GOP To Bus Boy The Middle Class

Republicans and their fellow travelers in the Tea Party will never be satisfied until Americans are working at minimum wage! Then they will attempt to remove even that! Since blue collar unions make their grievances public due to their organized strength it is not generally known that white collar workers are also witnessing their jobs being off shored! Also h1-b foreign workers are being brought in to lower the salaries of computer programmers. I will refer you to my prior post concerning this issue!

Some have sought economic safety by becoming a blue collar union member. This blogger is one of them!

Once again the Republicans are experts at setting middle class Americans against their own class interest. They lulled many union members to buy into the conservative ideology especially when it comes to social issues! Wisconsin should be a wake up call to any union member who thinks that the Republicans are their friends! Rachel Maddow explains the strategy for the Republican attack on the civil service unions in the video below.

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Union membership has radically declined in America. Civil Service jobs are one of the few remaining bastions of union membership. Since unions provide not only PAC funds but also volunteers to Democrats then the destruction of Civil Service Unions would be a serious defeat to organized labor and the progressive agenda! (See the video excerpt above).

While unions do have some public relations issues that I mentioned in my prior post I would like to present an argument for the Civil Service Unions that no one seems to mention!

Trickle Down Economics: Rich VS Unions

If Wisconsin where to not lower civil service union members salaries but  raise it’s taxes on the rich AND raise civil service union member’s pay wouldn’t that be a big boast to the economy?

Rich people take their money and frequently invest it in the off shoring of America! Civil Service Workers take their union checks and go to local restaurants, make purchases at local stores and buy local goods and services!

Unionized Civil Service Workers Are Unemployment Killers

It’s the patriotic thing to not simply let them keep their union but also to raise their salaries!

Their spending is local, their impact is patriotic! Mean while the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS are investing in the enemies of America! All for a buck! They ship not only our jobs off shore to China but also our technology! Soon they will be going full steam to Vietnam!

Who ever said the rich did not go to Vietnam?

They just don’t go there to fight wars but to get even richer while our dead troops lie beneath the soil they fatten themselves on! What ever happened to all those dominos we were warned about? The enemy did not follow us home after we left! Instead our rich followed them back to Vietnam and China to bring our jobs to them! I guess that is what Fox News would call “American Exceptionalism”!

However I cannot forget that during the Vietnam War when liberals were being called “un-American” many unions supported that war! They even literally beat up liberals!  Even today while most union leaders are Democrats many of their members are conservatives and  love Fox News and Glen Beck!

Progressives Talking Points: The Wisconsin Civil Service Unions

Don’t use the term “working man” say “Employees”!

“Working Man”  is sexist term! It also marginalizes college graduates who are also victims of corporate America! College graduates work for a living also!  Programming jobs have been off shored and H1-b high tech workers are being imported to lower the salaries of those positions that remain.

Don’t marginalize college graduates!

Don’t marginalize blue collar employees who are not unionized!

Progressives and organized labor need to use the term “The Employee” instead of “The Working Man”! We also need to welcome self employed professionals and the small businessperson!

We need to create white collar unions! Broaden the umbrella with the term “Organized Employees”! I used to work for that shit company AIG as a computer operator. We need the AFL-CIO to start organizing white collar employees! Go on the offensive!

When Americans hear the term “working man” they go into a rage!

Before I became a blue collar union member I graduated college!  I worked and I WAS A MAN before I became a blue collar union member!

Americans middle class employees resent when organized blue collar union members are perceived as being the only ones who work. Liberals resent when many blue collar union members side with conservatives. Let me be quite clear – THEY DO!

Americans don’t want to see high school kids serving as pawns for the teachers union!

Keep the kids home! Or let them demonstrate for their parents who make less than teachers or who are unemployed! American middle class “employees” resent attention to civil service workers while Obama and the Democratic Party seem to believe the issue today is the deficit rather than unemployment and under-employment! When Democrats do attend to the issue of unemployment they seem to forget about college graduates and non-union blue collar employees!

Republicans may have opened a hornet’s nest! They are attacking unions because not only do they supply PAC money but volunteer workers for Democratic Party candidates.

Now that union members are finally realizing that Republicans are not their friend’s maybe they will turn off Fox News and Glen Beck to become Progressives and increase the volunteers for Democratic candidates!

My fellow liberals I really mean this! When I see Ed Schultz standing before a crowd of union workers I have to wonder how many of them, were just weeks before,  birthers and Michelle Bachmann lovers!

To My Fellow Blue Collar Union Members

Wake up the Banksters are coming!

  • Where is your buddy Glen Beck now?
  • So how is that free market thingy working out for you now?
  • Are “Liberals” just  “Homo lovers”?
  • Is stopping Gay Marriage still the most important issue facing America now?

The time has come for “EMPLOYEES TO UNITE”. Both blue collar and white collar need to unite and take our nation back from the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who would ship our jobs and technology off our shores! The Republican Party and those Corpocratic Democrats must be purged from holding office. That includes Obama the wimpy!

Wake up America or the Cut And Run Capitalists will off shore our nation’s jobs, wealth and technology to the enemies of America while they bus boy the middle class! The issue is not that we will leave our grand children a huge national debt!

For Republicans the issue is their grand children vs the grand children of the middle class!

For Republicans the issue is to insure that YOUR grand children will know their place and serve their grand children in the new CORPORATE COLLECTIVIZATION of America!

Don’t worry about big government if it is free of corporate influence! Worry about big corporations being free of democratic governmental influence! The latter is the “Freedom” the GOP wants for you and your grand children!

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