GOP Against Free Market’s “Guiding Hand” If Issue Is Hillary Clinton Documentary

Recently the Republican Party big shots have announced they would bar CNN and NBC from the GOP primary debates if they aired a documentary on Hillary Clinton. Yet Republicans are the same people who preach the supremacy of so called  “free markets”!

Let’s explore the hypocrisy of the so called free market by both Republicans and corporate Democrats.

If CNN and NBC want to air such a program about Hillary Clinton then there is no need for the GOP to cry “foul” or to bar CNN and NBC from covering their party’s convention. Why you ask?

According to so called “free-market” philosophers there is a  “guiding hand” in the free market. This “guiding hand”  would punish both CNN and NBC if these corporations went against the consumer’s needs. That is because the “consumer is king”! An “enraged public” would boycott these channels if they believed they were being sold a political advertisement masquerading as a documentary. The market can take care of this if you believe in “the intelligent market hypothesis”.


Republicans Are Against The Freedom Of Two Corporate Persons – CNN And NBC


This raises several questions for conservatives:

  1. Don’t conservatives have faith in the free market and the “intelligent market hypothesis“?
  2. If CNN and NBC are producing this documentary they are doing so in the hope of meeting a “consumer need”. If that “need” does not exist then conservatives have nothing to fear.
  3. Perhaps conservatives fear that a consumer need for information does indeed exist and the Republicans have an agenda to thwart the virtuous guiding hand of the free market to meet that need. Remember Hillary Clinton is a rival!
  4. Aren’t CNN and NBC “persons” with the God given rights of “freedom of expression”?



As a progressive I normally would not waste my time supporting either Hillary Clinton or Barrack Obama. This is because I do not care to support Republicans and both of the above are closet Republicans.

The issue is the hypocrisy by both Republicans and corporate Democrats concerning the “guiding hand of the free market”.

Former President Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton And Barrack Obama make a great team!

Bill Clinton gave us NAFTA! Bill Clinton added steam to the off shoring of American jobs, especially blue collar jobs, with government intervention to change laws. What a coalition! Those on the right who preach against “government intervention” along with Bill Clinton and the corporate wing of the Democratic Party undermining the American worker and telling us we have to compete with slave labor. Never forget the global market did not “just happen”. We had “government intervention” at the behest of of the 1%  to change tariff laws and enact free trade agreements.

Dividend checks over pay checks was their motto! Corporate Democrats looked the other way so they could get their campaign contributions to play make believe liberal.

Stop making excuses for these corporatists who “play” liberal inside the moneyed confines of the corporate sandbox!

Then comes Barrack Obama with “hope and change we can believe in“! While “turning the page” on the Wall Street scandal President Obama has signed into law yet another “free trade agreement”! I am tired of Obama and his audacity of impotence!

As a European style Social Democrat I am fed up with making excuses for the Clintons and Obama.

But to be fair President Obama did send a whole 140 character “tweet” of support at the last minuite to union workers in Wisconsin when Scott Walker was undermining their jobs!  WOW!

Yes This Is Change We Can Believe In!

Finally we can all look forward to Hillary Clinton: Our Lady Of H1b job out sourcing. She has gone on record in favor of increasing the number of H1b Visa’s in America. These visa holders are hired by corporations to lower the opportunities of college graduates, particularly with computer science degrees.

The H1b program is NOT for high achievers. There is no GPA requirement. The only requirement is to be a high tech scab! Blue collar jobs are not the only jobs that are being off-shored or out sourced at home. Daily Kos did a recent article on this problem.

More Free Market Bullshit

The corporate whiners and their fellow travelers say that we do not have enough high tech graduates in America! If we don’t have enough hi tech individuals in America then let our ever glorious free market system take care of it through the mechanisms of the capitalist system that they so love and worship!

The mechanism works like this.

If there is a scarcity of computer science graduates then salaries will shoot through the roof for those that do have such a degree. This will make college students who are majoring in  other fields flock to high tech majors. The result will be a market balance. But the investment by college students is not being rewarded. So why should one enter college and put themselves in debt if risk taking is not rewarded?

Yes Atlas is shrugging and it is the college kid who is not going to take the harder courses since there is no reward!

So why don’t we practice the “guiding hand” instead of “government intervention” to screw college students?

Because the issue is not that we don’t have enough hi tech college graduates!

The issue is that corporations want the “freedom” to pay low remunerations for students who made the “investment” of a high tech education. To secure that “freedom” they have mooched off society and used the the “moneyed hand” to undo the “guiding hand” by purchasing government intervention in creating the H1b program.

Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama and Wall Street Chuckie Schumer have been their willing puppets. That is why I voted a straight Green Party Ticket in 2012.  I am feed up with making believe that Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama or Senator Schumer are working for my interests!

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