GOP Holding America Hostage: Can Dems Maintain The Message

The GOP is waging psychological warfare against both Democrats and Progressives. The issue is can Democrats rise to the challenge? As you know I have my doubts since Barrack Obama is not only our President but also the titular leader of the Democratic Party.

Republican Tactic: Blame The Democrats For The Shutdown

Joseph Goebbels, the nazi propaganda minister of the Third Reich said that a lie can be believed if it is:

  1. Repeated often enough
  2. And the speaker gives it credibility.

However John Boehner has stated that Obama Care is the law of the land. Now he acts as if Democrats have to renegotiate this law.

Democrats are calling this switch by the GOP “blackmail” but are they doing it as many times as the Republicans say the opposite? The problem is while Barrack Obama is refuting the GOP message, he is not doing it “repeatedly” and not doing it “forcefully enough“. The Democratic Party leadership must use every means and opportunity to repeat the message:

The ┬áRepublicans are holding America hostage. If President Obama were to cave in on this just think of the damage it could do to our foreign policy! Yes that’s right! Give resistance a “patriotic twist“. “We cannot role model America being held hostage”! The Republicans have no problem waving the flag. Just look at how they are trying to capitalize on the WWII veterans visiting the closed monument.

FDR quoted an old English judge who said that:

“Necessitous men are not free men”.

The issue is not simply the poor but all Americans as we can loose our health care if we loose our jobs.

Democrats must drive this message home to the middle class. People must see what is in Obama Care for them rather than merely the poor. If you are dependant on the good will of the corporation then you loose your freedom. That is what the GOP wants.

The issue is “personal freedom” vs. “corporate collectivism” and subjugation of our needs to the purposes of the corporation. Do the Democrats have the testosterone to defend individual freedom in the face of corporate collectivism and subjugation of the individual to the good will of the corporation?

When Democrats have to depend on corporate money to be elected you have to fear for our democracy.

That is why we need to make this a patriotic issue in an era of globalization and offshoring to serve the corporate elitists and cut and run capitalists.

The speaker below does an excellent job on this in this short video.

Progressives Must Be Flag Wavers As Democrats And Republicans Are In The Service Of CUT AND RUN CORPORATIONS

There is a sad twist to this from the progressive prospective. Flag waving by the GOP and many Democrats is pure krap. Both political parties have no problem shipping American blue and white collar jobs overseas while sanctioning an era of licentious permissiveness that allows corporate funds to escape taxation in the Cayman islands.

Even our technology is being off shored to America’s enemies to profit these cut and run corporations. To further deny Americans health care is to subjugate middle class Americans to the good will of the corporation.

Both parties support the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who place income from dividend checks over the income of the American middle class’s pay checks!

What is worse is that many Americans are to busy going to Walmart and blaming their fellow Americans when they should be paying attention to the war on the middle class.

However for the purpose of this article let us confine ourselves to the immediate problem of countering the GOP useage of psychological warfare to blame the Democrats for the the government shutdown and possibly for a future default on the national debt.


Now here is an idea. Why not go on the offensive?

This is a great opportunity to attack the news media as pro-conservative.

The ┬ámedia is so timid due to the successful Republican smear that they are liberal that they completely lack the ability to be hard hitting. Doing so would jeopardize them as being labeled with the dreaded word”liberal”. The point is they may not be always pro-conservative but they are timid. Furthermore there is just as much evidence that they are pro-conservative as that they are pro-liberal. Instead of being defensive we need to go on the offense! In reality we know the media is pro-corporate. None the less here is a great opportunity to use testosterone. Oh dear I said a bad word with Obama as President the idea of Democrats acting like the party of FDR is a pipe dream.

I have never believed the news media was liberal. I will not go into that here but you can check this site’s category under “conservative news media biases” for more on this.


If We Allow America To Be Held Hostage What’s Next?

Speaker of the House John Boehner has stated that Obama Care is the law of the land on previous occasions. (see video above if you have not done so). That is why Democrats cannot allow them to use the finance clause to black mail majority rule and hold America hostage.

Below Senator Bernie Sanders lists other Republicans who said that holding the nation hostage is not correct.

If we do not stand up to this tactic when will it end?

When Social Security is dissolved? But then again we have a President who:

  1. Was the Tea Party enabler by signing the sequester law that gave us this problem.
  2. Has even hinted that to accomplish a “grand bargain” he would put social security on the table.

Is it any wonder why we are in this mess today? Barrack Obama by his lack of testosterone and because he signed the sequester bill into law has enabled the GOP to hold America hostage! Despite Obama Care being weak without a public option it is still better than nothing. Without it the middle class can be held “hostage”. Lose your job and you will be without health care!

Oh yes that is the “freedom” that our social betters preach about.

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