GOP Congress Votes To Repeal ObamaCare: Lessons For Progressives

The Republicans have voted yet again to repeal ObamaCare. This time passing both houses of Congress. The Repeal Bill has now been sent to President Obama who will no doubt say:

“This is “silly season” in Washington and is only distracting us from speeding up the set-up of TPP. Cannot we all just work together to serve the corporate interest without this in-fighting?”

While the response above is not Obama’s “literal response” it is his “philosophic response”. I am sick of Democrats trying to make excuses for this wimp who became the GOP enabler!

President Obama’s Celebration Of The Testosterone Free Political LifeStyle Gave Us A GOP Congress

When Obama took office there was a euphoria on the left. FoxNews and their fellow travellers where running in panic. This was because:

  1. Barrack Obama was reputed to hold progressive values and
  2. The right wing feared that Barrack Obama had great rhetorical skills that he could then utilize as the pontifex maximus of the nation.

The right wing had already made Americans believe the corporate news media had a liberal biases when in effect it advanced the corporate agenda. The GOP believed they had the air waves all taken care of. But then comes this upstart “Progressive” who also allegedly possessed great rhetorical skills. So they spread several lies:

  1. The birther lie.
  2. Fear of death panels.
  3. The idea that depressions are fixed by ballance budgets not stimulus spending. That Keynes and FDR did not exist and the depression was corrected by our ever glorious free market.

Did President Obama stand up to the right wing?

No his incessant war cry was a pathetic “meow“! As he led the charge of the castrati brigade that has become the Democratic Party. A party of wimps who play make believe liberal inside the sandbox of their corporate sponsors.

Barrack Obama Was A Pussy Cat Rather Than An Advocate For Change We Can Believe In


Stop making excuses for this wimp. Barrack Obama’s lack of testosterone made us loose both Houses of Congress.

With his war cry of “meow” look at Obama’s record in opposing corporate interests:

  • He did not advance real progressive values or a strong response to the economic down turn.
  • He sat by like a pussy cat while the birthers spread their lies instead of going after them.
  • He did not push for REAL health care reform but a sanitized version that protects the interests of Big Pharma and the insurance companies instead of a public option or even better a single payer system.
  • He allowed the GOP to define the situation in terms of the economy and it’s fixes. Thus the word “stimulus” became a bad word. While he saw his role as making the best of austerity.
  • He openly stated he wanted to “turn the page” from the lies that got us into Iraq and the crimes of the banksters.
  • Our nation’s decision making processes were already corrupted by corporate money prior to his election. But when the Supreme Court made it worse with it’s two decisions he did not mount the bully pulpit and launch a national crusade for a Constitutional Amendment to separate corporation and state.
  • As our manufacturing base got off shored, Barrack Obama stated on the MSNBC show “Hardball” that “that ship is not coming back”. The idea pushing Congress to raise tariffs is beyond his comprehension. Instead this corporate shrill Barrack Obama has joined with the GOP establishment and pushed  the Trans Pacific Partnership Pact (TPP).

Obama’s behavior is why Donald Trump is so successful.

Americans will NEVER vote against their own self-concept. We see ourselves as action figures not the victims. Trump wants to slap tariffs on corporations that ship jobs overseas. Barrack Obama wants TPP instead! Hell I salute Donald Trump for that!

Sure I don’t like some of Trump’s rhetoric but I do like some of his ideas. So help me God if Bernie Sanders looses to Hillary H1-b Clinton I could vote for Donald Trump – and yes I am a Euro-Social Democrat!

I am fed up with corporate Democrats like Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton surrendering our jobs to corporations that off shore and outsource just so they can get their campaigns financed.