Hillary Clinton Refuses To Stand Up To Her Patrician Sponsors

As a Progressive, I am fed up with both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama not standing up to corporations and the patrician class. Stop making excuses for Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton whined that Bernie Sanders has a restrictive definition of “Progressive”.

She claims that few could meet Bernie Sanders’ definition of a “Progressive”.

That is true as most Democrats play make believe liberal inside the boundaries established for them by their patrician and corporate sponsors! That is why I support Bernie Sanders! 

Barack Obama betrayed his Progressive base.

The dilemma Bernie Sanders faces is that he does not want to be to harsh on Barack Obama as he is our first African American president.

I have stated Barack Obama has brought us together and has proved Blacks and Whites are alike! 

Yes it is true, as a White guy I used to believe that only a White guy could be a corporate shrill and a total sell out to Progressive values. Thank you Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for showing this old white guy that being a wimp and a corporate shrill is not restricted to “Whites” or “males”.

Stop making excuses for Barack Obama he had not used his considerable oratorical skills to bombard the nation with speeches when we needed him. In this age when corporate-funded issue-oriented ads crowd our news media in off election periods, and SUPER-PACS add the patrician message in elections we needed Barack Obama to use his rhetorical skills day and night, even if he did not sway Congress he could have won the battle for America’s heart.

Instead … MEOW! Again thank you Barack Obama from this old white guy for showing us that being a WIMP and and a CORPORATE SHRILL is not restricted to Whites! Great job Obama and thank you for losing the House and Senate.

By not standing up to the corporations and being an ACTION FIGURE the public turned to red meat screaming Republicans, thus in successive elections we lost both the House and the Senate. In fact, this is why we have the rise of Donald Trump. Americans will vote against their self-interest but not against their self-definition of being ACTION FIGURES! That is why we lost Congress, got stuck with the Tea Party and also the rise of Donald Trump.

No President Obama This Is Not “SILLY SEASON” But The Time To Fight Wall Street Not Appoint Them

That is the legacy of Barack Obama and his pathetic marathon celebration of the testosterone free political lifestyle in not standing up to the Republicans and their lies. Sure he gave us the so called radical “RomneyCare“. Big deal.

Did Obama push for the Banksters to get time in jail and to break up the banks? Meow…MEOW!  Then to make things worse Obama pushed for  TPP – oh yes “change we can believe in!” 

Hillary Clinton is truly the successor to Obama’s legacy of being a corporate shrill.

She undermined the careers of today’s college students and graduates by backing the H1-B Visa program so that corporations can bring in foreign high-tech workers to undermine Americans.

Companies have forced their American college grad workers to TRAIN their foreign replacements. Hillary Clinton is following her husband’s footsteps in destroying American jobs. Her husband, former President Bill Clinton, gave us NAFTA that undermined blue collar jobs. Bill Clinton recently made $260K at a speech paid for by an outsourcing firm.

Below Hillary Clinton backs her Silicon Valley corporate donors by supporting the H1-b Visa program that does NOT bring in Einsteins only regular high tech workers to undermine the remaining computer jobs that have not been off shored.

This policy will undermine other college careers in the future as well. Thanks, #Hillary Clinton for being a shrill like Barack Obama, who gave us TPP.



Hillary Clinton Claims To Be Realistic!

That is only true if you accept the definition of her patrician sponsors. Many of us believe America should be a democracy, not an aristocracy. Hillary Clinton whined that Bernie Sanders was smearing her for being a corporate shrill. Ok, then Hillary Clinton show us the transcripts of your 1.8 million dollar speeches to the banksters. Show us how transparent show us the transcripts? Why not refuse mega-donors?

I resent that I made a $50.00 donation to Bernie Sanders while George Soros barges into the Democratic Primary giving Hillary Clinton 8 million!

  1. This means George Soros has more free speech than most of Bernie Sanders supporters combined.
  2. Aren’t Hillary Clinton’s supporters worked up enough to make small donations to counteract mine or do they need just one or two patricians to buy the election?
  3. Why did Hillary Clinton support the H1-B Visa program, I mentioned above, that undermines the remaining high tech jobs left in the United States? Well, that is because she wants to be friends with her Patrician corporate donors from Silicon Valley.
  4. Could the Bankster transcripts reveal chummy talk between Hillary Clinton and her Goldman Sachs and Citigroup donors? After all, they are some of the biggest donors to her campaign, just like they were for Barack Obama. Doubt me? Check the link for Opensecrets.org on Hillary Clinton above and then this link for Barack Obama.

There are two things you can do to fight back.

  1. Vote and contribute to Bernie Sanders
  2. Sign the petition below on the MoveOn.org website for Hillary Clinton to stop taking big money donations (at least in the primary) from Geoge Soros. Click the text of the petition below to be taken to the MoveOn.Org website petition. Thank you


Please sign the Petition at MoveOn.org To Hillary Clinton To practice one person = one vote, not one dollar = one vote. (see below)