GOP Darrell Issa Shuts Off Debate: Yet Obama Turned Page On GOP And Corporations

When Obama took office he announced he was going to “turn the page” on the Wall Street and GOP mismanagement of America!  Yet the GOP is using every opportunity they have in controlling the House of Representatives to launch investigations and undermine Barrack Obama. The latest being Darrel Issa shutting off debate in his committee. He latter apologized but this is indicative of the contrast between Obama and the GOP!

Republicans play to win, Democrats play to compromise and corporations don’t play at all since they OWN the game and the majority of both of both parties!


Barrack Obama: How To Get In Touch With Your Inner Wimp

Yet once again Barrack Obama, ever the wimp and the appeaser of Republicans and corporate America is never  learning a lesson. When our beloved hero of “Change We Can Believe In‘ started his Presidency we had 60 Senators and control of the House. Remember that last point!

We had control of the House of Representatives with Nancy Pelosi as Speaker. No need to worry about a “grand bargain“! No need to worry about a government shutdown strategy by the Republicans! We did not even have to get a 60 vote majority in the Senate as via the Constitution we could have used the nuclear option!

But no our beloved President, the champion of “change we can believe in” instead instituted a “CELEBRATION OF THE TESTOSTERONE FREE LIFESTYLE” by not:

  • Supporting a real stimulus even though it would have bleed due to NAFTA. Now the concept of “stimulus” is discredited in the public’s eye.
  • Calling for NAFTA’s Repeal! Obama did better than call for NAFTA’s repeal. The corporate shrill Obama,  just added his own free trade agreement! But that was not enough. Now Obama wants to add an even bigger one – TPP! I guess that is what he calls “change we can believe in”! Wake up and stop defending this wimp. He is a corporate shrill who was the 2008 winner of the Goldman Sachs PAC!
  • Calling for and campaigning non-stop for a Constitutional Amendment to separate corporation and state! Americans want ACTION FIGURES even if there are not enough votes. Just look at the GOP House. For the 50th time they voted to repeal ObamaCare. I disagree with them but admire their testosterone. Why hasn’t Obama pushed for a Constitutional Amendment to separate corporation and state? – “MEOW”!
  • Finally Obama allowed the Tea Party to capture the public rage at bailing out the banks when it should have been Democrats who should have marched with pitch forks and a guillotine!

Don’t worry in this era of corporate funded SuperPACS and dark money we can rely on our ever glorious  corporate news media to do a in depth analysis of society and our problems!

The problem with the news media is that they like the Democratic Party suffer from:

OBAMA INDUCED TRICKLE DOWN TESTOSTERONE DEFICIENCY SYNDROME! Meanwhile the majority of the Democratic Party are playing make believe liberal inside the corporate sandbox of their donors!

Republican Darrell Issa is using his House Committe to wage war on the Democratic Party. He feels emboldened because we have a President who is a wimp! He did not aggressively pursue the GOP and Corporate America after the fiscal crisis of 2008.

Instead Barrack Obama kept his face fixated on kissing Joe Lieberman’s ass durning the first years of his presidency and never spoke up with machismo while the Tea Party came into existence. They did not suffer from Obama Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome!

We Progressives Are Paying The Price But Now There Is A Solution

Thank God Senator Bernie Sanders is now considering a run for President in 2016. I love Elizabeth Warren also! But I hope they get together and let Bernie Sanders go first. If you look at my old posts I was for Senator Sanders in 2012. The right wing loonies have accused corporate shrill Obama of being a Euro-Socialist. Well let’s show them what a REAL EURO-SOCIALIST CAN DO FOR AMERICA!



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