Happy Halloween From Sarah Palin

Well the wicked witch of the north is alive and well! It seems Sarah Palin received the “laying on of hands” from a preacher who back in his home country of Kenya drove some poor old woman out of her home for being a witch. This comes from the respected Christian Science Monitor! Here in America we have more sophisticated ways to drive the elderly from their homes! We do it with it with predatory lending institutions!

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Let’s be clear here! The issue is not Sarah Palin’s Pentecostalism! The issue on this Halloween is terrorism against an alternative religion – Wicca! If someone can associate intimately with such a preacher who did more than talk but walked the wicked walk and Sarah Palin wanted his prayers and blessings, then what are we to conclude concerning how she would govern America! Oh yes the preacher also prayed that she be protected from witchcraft! I guess that protection also extends to protection from the news media as they seem to not press this or the issue of her affiliation with the Alaskan Independence Party! But then again for protection from the news media she always has John McCain at her side when she is being interviewed. She appears as a naughty girl in the principal’s office with her daddy to protect her!

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We have had an earful of Pastor Wright now let’s see Sarah Palin’s church. If you don’t want to watch the whole video just watch the early part and the end where she talks about Pastor Muthee! This is the guy who did the prayer thing for Gov. Palin! The YouTube ID of Z4C9LP8lzj4&hl=en&fs=1 is invalid.

In the video above Sarah Palin encounters a heckler who questions her concerning her connections to the Alaskan Independence Party! They give this poor guy the “Salem” treatment. Maybe Sarah Palin is just trying to drive the devil out of this town!

Is this the way she views a questioning attitude? Seems the news media is already cow towing to her!

  1. Why are they not raising the issue of her taking an exorcism from witchcraft from some one who persecuted an elderly lady for witchcraft in Kenya?! Oh maybe that is the new Republican Health Care for the elderly?
  2. Why don’t they raise the issue of the man in the video above who was harassed by Sarah’s buddies at her rally!

Where is the News Media? Perhaps they have been “exorcised”!