Gun Control: Some Questions For Both Sides

As a progressive Social Democrat I would like to inject some questions into the issue of gun control. This article is going to be unlike most you have read from the left or the right. The news media is now covering former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and her husband testifying before Congress. I was surprised to hear both testify that they were and both continue to be gun owners!

I support their call for sane gun control laws. Many NRA members also want some form of gun control according to surveys.

The issue is just what are sane gun control laws?

I am going to present some questions for both sides latter in this article. But first I want you to consider this question.



Is The Final Protection From Tyranny A Citizenry That Has Guns?

My fellow liberals here is something you might want to consider! It is a nightmare fantasy that could occur. I have made it somewhat humorous but stick with me on this as I am dead serious.


What would happen to America if we had a “Reichstag Fire Scenario”?

The year is 2018 and President Jeb Bush is about to address the nation after the nuclear attack on New York City by Al Qaeda that was assisted by North Korea and Iranian technology.

A hush fills every American home as they gather around the TV screen as the nation listens to President Jeb Bush, who in his southern accent, now addresses the nation:

My fellow Americans our nation has been struck by a nuclear device! New York City has lost over one million dead and millions more have been irradiated! We have lost the protective shield of our God because of our sinful wicked ways! The cancer of liberalism has taken God out of our schools and our American way of life! Free enterprise has been scoffed at by the moochers  and national defense has been weakened. The forces of satan are at work from without by Al Qaeda! The forces of satan are also at work from within by the job creator killing, homo loving, latte drinking tree hugging and protein deficient vegan  liberals!

Therefore to defend America and our way of life I am suspending the liberal news media in this hour of crisis. I am calling upon Almighty God to forgive us and to shield us.

Further to assist our army I have called on the forces of free enterprise to preserve our way of life by authorizing HALLIBURTON to send in their armed militias to internally guard our cities and defend our nation from the homo loving, tree hugging, latte drinking liberals who would not allow us to drone strike Al Qaeda but who instead have attacked the forces of free enterprise within our nation! ……

Sure my fantasy nightmare does sound corny. But if this nation were confronted with such a nightmare attack I have no doubt that many in the Republican Party would act against our Constitution! They would attempt to create an American Theocracy! The activating event could instead be a collapse of our banking system due to a computer attack from Iran or North Korea. The event does not matter but the GOP reaction.

The issue is do you trust Republicans to play fair in a crisis? Just look at the election of 2000 and the rigging of elections they are attempting even now! What would happen if we had Haliburton and Pinkerton Militias patrolling our streets? Ed Schultz is a gun owner. In my fantasy scenario I could see Ed Schultz rallying the forces of armed liberals to defend America from the vile forces of Corporate Collectivization. 

Ok enough fantasy. Let’s look at history. Union members owning guns used them to fight corporations when they had no other choice. Here are two examples:

  1. The retaliation for the Ludlow Massacre by armed union members against mine operators after the mine owners killed not only miners but children.
  2. The battle of Blair Mountain.

Freedom came at a price in American history. Something to think about when the issue is magazines sizes and automatic weapons. No I am not advocating buying assault weapons.

I want my readers to be aware that the ownership of arms is the final line of defense against corporate collectivism. The fear of gun owning citizens was part of the equation that gave us the freedoms we enjoy in our nation today. But that freedom is worthless unless we can walk the streets without fear of being shot! Is Spot frisking by police the answer? Apparently police will be equiped with a means to do frisking in a less intrusive manner. (See the link at the end).

I wonder if Republicans would like spot frisking in their neighborhoods? But without enforcement of gun laws what is the use? “Stop and Frisk” may be required in this brave new world.


The real question is what would Republicans do if we had a national catastrophe? Could we have a “Reichstag Scenario” in America?  We have seen from the Republican Party in recent years behavior that suggest they would exploit such a scenario! Even former Mayor Giuliani tried to extend his term due to the 9/11 crisis. Yet he was considered a moderate by Republicans.

