Harry Reid: How To Celebrate Your Inner Wimp

The year is 2013 and Democrats are still trying to make kum-bye-yah with Republicans. Well perhaps I am being unfair. The real reason is they don’t want to scare of their corporate  donors. Can you believe Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid! He is “finally” talking about a nuclear option and ending the filibuster!

Don’t Blame Republicans When Democrats Are Such Damned Wimps!

I voted for Barrack Obama in 2008. When the right wing went ballastic and attacked him I realized that Barrack Obama is not a:

  • Muslim
  • Nazi
  • Communist
  • Euro-Socialist who hates white people
  • Atheist
  • nor does he want to impose “Gay Sharia Law’.

Instead I learned Barrack Obama, like Harry Reid is a corporate ass kissing wimp who plays “make believe liberal” inside the corporate sandbox of his donors! I am feed up with making excuses for these  wimps.

Harry Reid is now talking pussy tuff! Below Cenk Uyar sticks it too Harry Reid.

I do disagree with Cenk Uyar on one count. He says that “Harry Reid is the weakest Democrat”. No that honor goes to Barrack Obama who squandered the first two years of his presidency, when we had control of both Houses of Congress.

President Obama had his face up Joe Lieberman’s ass so often that he failed to recognize the rise of the Tea Party. What is worse is that the Tea Party has stolen the anger that middle America feels against the banksters.

Take A Lesson From The Republicans

The GOP lead House Of Representatives has voted to repeal Obama-Care for the God knows how many times. The fact that the Senate is controlled by Democrats along with Obama still being president did not distract them one bit. God you have to admire them for at least having some testosterone.

Did the Republicans look the other way on Libya? No they sought to gain everything they could. Yet Barrack Obama decided to “turn the page” on the banksters destroying our economy. Now Americans think the issue is the national debt and do not see how the Republicans and trickle down economics got us there.  Don’t make excuses for Obama.

The issue is not how the Republicans lied about Obama, and they did. The isssue is how this wimp did not stand up to them because he and Reid do not want to offend their corporate donors!


Where the hell is Obama and Reid?

“To big to fail” is still in place with some minor protections. The corporate funded Democratic Party made sure that their corporate donors could still gamble with the lives of working people. Lead by Barrack Obama, the 2008 winner of the Goldman Sachs PAC. Along with his side kick Harry Reid who got large amounts of money from Big Pharma.

Why didn’t Obama and Reid call for a constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state? Stop making excuses for these corporate shrills. Along with Hillary Clinton who supports the H1-b program. This program has undermined the careers of America’s computer science graduates. No it does not bring in Einsteins! The program does not demand a high GPA. The whole purpose is to undermine America’s technology graduates. Because corporations want to give bigger dividends to their shareholders and larger compensation packages to their CEO’s.

What a team! Bill Clinton shiped blue collar jobs off shore with NAFTA and Hillary Clinton undermines college kids who seek high tech jobs at home.

I am so glad I voted for the Green Party in 2012. I am sick of these politicians who play “make believe liberal in the corporate sandbox of their corporate donors”.

I would rather vote Green and let a Republican win because at least then the energy comes back to Democrats.

But let me grant President Obama some credit.

Barrack Obama Unites People Of All Races

Yes Barrack Obama has united all of us! He has shown us that we are all alike. White politicians can be corporate shrills and Black politicians are just as capable of being corporate sell outs as whites. Barrack Obama is a corporate shrill. Blacks can be just the same as whites!

I just hope that our youth does not get turned off but instead votes for the Green Party!

Thanks Barrack Obama and Harry Reid this is the “Change We Can Believe In” that I voted for in 2008! –

You pathetic testosterone challenged wimps!

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