Both Hillary Clinton And GOP Blow Dog Whistles To Cut And Run Capitalists

We have seen our jobs, technology, wealth and future offshored to America’s rival China! All while the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS continue the practice of their never ending sense of entitlement of placing their interests above the interests of the nation that gave them birth, profits, and protection.

Then they want us to allow them to bring their booty home to America from their tax havens in the Cayman Islands. This money is estimated to be 2.1 Trillion Dollars. We should be grateful after all they have done for us shipping out jobs off shore.

I am a Bernie Sanders supporter, not a Trump supporter.

But have you noticed the “rational Republican” John Kasich and corporate loving Hillary Clinton are both blowing a dog whistle to the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who off-shore both our blue and white collar jobs?

They both attack Trump (and Sanders) on “trade”, blowing a dog whistle to corporate donors. Hillary Clinton talks about America foolishly wanting to regain an old “nostalgia”.

Why yes! You know when you could earn a decent living as a blue collar worker!

Now she and her mentor Barrack Obama talk about our golden new technological age of opportunity. So just learn some new high tech skills?

Yes but even white collar jobs are being offshored. This has been going on for years, but since college grads don’t normally join unions, there was no group to bring this to the nation’s attention.

But the problem does not end there.

Hillary Clinton who gets big money from Silicon Valley has backed their agenda to bring in cheap low paid temp Indian high-tech workers to undermine American programmers via the H1-b Visa program. Frequently Americans have been forced to train their own replacements at the few jobs that remain in America.

Kasich also attacks Trump for not wanting to cut entitlement programs like social security and medicare.

Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama last year seemed to have no problem with a “grand compromise” that would do the same thing as Gov. Kasich wanted.

They want to undermine the work of FDR and later progressives so as to not inconvenience our social betters with a higher tax.

Below check out so-called “Rational Republican” John Kasich at the 1:15-minute mark.

America As The Shining Casino On The Hill: Serving Our Social Betters Without Pensions, Vacations Or Health Care

Our social betters don’t feel secure in their old age and it all our fault!

They believed they need at least 7 million for their old age according to a survey by Fidelity Investments and quoted in the NY Post. We in the middle class just don’t know our place!

Let’s all do our share so that our social betters don’t live with this anxiety! 

  • Please ship my job offshore. That way I will struggle to compete for smaller paying and fewer jobs! What right do I have for economic security as a mere middle class American when my social betters live in fear of dropping below $7 million dollars!
  • Get rid of my pension and lower my social security. This way I will be forced to work till I drop dead and at lower wages so my social betters can get a higher dividend check! I can also do my part then as I work longer years in keeping an overstock of workers competing with the young. That way salaries will drop, and dividends will go up! That is my purpose in life. Oh, this so cool thanks you Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton.
  • I am so happy that I can no longer get full social security at 65 but have to wait a few more years! What is my economic security compared to my social betters? I am so happy knowing that Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton want a grand compromise to cut my benefits even when I do get them. The important thing is NOT my security in my old age but that my social betters don’t drop below the $7 million dollar mark of wealth.
  • Let’s get rid of vacations that way our social betters will not ship our jobs offshore. Our function in life is to work till we drop. That is why I am so glad for Barrack Obama, who while he had two years with control of Congress did not push for unionization via “card check” but did have the testosterone to push for fast-track of TPP. Yes, this is “change we can believe in”!

Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama and John Kasich Standing Up For CUT AND RUN CORPORATIONS

Stop making believe that the Democratic Party is for the middle class. Just like the Republicans, they have sold out. Can you believe President Obama actually praising the PAYDAY LOAN QUEEN Debbie Wasserman – Schultz?   Yet we are to join in a collective game of make-believe!

I am ready to vote Green. I am fed up with the Republicans and their fellow travelers, Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama!


The time has come for Progressives to become the Tea Party of the left! Take no prisoners!

We need a Third Party! The recent Wikileaks release of DNC emails proves the primary was rigged. Bernie Sanders needs to get some self-respect and retract his endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

Jill Stein said she would step aside if Bernie Sanders would run on the Green Party ticket for president. I believe that is the way to go. Stop living in fear of Trump and closing your eyes. We need to purge the Democratic Party no matter what the course.

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