#HCR: Obama Great Victory?

Please explain to me why we had to wait till now for this watered down law? Obama wanted to have a Kumbaya rapport with Republicans in his stupid quest for bipartisanship!  Who the hell cares about bipartisanship?  We won the elections they lost! What’s the problem with that? I hope we liberals have won with this pathetic watered down law but I still believe that without a strong public option the new law is not only worthless but could severely hurt the Progressive cause!

Why is that you ask?

Well the public option was supposed to be a compromise as real liberals, like myself, believe in single payer universal health care! Yet we didn’t even get that!  The second reason is that insurance costs are expected to skyrocket and without some thing to keep the insurance cartel in place it is still going to happen! My fear is that the insurance companies can rig the system and can tax the policy holders to support their K-Street agenda by scooping the money from our insurance premiums. Remember when we talk about Insurance Companies we are now talking about “persons” with legal rights! The ad below is a joke but the facts behind it are not a joke!

If rates continue to rise then Democrats will take the blame! Yes I want to see those who are uninsured get insurance but I also realize that for them to keep what this law gives them the Democrats must maintain control!

How The Republicans Will Screw Us

First, the new law insures the uninsured but as a political cynic I realize most Americans only care for themselves! What is in it for them? If we had a strong public option we could advance the argument that even those with insurance will benefit as they and their employers will not be fighting an uphill battle against premium increases!  Second, we are told that those with prior existing conditions will now be protected! Not so fast! The insurance company can quadruple that individual’s premium! Yes the individual has “de jure” protection but not “de facto” protection from prior existing condition rejection!

As premiums continue to rise Republicans will call for us to “unleash the dynamics energy of the free market” to replace this “wicked socialist experiment”. Remember even if your employer pays for your insurance there will now be incentives for them to curtail raises in your salary if insurance costs continue to rise!

Ah but this law is only a “starter house”. Sure right and who are you going to call in to fix this starter house when the Republicans start to play insured vs. uninsured Americans against each other?   I know Senators Ben Nelson, Blance Lincoln and Mary Landrieu! Naturally this committee will be chaired by Senator Joe Liebermann! They will vigorous advocate a strong “Public Option”. – Yeah right! Oh I know we can wait till after the next election when we will increase our majorities in Congress! – “MEOW”!

The final means by which Republicans will fight this law is that they will try to gain control of the House of Representatives this fall. So what you say as they still need to control both Houses with a veto proof majority or remove Obama! Well remember these are Republicans not Democrats! On MSNBC’s program, “Morning Joe” the conservative host advocated using the Constitutional right of the House to control the “purse strings” to deny funding to the operation of the Health Care Reform Act.

Nancy Pelosi could have ended the Iraqi War two years before Obama took office if she had the guts to use the “power of the purse” that is mandated to the House of Representatives by the Constitution. But time and time again Democrats have demonstrated they lack the testosterone to kick Republican butt!

Would the Republicans get away with such a “nuclear option”? Well if the polls don’t rise in support for the new Health Care Law I believe the Republicans could very well try this option! As I mentioned in a prior post, Democrats just don’t seem to understand that we have to go at this aggressively!

President Obama seems to believe he won a great victory! Too bad the majority of Americans don’t seem to concur! Wow he actually realized we don’t need 60 Senate votes! However, because he waited so long while the Republicans ran their smear campaign, Obama has not yet won a great victory. Compound this with the deal with big Pharma on Canadian imported prescription drugs and I still have to ask:

“Is this Change We can believe in?” – MEOW!

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