Hagel And Iran: Or Cut And Run Corporations And Iran

I am fed up with the attacks on Secretary of Defense nominee Chuck Hagel by the right wing. He was smeared as a anti-Semite. Apparently to have some sympathy for Palestinians is to much for the purists.

But former Senator Hagel has now been attacked for being soft on Iran. Might I suggest that instead of worrying about Chuck Hagel Americans should turn their attention to the CUT AND RUN CORPORATIONS  who ship our money and wealth to the enemies of America for profit.

Below is a short humorous video by Steve Colbert concerning the bank,HSBC and it’s support of Iran and and other rogue elements. (You may have to hit the reload button on your browser)


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HSBC Laundering Charges
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Cut And Run Corporations Betraying America

The problem is not simply HSBC which laundered money to Iran, Mexican drug lords but also terrorists who attack America.

But the honor roll of CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS does not end with HSBC. We also have Halliburton and General Electric that have traded with the enemy.

These same “moochers” like General Electric, HSBC and Halliburton have profited from the public dole. Yet Republicans just love to invest in these “moochers”.

This is the “freedom” that our social betters have in mind for America. Cut and Run Capitalists do a Judas on America while they all sing the “Globalization Internationale“!

Yes this is the America our social betters have in store for our great nation.

  • An America where your sons and daughters can die in foreign wars while their children profit from your pain!
  • An America where “freedom” is defined by the right of corporations to move across borders taking our jobs and the wealth they gained from this society, while they undermine the security of the United States of America. No problem as your children can serve in the army and/or  in the low paying jobs that remain.
  • An America where the income from a “dividend check” is valued before the income from a “pay check”!
  • An America where making a profit from trading with the enemy is the norm. Our Government doesn’t jail those who commit these crimes against the nation  that gave them birth, protection, and profits because both it’s political parties are on the corporate payroll.

Yes this is the “FREEDOM” that our social betters want to give us who built this land.

What About The Fines That Were Imposed On HSBC?

This is just another joke. These Cut and Run Corporations consider these fines as a mere cost of doing business!

The problem is the corporate news media.

The corporate news media say that the senior management of these corporations need to be held accountable to their share holders! No one seems to realize that HSBC will simply pay it’s fines by the practice of “USURY” whereby they can charge 29.9% on their credit cards.

The American citizen is being forced to pay for the crimes of the banksters. Where is Barrack Obama and the Democratic Party. Yes once again the pathetic testosterone deficient cry of “MEOW” comes from our elected officials.

If Obama wants to practice “Change We Can Believe In’ then he had better stop playing “make believe liberal” inside the monied confines of the corporate sandbox of the Democratic Party’s corporate donors.

In Conclusion:

Stop worrying about Senator Chuck Hagel being soft on Iran. If America did not involve itself in a costly right wing social engineering experiment in Iraq then Iran would view us more as a threat. Plus we would have had Iraq as a client state to fight Iran. After all Saddam Hussein fought a 7 year war against Iran and used poison gas.

America needs Senator Chuck Hagel as Defense Secretary!

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