Hillary Clinton Clinton’s Bankster Speeches Do Matter

Bernie Sanders will not back down on demanding that Hillary Clinton disclose her speech transcripts to the banksters. While I have some reservations about pursuing the nomination based on a strategy of winning “super-delegates” over “elected delegates”, exposing Hillary Clinton out into the open concerning her bankster connections is fair game.

Consider this:

Republicans have demanded to know what specific law was passed due to their acceptance of money from the rich. They demand to be shown a “quid pro quo”. Democrats have objected saying correctly that there does not have to be a direct connection since corporate money simply filters the election of corporate friendly candidates. Does Hillary Clinton simply feel she can go to bed with the banksters and not wake up supporting their agenda?

Chris Matthews Cornball For Corporate America And Hillary Clinton

Just look at the way Chris Matthews shows his prejudice for Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders in the video below.

Stop making believe that Hillary Clinton or Barrack Obama are Progressives, they are corporate shills and have always been.

Barack Obama even said on the Chris Matthews Show that our manufacturing jobs are not coming back! His answer:

Go to college! But Hillary Clinton with her Silicon Valley friends are importing cheap H1-b Visa foreign tech workers to undermine America’s college grads. Obama and Hillary Clinton want us to make believe that we really corrected the problem of uncontrolled banksters! We didn’t!

This is why the issue of Hillary Clinton’s speeches to the Banksters are so important. Who cares if they are indeed a character assassination. The Clintons and Barack Obama have waged a war against Progressive Values and I have had ENOUGH!

If Hillary Clinton wins I will vote GREEN even if it means Donald Trump wins. If Progressives do not have the same drive as the Tea Party then we deserve to be treated like dirt. Besides I believe Donald Trump will trash Hillary Clinton on her bankster connection and on the off shoring of American blue and white collar jobs!

America Is The Giant Casino On The Hill Thanks To Barack Obama, The Clintons and Their Republican Fellow Travelers


But isn’t Bernie Sanders going to far by trying to get the nomination by flipping “super-delegates” as opposed to elected delegates?


Normally I would say yes but Hillary Clinton took 8 million from George Soros. I might look the other way with that IF it occurred AFTER the primary. Republicans will throw big money for their candidate and so to be realistic then Soros would be a good counter-weight. But this is the PRIMARY. I gave $50.00 for Bernie Sanders and George Soros tries to throw his weight INSIDE the Democratic Party. No way.

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are the only ones who will slap a stiff tariff on these CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who ship our jobs off shore.

Dear Progressive OPEN YOUR EYES!

I know we want to be fair. I know we do not want to use “super-delegates  over elected delegates. But the elections was fixed with Soros money. The whole Democratic Party has abandoned it’s core values. Look at DNC Chair and Rep. Debbie Wasser-Schultz taking money from PAY DAY LOAN MAKERS! Then I am supposed to look the other way?

NO WAY! I mean this. I don’t care if Bernie Sanders makes it impossible for Hillary Clinton to win. I would rather see a Republican win as individual Democrats in Congress would then feel free to oppose the new President but they are to timid now with corporate shill Obama.


If Bernie Sanders does loose and we vote GREEN then Trump will win. He can nominate conservative judges to the Supreme Court.


I honestly believe Trump will pull out his book “The art of the deal” and NOT deport illegal aliens as long as a wall is built. Frankly this would be the second amnesty and how many more do we need. The border is the problem not the folks who are here now. As to Supreme Court judges… i honestly believe Trump is a populist not a conservative. But now matter we can still filabuster in the Senate. Besides it is time to get really roused up and create a new party or reform the Democratic one. Then pass CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS so we don’t have to worry about SCOTUS rulings.


Stop making excuses for Obama and the Clintons. We must have the same fire as the Tea Party but be a Tea Party of the LEFT!