Hillary Clinton Opposes Pipeline As Pope Speaks Against Global Warming

Hillary Clinton has just now decided that the XL Pipeline is not her cup of tea. Oh Hillary how …..convenient! So thoughtful.

Well her change of heart was thoughtful if you define “thoughtful” as listening to focus groups and doing a “balance sheet” on the pros and cons of supporting it politically. Now can you tell us Hillary how you stand on TPP?

Below Are Some Developments That Were Know Earlier This Year About The Keystone XL Pipeline

But Hillary Clinton did not seem to be concerned about this and wanted the issue to be like the pipeline underground where it’s pollution and other issues would not disturb her campaign.

Why Hillary Clinton’s Change Of Heart Is So Convenient


Wow Hillary Clinton decides right now when:

  1. The pope comes to America and speaks on climate change.
  2. Bernie Sanders is biting at her heals in the primaries.
  3. Opposing Keystone is easier since gas prices have dropped massively. The pipeline would never have helped but it robs the Republicans of the issue until oil goes up again.
  4. Then there are those nasty emails to divert media attention from!
  5. She will not stand up and say “NO” to TPP. This is worse than NAFTA as an American jobs killer.

Hillary Clinton could have backed Senator Al Franken on his idea to keep any such oil in America and to have the pipe made with American materials. But she would not even do that!

But then again what would you expect from Hillary Clinton?


Lobbyists from Silicon Valley claim America cannot graduate enough high tech employees and thus they want foreign low paid H1-b Visa guest workers to undermine the careers of America’s college grads. If we had that problem our ever glorious capitalist system could correct the problem!

How you ask?

The salaries of those graduates available would go through the ceiling. This would inspire others to go to college and major in high tech while others already there would change their majors to high tech fields in order to get the larger payoffs. Over a few years this eventually would bring about a balance between supply and demand for computer grads.

But not having enough grads is not the real issue.

The issue is not having enough graduates to work at lower wages the corporations want to pay is the real issue!  H1-b Visas are NOT allocated to the highest GPA students but rather to undermine the future of America’s students while the corporations rake in the profit! Thank you Hillary Clinton!

All this while the bromide of “go to college” is preached after Bill Clinton became, what the Huffington Post called, “outsourcer in chief! Bill Clinton did this by destroying  the manufacturing base of this nation with NAFTA!

Then comes are beloved champion of “change we can believe in“, Barrack Obama! His remedy is TPP which has been called NAFTA on steroids. Dear reader this is why I call the Clintons and Obama as:

Playing  “make believe liberals” in the corporate sandbox of the 1%. Remember it is important to make believe this is not happening. We got our first Black President and you do want to have our first woman President now don’t you?

Oh this is so KOOL we got a Black President and we are going to get a woman President! Gosh golly gee I hope before Barrack Obama leaves office we can get our “grand compromise” and TPP! This is the “change we can believe in” that I voted for in 2008! -BULL!

Hilary Clinton’s support of free trade and H1-b has diminished somewhat. But I will never forgive her for the damage she and Bill Clinton have caused to both blue and white collar jobs being off shored and out-sourced.

That is why I support Senator Bernie Sanders for President! GO BERNIE GO!