Hillary Clinton And Obama Join GOP To Undermine American High Tech Jobs

Disney World just reversed their attempt to fire their high tech employees and replace them with foreign H1-B workers. But other companies have not reversed their decisions.  What was worse is that Disney wanted their American workers to train the people who were going to replace them. All this while Barrack Obama surrenders our industrial base to being off shored and seeking to remedy the loss of union manufacturing jobs with a call for America to train more high tech workers.


But what good is it to train Americans when corporations will import low wage foreign workers to destroy the jobs of Americans? Our “Beloved Lady of NAFTA – Hillary Clinton” who took Silicon Valley money was all for the H1-B Visa outsourcing!

Isn’t it time that we Progressives stop making excuses for Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama?

H1-b is NOT about bringing into the USA outstanding scientists. GPA does not factor into who gets the Visas.

Corporations want to undermine the job market for American high tech graduates and Hillary Clinton is more than happy to oblige.

Hillary Clinton – Corporate Shrill Playing Make Believe Liberal In The Monied Sandbox Of Her Corporate Donor$

Take a look at the donor base of Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders by clicking on this link. Hillary Clinton’s donor list reads like Barrack Obama’s. Don’t get side tracked defending either of these pseudo-progressives just because one is a woman and the other is African-American.

We Progressives are supposed to not care about someone’s race or gender. So what about Senator Bernie Sanders?

You know the OLD WHITE DUDE! We already got burned with Barrack Obama. No he does not bow to Mecca five times per day. He bows ten times per day but not to Mecca but to Wall Street. Stop making excuses for Obama and Hillary Clinton.

I am fed up with hearing that America has a shortage of high tech workers.

No we have a shortage of high tech workers who will work at Walmart wages. Do Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama and their GOP fellow travelers not believe in America and our youth?

Let the market take care of any so called shortage of high tech workers.

High Tech pay will rise and this will spur “Atlas to NOT shrug”.

If we do not have corporate induced government intervention to stuff the market with low paid H1-b indentured servants then wages will rise. This will result in American college kids taking high tech courses. But if you undermine the job market for America’s college students by importing H1-b indentured servants why should American kids go into debt to take difficult high tech courses?

As I mentioned in a prior post, Barrack Obama stated we should become a service industry based economy because the manufacturing base is not coming back!

Great just what we need as a nation. Specialize in producing more junk bonds while China gets our industrial base. Then these idiots talk about “national security“.

Dear fellow Progressive. I ask you to face the hard facts! Obama is a WIMP. Always has been and always will be. What did he do when the unions needed him in Wisconsin? Nothing! But he sent a last minute tweet of support! He cannot even conceive of raising the tariff.  Stop making excuses for him and Hillary Clinton.

Support Senator Bernie Sanders For President!