I have no doubt that many in the Republican Party would try to seize power if our nation were confronted with a catastrophe. I am a New Age Christian. I have no doubt that if we had a climate catastrophe these very same climate deniers would by their twisted logic lay the blame on progressives. They would say it is a punishment from God!

But enough of my imaginary Reichstag Scenario. Let me present some questions for both sides?

Some Questions On Gun Control That Both Sides Need To Consider

Just today on the news I saw a woman in Chicago who lost her fourth child from gun violence. The reporter noted there are no gun shops in Chicago. We have seen some reduction in areas of New York City. But that was due to a police policy of “stop and frisk“.

  1. So do we want to see a national policy of “stop and frisk” since bad folks seem to get guns anyway! Laws are a joke.
  2. Should we deny people the right to own a gun if they visit a psychotherapist? Just think about the fall out from that? Most who go over the wall and commit mass killings never set foot in a therapist’s office.
  3. Who is going to pay for all this psychotherapy? Yeah right conservatives. Just look at the GOP’s  track record in supporting mental heath!
  4. Place guns in schools! Wow that is so cool. As we all know Conservatives are just peachy keen for the Federal Government going into the nation’s schools. I would not want my child to go to school in Wisconsin or any GOP controlled state! Think of the stress by some teachers with the attack on their union. Some teachers might fear the loss of their jobs! If a teacher’s students don’t perform well the teacher could be fired. Maybe the teacher might do some “firing first”! Especially since they might blame their students for their job loss.
  5. Senator Lindsey Graham said that a gun magazine with six bullets may not be enough for a mother to defend her children. Hell didn’t she go to sharp shooter class at the NRA? By the way where would the misses that she shot go? Maybe into her children?
  6. Wayne LaPierre, the head of the NRA has stated that guns are not the problem but violent video games and movies! Now I have some suggestions for both sides on this. Conservatives do we have the right to tell a corporation what type of video games or movies to make? That would be nanny state behavior on the part of the government. But wait I have a question for my fellow liberals. Mr. LaPierre’s argument is that fantasy role playing can lead to violence. This reminds me of the anger by liberals years ago when boys were exposed to a doll called GI JOE! Wow liberals went ballistic! They feared GI JOE would be a fantasy game to make young boys militaristic. Gosh I remember as a boy playing fondly with my toy gun! We played cow boy! But the politically correct have now ended that practice among America’s boys. So I guess role playing games can be destructive if they are not politically correct!


But I guess you want me to give some possible solutionto gun control so here goes:

I suspect that monitoring guns, not simply their sale but requiring their registration on a national level, with yearly reports, would lower the violence. If the NRA wants a national registry of those who see a therapist why not a national registry of those who feel so insecure in their suburban homes that they need a gun? When an area has more than say 10% of it’s households that own guns then the inhabitants must feel threatened. Our federal government could then send ATF agents to do random “Stop and Frisk” searches on that areas citizens.

After all if these people feel they need guns in their homes then shouldn’t they accept a policy of “Stop and Frisk”. The same folks who whine about the federal government getting into our lives want the same government to put guns in American schools. Remember NRA members Barrack is watching you!


I would prefer that America was like the United Kingdom. I don’t know how the British deal with sports and recreational use. But sportsman could pick up their guns at designated centers when they go off into the woods or keep them at the firing range.

Yet the scenario I presented before really does bother me! What’s that? You really don’t believe that the Republicans would pull a “Reichstag scenario” if we had a nuclear attack?

  1. Do you really trust Republicans especially if our nation faced a “Reichstag Scenario”?
  2. Could a Republican president actually unleash Halliburton and/or Pinkerton squads into our places of work and cities?

Food for thought to  keep the guns?

FACT: Let’s face facts we are not going to be like Great Britain anytime soon where guns are banned.

FACT: Most laws passed are totally meaningless. Are liberals willing to put back those gun laws?

We may need to have a “stop and frisk” policy nation wide to make sure the wrong people are not carrying guns. If not then any law passed is meaningless! 

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