GOP And FoxNews Versus Donald Trump

We seem to be having a karmic cleansing in American politics these days. The Republicans are having an in-war between FoxNews and Donald Trump while on the Democratic side Our Beloved Lady of NAFTA Hillary Clinton is being opposed by Bernie Sanders. Then there is the BLM group interupting Senator Bernie Sanders of all people!

Strange Things Over At GOP Land

I don’t know how many of you caught this little tidbit from Mike Huckabee but he actually attacked Wall Street in the recent debate. To my memory he even did this in 2012.

Now don’t get your hopes up he is still just as conservative. But what happens when you have a run-a-mok capitalist system devouring everyone there are some winners and some looser. Republicans are just peechy keen when organized money is backing their candidate but not when it is the other conservative getting the big money. 

Huckabee is joined by Rick Perry who threw the term “crony capitalism” around in the last Republican primary. Again neither is a Progressive but they hate when organized money goes against them.

In the many incarnations of John McCain he was even against the role of organized money in politics. John McCain has tired even the right wing. It seems when “The Donald” attacks John McCain’s record in Vietnam it many on the right are fed up with making the obligatory genuflection to Senator McCain. They still support Donald Trump.


Fox News And The Donald

Dear reader imagine now it is 2008 and Sarah Palin is talking about the news media. In her shrill voice she would be talking about the injustice of the “got cha question“.

But all CBS did was ask her:

  • What news papers and magazines she read.
  • what was the Bush Doctrine?
  • how being Alaska and having air traffic from Moscow to Washing DC gave her knowlege about foreign affairs?

But the right wing screamed this was the wicked… wicked ……. wicked evil liberal news media being unfair.

Next we have Fox News and…

Megan Kelly Versus Donald Trump

Megan Kelly asked a “gottcha question” as she is supposed to do as a journalist.

  • She pointed out Donald Trump had many liberal ideas in the past. I just wish he kept them.
  • She she also outed him as a potential third party candidate which would be disloyal to the GOP.

Meagan Kelly has done this in the past and given the hot seat to conservatives. She really grilled Vice President Dick Cheney when he tried to pass off the nonsense of why we went to war in Iraq. You really have to see this video below.

Meagan Kelly is obviously a bright, intelligent and truth seeking journalist. Not to mention she is obviously fantastic eye candy even to this poor leftie liberal. 🙂

But if she wants to be a real journalist then:

  • Why didn’t she turn her critical skills on the lunacy of the birthers?
  • Why didn’t she put Sarah Palin straight as to the role of the news media?
  • Why didn’t she use her obviously brilliant mind to dissect the nonsense of death panels?

Meagan Kelly has announced she is taking a vacation. Now isn’t that a coincidence.

What About Donald Trump?

Some say he has no specifics. Two areas where I like Donald Trump are:

  1. He wants to undo the damage done by NAFTA and free trade.
  2. He has spoken honestly about the role of organized money in politics and is for campaign reform.

I wish he would tone down his rhetoric on Mexicans.

While Obama, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden want to inflict TPP on America Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump do not. I will have more to say on Donald Trump in future posts. I just hope that if he does go third party he does not get mired in the lunacy of the Republicans since his prior political views were fairly progressive.

I am for Bernie Sanders. But if Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic nomination I will not vote for her. I cannot support more blue collar and white collar jobs being off shored and more H1-b Visas to take away the jobs from America’s college graduates. Donald Trump? Hmmmm…………