GOP And Obama Ignore Jobs

I love Ed Schultz but I fear he is letting Obama get away with to much. I am tired of giving Obama an open pass. In the video clip below Ed Schultz correctly lambasts the Republicans for not supporting an increase in jobs. But as a Progressive SOCIAL Democrat I don’t see much action from Obama. But then again I have not seen any fire or passion from Obama at all on anything.

Ed Schultz quotes FDR frequently. But I don’t see Obama talking about “Economic Royalists” or the vile forces of “Organized Money”.  These are the terms that President Franklin D Roosevelt used in his speeches. Instead the only argument I see for supporting Barrack Obama in 2012 is the alternative – a Republican win! That is not much of an argument at all!  Make no doubt about it I WILL VOTE in 2012 but I will not vote for Barrack Obama!

Ed Schultz in the video talks with “The Nation” editor Katrina Vanden Heuvel. I like that Ed Schultz uses the term “RADICAL” Republican Governors.  They both seem to believe that it helps the Progressive cause when the Republicans are so blatant.

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However I don’t share their optimism for 2012! Here are the reasons:

  1. They fail to distinguish between what is good for Obama and what is good for Progressive “Change We Can Believe In”! I believe in the latter and only in Obama to the degree he advances the Progressive Agenda of “Change We Can Believe In”!
  2. Obama and the majority of Democrats in Congress have become corporate shrills! Doubt me? Where is all the outrage at the recent Supreme Court decision making corporations “persons” and allowing them to raise money from our purchases of their goods and services to support ads for their shrills? Oh yeah this is “Change we can believe in”! We need a Constitutional Amendment not the wimpy cry of the testosterone challenged Obama!
  3. When we Progressives oppose Obama he uses that to give himself creditability with the news media!
  4. If you believe in “Change We Can Believe In” and that corporate funneling of money has to be stopped then Obama has been a disaster. Instead Obama plays within the CORPORATE SANDBOX with his friends like Harry Reid and Charles Schumer! Where is the push for a Constitutional Amendment to reverse the recent Supreme Court decision and to outlaw corporate K-Street activity all together?
  5. Where the hell is Obama in using his bully pulpit to advance the Progressive Agenda! The issue is not legislation that is passed but being the liberal counterweight to Ronald Reagan! This is why the right feared Obama but their fears where not justified. Obama is a wimp!

Why Lack Of Jobs Is The Number 1 Issue

It seems that the news media and our schools have made us forget the lessons of history!

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said that “necessitous men are not free men”! FDR even wanted a constitutional amendment to enshrine a “Second Bill Of Rights”! If you don’t have a job, and a good paying one at that, then you really don’t have freedom! The forces of “organized money” and the “economic royalists” want to take away our freedom! These two terms “economic royalists” and “organized money” where used frequently by FDR. But our current breed of wimpy corporate Democrats lacks the testosterone to emulate FDR!

The problem today is not just the Republicans! They are acting just like the upper class patrician preservation party they have been for years! The problem is the Democrats losing their roots! As I have mentioned in several prior posts the issue is not simply blue collar jobs but WHITE COLLAR JOB OFF SHORING!

We seem to believe in this myth that if we just send everyone to college to major in information systems or computer science  then all our problems will be solved. – WRONG! These effete snobs of privilege who run our corporations will not be satisfied until computer programmers and all high tech employees are working at McDonald and Wal-Mart salaries! To that end they are off shoring high tech jobs and even bringing in H1-b Visa holders to lower the pay scale of those jobs slots that remain!

Even lawyers have found their research jobs off shored. They cannot off shore the court litigation lawyers as that is a “hands on” job.


Again FDR said that “necessitous men are not free men”! It is not just the jobs that are lost but that middle class Americans will have to scramble for the remaining jobs to survive while our sense of security is diminished! All power to the Corporate Collectivists!

The WSJ even cited that acconting, marketing, graphic designer,  microbiologist and other professional jobs will be off shored! So you have a white collar job that is not listed there? Don’t worry yours will be next and if it isn’t those in the fields above will cross train to take your job. The issue is not simply blue collar jobs! The issue is the very security of the middle class to survive!

Soon the forces of organized money will be flowing not simply through K-Street lobbysts but directly into the political arena! ONE DOLLAR = ONE VOTE! This will be the triumph of the market over the political institutions of a free nation! Where the hell is Obama, Reid and Schumer?

They are “playing progressive inside the corporate sandbox“! We need a new Social Democratic Party along western European lines!

Senator Bernie Sanders For President In 2012

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  1. It’s true. Jobs is an issue none of them are doing anything about.


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