Person Centered Approach” developed by Dr. Carl Rogers works only with “real persons” where you “facilitate a homeostasis of individual competing agendas” of various persons that are real! Corporations are not real persons and should not be part of the equations!

Capital Gains Tax or Longevity Gains Tax

Make no mistake about it the Republicans want to lower the Progressive Income Tax, Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax so that they can tax us for living longer! How dare we have some leisure time? They are the Leisure Class and we should know our places!

Their “Freedom Agenda” involves:

  1. Eliminating Medicare
  2. Privatizing Social Security
  3. Protecting corporations as they wipe out the pensions of American employees!

What the above constitutes is a “Longevity Gains Tax”! They are willing to hold this nation hostage until we in the middle class know our place! How dare we live longer? Their definition of “Freedom” is to subvert the interests of the individual to the service of our social betters and the corporations!

President Franklin D Roosevelt said:

“Necessitous men are not free men”!

The agenda of the Republicans, be it with senors or those who are still seeking employment is to create more necessitous men and woman in the service of the meme of the corporate collective! They call this “FREEDOM”! Yes the highest freedom of all!

The Freedom To Serve Our Social Betters!

Don’t believe them when they say we should worry about passing this debt on to our children!

Their goal is to insure that YOUR children will live to serve THEIR children in a society that is devoid of equal opportunity but filled with Necessitous men and woman who will work for less and live in economic fear competing with each other and off shored jobs in cheap foreign lands!

While they lavish in compensation making more in one day than you make in one year these effete snobs of privilege will whine about a “Death Tax” while they take away your child’s access to a college education and even ship white collar jobs overseas!


In Western and Northern Europe they believe that Americans are nuts for not pushing for longer vacations, paid education leaves and in some nations maternity lives for both parents, as in Sweden!

Athletic Obama Vs Cripple Franklin D Roosevelt

President Obama does a youthful hip hop to the podium each time he speaks! President Franklin D Roosevelt was a cripple and a patrician from a wealthy family!

President Franklin Roosevelt was the greatest President this nation ever had or ever will have!

I suggest you do a search on YouTube and hear what his agenda was for this nation. The news media seem to want us to forget him. Senator Bernie Sanders is following in the footsteps of FDR.

This liberal blogger did not realize how great FDR was until I listened to him on YouTube! President Obama is the cripple not FDR. While FDR was rich and from a rich family he was one of us! It is not my purpose in this blog to foster hatred against the rich! Some are allies! I wish them even more wealth!

GO BERNIE GO! We need Senator Bernie Sanders For President!


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