H1-b Hillary Clinton Whines About Sexism

Hillary Clinton is whining about sexism ruining her election. Hillary Clinton, Our Beloved Lady Of NAFTA, who even now supports the H1-b Visa program that has destroyed the dreams of college graduates aspiring to high paying computer jobs, claims she is running for the “forgotten”! Give me a break Hillary I used to be one of your supporters until I learned how you sold out the dreams of my fellow tech workers so you could get money from Silicon Valley lobbyists!

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Hillary Clinton was sobbing in New Hampshire and instead of treating her like Ed Muskie, you know a man, she gets different treatment because she is a woman! Ed Muskie lost his bid because of this! The fact that Hillary Clinton did not have a campaign strategy for the votes after Feb 5th illustrates that she was incompetent as a strategist. Imagine if she started whining in the Presidential Election this fall? The idea of “entitlement” does not sit well with the American public! If she cannot take the heat in the primaries how is she going to deal with it in the National Election?

Hillary Clinton seems to believe we “owe” her the Presidency because she is a woman?

  • Then I guess we “owe” Barrack Obama the Presidency because he is Black!
  • Do we “owe” John McCain the Presidency because he is a Senior Citizen!
  • Since John McCain is the only veteran running for the Presidency maybe we “owe” him the Presidency because he is not only a veteran but was tortured as prisoner of war!

I am going to get a woman’s opinion on this! Let’s ask a woman her opinion if Hillary Clinton is “entitled” to the Presidency because she is a woman. The short video reflects the opinion of many women in my family!

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Imagine if Barrack Obama said when he lost that it was due to racism because he is Black? Think of the uproar. In fact I remember Senator Obama said last year that if he does not win it is because he did not make his case to the American people. This was when he was not the front runner! Well maybe we should not blame Hillary Clinton so much. She is suffering from stress after being under sniper fire in Bosnia!

Yes I am for Barrack Obama but I was originally for Hillary Clinton. I salute her for being an early advocate of Universal Health Care and still believe her plan is better though Obama’s plan has more chance of passing since it allows some to opt out initially. I would support Hillary Clinton for Vice President if she becomes a team player and stops WHINING!

How about remembering the dreams of America’s college graduates who want to work in the computer industry? Stop selling us out with the H1-b Visa Program!


  1. Ironic!! you seem to show disdain about HC’s whining but are oblivious to your own whine about the H1-b.
    Frankly H1-b is not the enemy that took your job, it’s offshoring.
    H1-b accounts for account for 60,000 jobs annually in all sectors and not just IT.
    Stop whining and get competitive.

  2. What Hillary nagging about sexism, how about racism?, What is Obama thinking and wishing like Martin Luther King. That one day white girls and black boys will hold hands with each other. The only white girl a black kid can get, because their lover have dumped them, because they are too dominating and really not into negotiating. Obama need to wake up and do some social work where black kids are begging for crumbs. Do you really think that white America would vote for a man of color, he has ity bitie chance because he is half white. I know how much patients you need if you are working with white people. I mean all the white people. White Americans think we are created equal, what are we transparent. God made the difference to let people see that what the differences are about. I think genocide and slavery will be forgotten and we will put up a happy face and forget about colonialism. I think Hillary Clinton backing up as the Democratic candidate is major cowardly move. This means Obama another loss for Obama, there is no more challenge and there ain’t no proving that the part of the American constitution say that all the people are equal. Another loss for Obama is yet to come he will lose the presidential election. I think even my generation is unfortunate to see a man of color rule. For full blooded dark skin man to rule the all mighty economic nation of the globe not till the next big Ben. Even then we will be programmed and brainwashed like the romans to do the dirty work like dealing drugs and shooting each other for few packages. Only thing a other than white people can do in America is becoming a rapper or athlete imagine competing with for millions of people for the same damn record deal or a place in the major league. Where is the dark skin CEO of Burj Al Arab or brown skin CEO of Apple. I think Obama is not even able to run a corner store. Even in Kenia he would not have a chance, because he is half white. I dare white America to prove that I am wrong. The county where I am born girls be look at me like you are too dark to go out with me, and they are not even white. Where even white man set foot he did nothing but dividing. What America is doing now to Irak is horrible.

  3. Had Senator Clinton won the nomination I would certainly have supported her. However, I have been an Obama supporter since I participated in the Iowa caucuses.
    Her support of the H-1b visa doesn’t surprise me (or at least her support in front of potential donators). I know she had slammed the NAFTA agreement during her campaigning but records recently made public during her husband’s presidency indicate she met with many folks to “drum up” support for NAFTA? The Clinton’s are many things. What they are most is politically savy.

    Regarding a Clinton as vice presidient…that would put Obama in a very sticky situation. A former president as the spouce of the vice president? A theme of change and unity with a running mate that is one of the most politically divisive figures? Putting her on the ticket would certainly help in may ways but I’m not sure it wouldn’t be offset by losses in other areas.

    Obama is in a sticky situation anyway. He has to appeal to women voters that strongly supported Senator Clinton. I think if She had won the nomination there would be just as sticky a situation for Clinton in recruiting black voters that may have felt jilted.

    It’s a shame that folks don’t look at each of their stances on the issues only. They weren’t that far apart on most major issues and they are miles away from McCain. Unfortunately, a large part of America votes from the gut and not the issues.

  4. Whine about H1-b? Great instead of sending jobs overseas where we cannot collect taxes from the company, we instead bring the lower paid foreign worker to America so we can tax the company! Then they wonder why ATLAST SHRUGGED!