Hillary Clinton’s Foreign Policy Speech: Dog Whistle To Goldman Sachs

I am a die hard Bernie Sanders supporter and will most likely vote Green in November if Bernie loses. I listened to Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy speech, and while it sounded strong, it had several dog whistles to Goldman Sachs and corporate America that alarmed me that the news media did not pick up.

Hillary Clinton is a friend to the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS that off shore American jobs. She has been a friend to the banksters who believe austerity is the remedy for America. In her much lauded speech she attacks the idea of standing up to off shoring by using a tariff and giving bond holders a hair cut. Austerity lovers must be thrilled but not this writer!

Great speech in her other points so why not reveal the Goldman Sachs speech transcripts? You know THE BANKSTER CHRONICLES! 

On June 2nd, she gave a strong speech that has been well received by Democrats. I agree she kicked Trump’s butt. Furthermore, she is no Barack Obama regarding rhetorical style. Hillary Clinton to her credit can kick ass.

But embedded in her attacks on Donald Trump she mentions three points that as a Social Democrat and Bernie Sanders supporter send a shiver down my spine.

Below is the full video and it is long. I list it for reference if you want to watch it. If you don’t want to watch the full 32 mins, then I have listed the three points below that are of concern here for Progressives.

Again regardless if you watched the full video above, here are the three points I am raising about her speech I find scary.

  1. Hillary Clinton believes the word “tariff” is a bad word. She accuses Donald Trump of wanting to start a trade war! Forget about your feelings concerning the other things Mr. Trump talks about. On the issue of free trade, both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump agree. We already have a Trade War that America is losing while the campaign coffers of some in our own Democratic Party grow fat from the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS and their BANKSTER friends.
  2. Hillary Clinton attacked Trump concerning his statement on giving the bondholders a haircut! Gee I thought that is something a Democrat should be saying. Trump has stated America will not accept austerity but will turn on the printing press. Yes, I understand this will cause financial markets to feel uncertainty. But  “austerity” drives the silent majority into uncertainty and massive pain all so our nation can continue to be the SHINING CASSINO ON THE HILL in the service of our SOCIAL BETTERS!
  3. Hillary Clinton equates the interests of our social betters to be America’s interest. She believes that to open our eyes to the de-industrialization of America is unpatriotic. She is “waving the flag” while the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS ship our jobs, technology and wealth to China. She is playing “make believe liberal” inside the confines of the corporate sandbox of the donor class! American jobs are being off shored by the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS to China. To increase the profit margin these low paid Chinese workers are now being replaced by robots. HILLARY CLINTON WHY CANNOT YOU SAY THE WORD “TARIFF”?

Below Dylan Ratigan gives a powerful speech concerning this parasitic extraction.


I believe Hillary Clinton own words are the best argument concerning her hypocrisy. That is why I list this short video below. It shows in Hillary Clinton’s own words her support for the Iraq War and the corporatist collectivists who want to destroy America for their purpose.

After watching the video above one gets really depressed. Donald Trump does have some good ideas but the price is fear!

Donald Trump Is A Buddy Roemer That Has Turned To The Dark Side Of The Force!

Donald Trump could make an interesting candidate if he would only unleash his inner Buddy Roemer instead of all the misplaced anger. Below is a SHORT video concerning the trade war America is fighting already and is not acknowledged.

This video shows the good side of Donald Trump! I believe the GOP establishment fears this side of Trump. Again if only Trump could turn to the light and stop his hateful speech concerning minority groups. Yet he backed the Transgendered in their fight for rights!

Mr. Trump for God sake drop the racism and preach your Popularist Points to bring jobs back to America without the jingoist baggage. True we cannot take unlimited migration to our nation but grant an amnesty then build your wall! Those Mexicans who have come here are HARD WORKING they are NOT RAPISTS AND MURDERS. They are GOOD PEOPLE! If Trump could turn to the light I could vote for him over Hillary Clinton but not if he calls minority groups derogatory terms and wants to deport hard working people.

I also fear who he would appoint to the Supreme Court.

This election has really made me wonder about current politicians on both sides.

  • We have Hillary Clinton – Our Beloved Lady Of NAFTA (and soon TPP if elected).
  • We have Donald Trump – a Buddy Roemer who has turned to the Dark Side of the Force!
  • GOP Chairperson: Reince Priebus: Now that is  a weird name! Yet Barrack Obama gets called a foreigner! Now gosh golly I wonder why that could be? Maybe Barack Obama should change his name to something similar to the GOP Chairman or perhaps like Conservative talk show host “RUSH” Limbaugh”! Now I wonder why no one calls “Rush” or “Reince” a foreigner? Maybe it is not the name but something else……. hmmmm……color?
  • Then lets not forget the DNC Chairperson, our dear sweet Debbie Wasserman – Schultz. The Queen of Payday Loans! This woman takes money from these bloodthirsty banksters and proposes laws to help them. Oh yes “Change We Can Believe In”! See the link above for Senator Elizabeth Warren’s reaction.
  • House Speaker Paul Ryan: He is so worried that Donald Trump is going off the edge on race! Really or is it because he is not going by the play book and using dog whistles? You also have to wonder if Speaker Ryan is afraid Donald Trump will hurt some of the vested interests of the GOP! I say this not as a supporter of Trump. The fact is Trump is a Buddy Roemer who has turned to the dark side of the force!

There now feel better? Good God both sides are so screwed! But I will NOT sit home on election day. That is what the corporations want so they can continue to turn America into their “Shining Cassino On The Hill“! We are all invited! Yes, we are the chips!

Cut And Run Capitalists Ship Our Jobs To China: Hillary Clinton Can You Say The Word “Tariff”?

We are in a sick position in America if in the final outcome we get Hillary Clinton as our president all due to:

  1. Corporate money into the Clinton war chest.
  2. George Soros giving 8 million to Hillary Clinton while payday loan queen Debbie Wasserman – Schultz pushed the DNC to deny Bernie debates in prime time.
  3. The only alternative is Donald Trump. But must we accept a Buddy Roemer who turned to the dark side of the Force?

If we cannot have Bernie Sanders we need Buddy Roemer to come back from the politically dead. 

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