Hillary Clinton Says Nuke Iran And Contradicts Herself!

Before I touch this subject I would like to present a “Middle Class Populist” perspective on the usage of American Military power! Never look at “both sides” of an issue! Doing so implies there are only two sides to an issue! We are getting caught up in the old Hawk vs. Dove Debates! Allow me to present a Maxim that most Americans, like it or not will agree with!

When dealing with rouge nations and terrorists if you do not KICK ASS then you are an ASS KISSER! The American people will approve the first and never the second! Both Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama know this!

However it is the misapplication of this maxim by George Bush that has kept us in Iraq! We are not kicking terrorist butt in Iraq only making money for Halliburton! If we want to kick terrorist ass then we should be winning the war with extensive use of our “Shock and Awe” Military Technology in Afghanistan. At least that is until CUT AND RUN CORPORATIONS sell our technology to China and they export it for their profit! Worse still China may even use it against us directly! Make no mistake about it we can win in Iraq if it was in our national interest. A smart general knows his strengths and weakness and commits to a battlefield where he can maximize his strengths to the pursuit of his nation’s goals. Iraq does not meet that criteria but the Al Qaeda homeland on the Pakistani – Afghanistan border does meet that criteria!

Some time ago Barrack Obama said that he would launch a surgical strike (non-nuclear) against the Al Qaeda homeland in Pakistan if certain conditions were met:

  • We had creditable intelligence that Osama Bin Laden was there
  • And/or a Al Qaeda base camp was in use for a strike against our Homeland!
  • The Pakistani Government did not want to take action.
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Hillary Clinton said that this showed Obama’s inexperience as Pakistan was a nuclear nation! I find it very strange that when our Homeland is threatened by Al Qaeda Central, neither Hillary Clinton nor John McCain want to take decisive surgical action where it would count! Yet both are willing to bomb even nuke Iran if Iran struck Israel! I wonder if Hillary Clinton and John McCain have their priorities correct!

Why is Barrack Obama inexperienced and foolish for defending America’s Homeland Security against Al Qaeda Central but Hillary Clinton says it is ok to nuke Iran if a non-treaty friend is attacked! Guess they really want the Pro-Israel lobby now don’t they? We cannot allow Iran to have nuclear weapons – PERIOD! We cannot allow Israel or any Arab nation to be nuked by Iran.

We must extend a blanket of protection over both Israel and her Arab neighbors for two reasons:

  1. We need to minimize the Middle Eastern nations’ need for the development of nuclear weapons. (Sure Israel already has them but at least not overtly).
  2. We cannot allow Iran to gain control of these strategic sources of oil.

Yes that’s right going to war for oil is a necessity in our modern world! Going to war for oil company profits is not! Again this blog is written by a Middle Class Populist not a knee jerk PC Liberal! But let’s not forget George (never show up at his National Guard meetings) Bush! Just what kind of message is Bush sending Iran, if he wants to build an Anti-Missile System not in the United States but in Eastern Europe to defend it against rouge nukes from Iran?

This presumes that we are going to sit back and let Iran develop nukes! But then again since we are wasting our military and our budget in this great SOCIAL ENGINEERING EXPERIMENT IN Iraq we have no determent against Iran! Great work neo-cons!

The time has come for America’s Silent Majority to stand up and say no to Bush and McCain!